Vol. IX, no. i, January 1999

       If you're really lucky, this issue will be more than a page long.  See how I'm starting with useless padding?

       Those of you who still receive Adlocvtio on paper need not worry about the latest postal rate increase:  Members are covered by their dues as always; Ed Taylor of South Carolina has graciously donated some 1 cent stamps to the cause, and the Legion will spring for the rest.  But when your stamp supply runs out and you send more, make sure they are 33-cent denomination (or 32 and 1 if that’s what you have).

       A number of new contacts have asked me when the next Legion meeting will be, so let's have one!  It will be on Saturday, January 23, from about 1 to 5 PM at Matthew and Jane's house.  Some of you have already gotten a note with directions, but if not and you need to know how to get here, just let me know.  The workshop and sewing space will be available for whatever projects you may have, but if you are new and have nothing to work on, please come anyway to meet the Legion.

       Yes, it is that time again!  Pull on the wool and slather on the oil.  March 20-21 is our next return to Military (or “Mud”?) Through the Ages at Jamestown Settlement, VA.  Most of you know this gig pretty well by now, but for those who don’t, it’s an assembly of about 30 historical camps ranging from us Romans up through the Viet Nam War.  Groups can compete for prizes in several competitions (camp, demonstration, cooking, costume), although we don’t generally compete.  It is traditionally cold and wet, but we are always well-received and there are LOTS of visitors to talk to.  I will be driving down on Friday the 19th as usual, and I’d like to know what everyone else’s plans are.  If you have not been to this event before but would like to, we definitely need to make sure that you have enough clothing and gear beforehand.  Talk to me!

       Quintus and family got some books for Christmas: Victor Hanson’s The Western Way of War (Greek really, but apparently a basic); Adrian Goldsworthy’s The Roman Army at War 100 BC to AD 200; and Connolly’s Ancient City.  Jane also got Roman Women by J.P.V.D. Balsdon, and Ancient Roman Gardens by Linda Farrar.  So far I have only gotten through most of Connolly, which was mentioned in a previous issue, and it really does have some fascinating stuff.  Other reviews will follow as we have time to read!
       Oh, and “Lego, Legere” has nothing to do with the Legos that Olivia got from Aunt Dr. E, but we have been making some great spaceships and robots.

       You may already have heard that Tom Kolb and I are working (sporadically) on Greek hoplite gear, roughly Persian War era (480 BC).  If you want to get picky about relevance to this publication, Etruscan equipment would be very similar; in fact, most of the artifacts we’ve seen so far have been Italian finds.  My Corinthian helmet (Thanks, Mom and Jane!) is due in a few weeks, and I have finished the wood core of my hoplon.  I will happily furnish more details to anyone who is interested, but rest assured that this will NOT supplant my obsession with the Imperial Roman army.  Ain’t starting another group, neither, uh-uh, no way.  Gotta tell you though, it is WAY cool!

CALENDAR 1999--As always, contact Quintus if you hope to attend any event, especially if you need to borrow equipment.
 February 13? --Lupercalia.  Anyone wanna host a party?
 March 20-21 --Military Through the Ages, Jamestown Settlement, VA.  Multi-period encampment with over 30 groups from the first century through the twentieth.  Generally cold and wet, so if this is your first time attending this event be sure you have me check your cold-weather clothing.
 April 10-11 --Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD.  Also a multi-period event, not quite as big as MTA but closer to home and warmer.
 May 29-31 --SCA Quest for Wit or Wisdom, New Jersey.  We have been invited by the 3 Celtic cooks who attended Roman Days.  More details as they become available.
 June 12-13 --ROMAN DAYS, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD.  If you only get to one Roman event all year, this is the one!  Several other groups will be joining Legio XX, and it will be bigger and better than last time.  Massed tacticals, Olympics, merchants, and more.  You do not have to be dressed as a Roman to participate and have a great time!
 July 31-Aug. 1 --Military Time Line event, Ft. Malden, Ontario (just over the border from Detroit).  George Metz attended this last year and enjoyed it.  Bit of drive for most of us, but definitely a good time of year to head north, eh?  Is anyone seriously interested?
 Sept. 24-26 --Roman Military Equipment Conference, South Shields, Eng.  See the ROMEC website for details,
Hey, 2 whole pages! Outa time. ADLOCVTIO Newsletter 20th Legion, Editor Matthew Amt ---   Valete!