Vol. X, no. ii, February 2000

       It's campaign season!  Our first public event of the year  will be Marching Through Time, April 15-16 at Marietta Mansion in Glenn Dale, MD.  It's our usual MTT gig for soldiers and civilians, open to the public from 11 AM to 5 PM both days.  Remember to get there early enough to have your vehicle off the site by 10 AM.  On Friday the 14th there will again be school groups coming through, so anyone who can be there from about 10 to 2 can help chat up the kids.  Admission for the public is $5 for adults and $2 for students.
       Two weeks after MTT is the Universal Soldier encampment at Fort Washington, April 29-30.  It's a little different mix of groups than at MTT, and of course the fort is worth seeing.  The program runs from 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, and 10 AM to about 3 PM on Sunday.  In spite of the title, I think our civilians should participate if they want to.  There is a registration form which I'll be sending out to all our potential participants.  Visitors pay admission at the Park entrance, though I don't recall the amount.
       As always, please let Quintus know your plans for these as soon as you can.  If you lack equipment we should be able to arrange for you to borrow some.  And if you need any other details, you know who to call.
       By the way, we have a date for Roman Days: June 10-11.  Get ready!

       Yes, I have gone and moved the Legion's website again, to  This is a faster and (hopefully) more reliable server, without the annoying ads on the Webjump site.  It also puts the site completely in MY control (mu-ha-ha-ha-haa!), so that I can update and expand it whenever I like.  The Pilum page already has some new pictures, the lorica patterns now have nice lettering and a scale of inches, and there are pages for the Schedule of events and for Tent and Camp.  The links and list of suppliers get updated frequently.  What else would you like to see on the site?
       Thanks again to Jay Finch for providing the server space free of charge.  And thanks also to our former "websitarii" John Novicki, Marshall Wise, and Mark Graef, for doing all the work they did and helping me figure out how to do it, too!  Your efforts were certainly not in vain, and are appreciated.

       Starting March 4 there will be a regular workshop and drill practice at the home of Roger and JJ Moskey, on the first Saturday of every month (unless there is an event that day).  They have a nice big basement workshop area, and plenty of space outside for drill and pilum practice.  Soldiers should bring their gear and expect to do some practicing, and of course bring any projects that need to be worked on or inspected.  There are other possible activities for a regular gathering, either planned or spontaneous, and we can toss around ideas at the first one.  This will also provide a regular forum for new members to get acquainted with the Legion "behind the scenes".  Oh, presumably the starting time will be about 10 AM, and contributions of food or drink will doubtless be welcome.
       Please plan to attend!  A regular meeting is something that I always thought we should do, but was never able to host myself.  It has a lot of potential for education, camaraderie, and just plain fun.  Mark your calendars and be there!

       Naturally the folks at Jamestown are despondent about our not going to MTA this year.  As an alternative, they are hoping to entice us down on May 13-14 as part of a display of armor they'll be hosting in their museum.  We'd be camped alongside several other "armored" groups, including Vikings, La Belle Compagnie, and the Landsknechts.  I had an idea that instead of our usual camp display we could ask them for table space along the sidewalk or even inside, and bring a variety of kit: Imperial, Republican, a Newstead lorica or two, and some Greek gear.  But I would probably not be able to tote all the usual tent and camp gear as well as my Greek and Republican stuff, so we'd have to discuss our options.
       So, what do you folks think?  Please send me your thoughts so that I can give the Jamestown staff an answer.

       There's a good article in the latest issue of Military History (Feb. 2000), "Clash of the Titans at Zama".  It's an account of the battle in 202 BC in which Hannibal was finally defeated by Scipio Africanus, and the events which led up to it.  Better written than some of their Roman articles, and very informative.
       Coincidentally, Kevin MacGregor of Legio V Macedonica sent me this:
"February 5, 1985 - Ugo Vetere, mayor of Rome, and Chedli Klibi, mayor of Carthage, signed a treaty of  friendship in Tunis that officially ended the Third  Punic War.  This war, between Rome and Carthage, had started in 149 BC and had unofficially ended three years later when Roman soldiers razed Carthage to the ground. Thanks to the official declaration, the "war" ended after 2,131 years."

EVENT IN GAUL by Eric-Alexandre Poher
       We want to inform you that a big Roman event will take place in Paris on the Champ de Mars and in Arenes de Lutece  next September for the "Deux Journées parisiennes de l'Histoire", including our group, Cohors Equites Stablesiani.  Some other very good groups such as Legio VIII Augusta (France), Legio IV Macedonica (Spain) and Antonine Guard (England) have already agreed the  principle of their participation, including Ermine Stret Guard which only could come on the continent the weekend of 29-30 Seprtember and 1 October.   It will be a big one with a parade on the Champs Elysees of all groups and a living history camp inside a public garden in Paris!   Accomodation, local transports , food and others are completely free.  We are optimistic for some important dicount possibilities on the planes.  If you are interested, we can e-mail you all the information.
       The main goal of this project is to present the French public a kind of travel through history, with multi-period living history displays, in chronological order, and some bigger shows in several places.  If you thinks it sounds like Kirby Hall, you're absolutely right!
       For purely Roman informations, camp, and all Roman events inside Paris including as Roman drill in the Lutece arenas (really well preserved!), contact our coordinator for the period, Bruno Dienot at
       My friends and I will have a decisive meeting with the main authorities of the Council of Paris the 25 of February, and we'll appraciate very much if you could give us an estimate of your transportation fees, and the number of participants you may come with.
       We are also working on the creation of a website, and with your agreement, we will establish some links to yours (if you still want to participate to this event).  You can also mail us some photos in JPEG to include them on our site.
       A document containing security rules is already written in French and I'll soon translate it in English (I hope you will understand it).
 I hope you're still interested by our project, the success of it mainly depends of the participation of serious re-enactors like you.
      --Caius Popa, for the "Cohors Equites Stablesiani" (ex Groupe expérimental de recherche sur l'Armée Romaine) [email protected]

SPARE A DENARIUS? by Dr. David Mason
       An opportunity has arisen to prevent the construction of new buildings over the southern half of the amphitheatre at Chester thus paving the way for its complete excavation (the northern half was excavated in the 1960s after being saved from destruction 30 years earlier by the Chester Archaeological Society, of which I am currently the General secretary) and possibly the creation of a new Roman museum.   In order to realise this possibility, however, the developer needs to be bought off/or made a partner and so we need a pledge of large-scale funding very quickly.   As your compatriots (in towns and cities named after Chester) contributed to the fund-raising campaign in the 1930s I wondered if you knew of any philanthropic individuals/foundations/corporations interested in Roman Archaeology who might have the odd $5 million looking for a deserving cause and a long term commercial investment.
       Long odds I know but no harm in trying.
          Flavius  (Dr David Mason FSA)

 March 10 --Monthly muster at Roger Moskey's, Sterling, VA, 10 AM.
 April 1 --Monthly muster, ditto.
 April 15-16 --Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, MD.
 April 29-30 --"Universal Soldier" encampment, Fort Washington, MD.
 May 6 --Monthly Moskey Muster (Hey, that sounds good!)
 May 13-14 --Tentative.  Armor display at Jamestown Settlement.  The Park wants us to camp by the museum with a couple other "armored" groups as part of this exhibit.  Feedback, please?
 June 3 --Monthly Moskey Mob (hmm, not as good a name)
 June 10-11 --Roman Days, Marietta Mansion, MD.
 Sept 30-Oct 1 --Timeline encampment at Fort Washington, MD
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