Vol. XV, no. ii, February 2005

LUPERCALIA--from Richard and Allison Campbell
       Salvete omnes!
       Legio XX's annual Lupercalia party is Saturday, February 19, starting at 5pm at our house.  We haven't entirely decided on the entertainment, but have at least one novel idea.
       Roman, Greek, Celtic, barbarian and even Romano-Zena-Hollywood dress is strongly encouraged, but hobnails are not permitted.  Alas, no children.   Feel free to forward to potential recruits.
       Food contributions are gladly accepted, but we will provide a lot of food and drinks (including Mt.Dew).
       If you have a new piece of clothing or gear to show off, feel free to bring it.  New for us this year are Julia Passamonti's samian ware reproductions, and two Pompeii amphora.  Julia's amphora are coated in beeswax (not pine resin) so we will be trying them out with red & white wines to see how they taste.
       Questions?  Suggestions?
       RSVP by the weekend prior, or February 12.

 --Richard & Allison

       Our usual season opener will be on April 16-17, 2005.   There will be the usual Friday set-up with visiting school groups on the 15th if anyone is available (Quintus will be there).  With any luck, we'll actually have a couple new faces in the ranks this time!  Other than that, it should be pretty much the same as always.  Please try to be at the site an hour or so before public hours, so that we can be ready to roll when the audience shows up--we are usually the first unit on the display field shortly after opening.  More details next time, but it's not to soon to tell me what your plans are.  See you there!

       "Imagine the thrill of ancient Britons charging through the forest smashing desperately against the steel of the roman line.  Disciplined Roman soldiers thrust and parry the barbarians' frenzied attacks. The battle is short but deadly proving not only the discipline of the Romans but also the fearsome resolve of the Britons.  Join either the victorious Roman Army at their marching fort or the soon to be conquered Celtic Barbarians in their village at BRITON A.D. 43 on March 18-20, 2005, for a weekend of Ancient Reenacting.  The site opens at 12 NOON on March 18th, and is located in LAFE, ARKANSAS on 94 acres of private land. There are several ponds, woods, fields, and places for Celts and courageous Romans to interact in meaningful and constructive ways.  We look forward to seeing you around the campfire.  Tactical force on force will be held on Saturday with a feast to be held Saturday night in the Roman fort.  The first tactical will be a search and destroy for the Romans and ambush for the Celts/Picts. The
second scenario will be a Chieftain/Centurions' pick.  This event will be the fourth hosted on this site and be prepared for primitive conditions.  We request each adult participant to donate $10.00 for the evening meals, straw bedding, and firewood provided."
 For further information, contact Mark Saddler at 870--- or
msaddler AT cox-internet DOT com  Lost on the road? Can't find the site? Phone 870---
       (Editor's Note: This is not an official Legio XX event, but everyone is certainly encouraged to attend!  Photos from previous years by Paul Montello, )

MITHRACON VIII--The Eighth New England Conference on Mithraism
      This is an informal research convention focusing on early mythology and religion, especially Mithraism and other cults of the Roman Empire.  It is held in New Haven, CT, the home of Yale University.  We meet on Friday, go to the Istanbul Turkish restaurant, chat about things Mithraic, and then spend most of Saturday in Yale's Sterling Memorial Library doing whatever research your heart desires.  After dinner (the usual pilgrimage to the New Deal Steak Place in Hamden), there will be informal presentations (a Carousel slide projector and an overhead projector will be available), as well as some darn good discussions.  Sunday: visit the Dura Europos mithraeum (Yale Art Gallery) if it is open.  The hotel is within easy walking distance of the library and gallery.  We can also plan used book shopping expeditions for Sunday; there are some good dealers in the area.

Dates: Friday, April 8 - Sunday, April 10, 2005.
Hotel: the Marriott Courtyard (which was the Holiday Inn last year) at Yale
call (203) 777-6221.  Mention MithraCon VIII for the con rates.  Rooms: $99 + tax (12% includes city/state/etc. taxes ) (2 dbl beds or 1 king); rollaway $12 extra per night. Checkin: 3 pm; checkout: 11 am.  Good parking at hotel. Parking fee is $10/night.
       Please reserve your room early, as the hotel fills up fast and we have a very small  block reserved  (4 rooms).  Rooms *must* be reserved by March 2 to get con rates; the price goes way up after that. More rooms can be added if we fill the block early and if the hotel still has space.
 Dealers: We will have (free) tables set up in our function room.  Since you'll probably want to hit the library during the day instead of sitting there in the hotel hoping for a customer, folks can see what you've got during the evening sessions. We will also have a Library Table; bring books/info to share. One-day stacks privileges at Sterling are $10, and there are Xerox machines throughout the library. Inexpensive food is available near the hotel.
       Con registration: $25 to March 15, $87 to March 31, and $40 thereafter.  Send reservations (and make checks out) to: Jane T. Sibley.  If you have questions, Email me at  jrsibley AT snet DOT net or call 860---.

       From Mark Downes, UK:  "I would like to extend an invitation to you and/or any of your group to attend our massive event in Chester (Deva) over the weekend of 25th and 26th June.  I'm afraid we aren't able to offer any remuneration for the event but we can put you up, offer you hospitatlity and a memorable experience.  I realise that this isn't a case of popping into the next state for the weekend but we'd love to have you over."
       Obviously, this is not an official Legio XX event, either, but if you are at all interested, contact Mark at mark AT downeside DOT freeserve DOT co DOT uk

   February 19 --LUPERCALIA Party at Richard and Allison Campbell's
   March 5 --Monthly Workshop
   April 2 --Monthly Workshop
   April 16-17--Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD
   May 7 --Monthly Workshop
   June 3-5 --Roman Days, Marietta Mansion.  Includes visits by school groups on Friday, and possibly a mini-symposium on Thursday.
    September 10-11 --Fall Encampment, Marietta Mansion


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