Vol. XVII, no. ii, February 2007


    Richard Campbell is the Official Legio XX Contact for Marching Through Time this year, so let him know if you will be attending.  April 14-15 is the date, and Marietta Mansion is the place.  Several new folks are gearing up to participate, and all you veterans should haul out the lorica and check it for rust, eh?  (Mind you, those of us in the BRONZE Age camp next door won't HAVE any rust, hee hee!)  Anyone who is lacking equipment should sing out quickly, so that we can arrange for you to borrow what you need.  More details will follow, but if you have questions, just ask!


    The Legion's annual Lupercalia party will be on February 24, from 5 PM until the gods of Rome are appeased!  This is NOT to be missed!!  Roman foods, drink and merriment in keeping with the spirit and festival of Lupercalia!  Classical food, drinks, Jeopardy, and seductive entertainment!  Roman and barbarian dress encouraged but not required, but NO hobnails!  (No children, either.)  Questions? Contributions? Call Allison or Richard Campbell at 703-799-2696, email richsc AT usa DOT net  (If you need to stay over we have two bedrooms available.)

8820 Camfield Drive
Alexandria, Virginia 22308

Caution!  For anyone on the Beltway, construction at the Route 1 exits (#177) may change at a moments notice!

--From DC: get onto the GW Parkway going south. In Alexandria this becomes Washington Street, so go through Alexandria and follow directions as below.
From Alexandria: from south Washington Street: go south on the George Washington Parkway just over six miles until you see Vernon View Drive on your right. Turn right, go about 1/4 mile to Battery Road; turn right, go 100 yards, and turn left on Camfield Drive. Go about 1/4 mile to 8820, on the left.

--From Maryland/495 inner loop: go west across the Wilson Bridge to exit 177; take this first turn (north Route 1) up to the first light at Franklin Street, turn right, go three blocks to the next light, and turn right onto South Washington Street. As above, go just over six miles to Vernon View Drive

--From Virginia 495 outer loop: take exit 177 (very close on after 176 Telegraph Road, so be in the right lane at Telegraph Road): Take a left on Route 1 north 1/2 mile to Alexandria up to the first light at Franklin Street, then turn right, go three blocks, then right on South Washington Street, and follow the directions as above.

(I think the following detour is too much trouble, but I'm including it in case you happen to turn the wrong way)
Again from 495 outer loop, take exit 177 to Route 1 south;  turn right onto Route 1 then get left looking for the Fort Hunt Road detour, second light about 1/2 mile. This becomes a left turn, crossing back over Route 1, goes for 1/4 mile, then right on Fort Hunt Road.. Stay on Fort Hunt Road about six miles. At about five miles you will Carl Sandburg junior High on the right. In another mile, Fort Hunt Road will turn left 90 degrees but you will stay straight on Vernon View Drive. In  1/4 mile, take a left on Battery Road. Go 100 yards, turn left on Camfield Drive, go up to 8820.

--From anywhere south of Alexandria or if you miss Vernon View Drive: Go to Mount Vernon. At the traffic circle go north on the GW Parkway about two miles, and look for Vernon View Drive turning left. Follow directions as above.

MITHRACON, by Jane Sibley

    Mithracon, an informal conference on cults and religion in the Roman Empire, will again be held in New Haven on Fri.-Sun. April 13-15; OK to come a day early so as to get two days in Yale's library system.  Unfortunately, the Dura Europos mithraeum is still in the part of the art gallery which is being renovated, and is not available again this coming year.  Please see our web site at for more information.


Dear Roman Reenactors,

I wanted to make you aware of a very limited and special sale.  I have decided to reduce my stock in Roman gear.  I have a VERY large stock of DEEPEEKA gear but recent issues have made it impossible for me to continue doing business the way I see fit so I am getting out.  This is a plus for you.  The prices you see below are without a doubt the best prices you will EVER see on Deepeeka gear.  Once this stuff is gone my costs will double and so will my prices.  Since the incentive to have a large stock has been eliminated, I want to get rid of it all.  LUCKY YOU!!!!

All of the following items can be found at

All auctions are Dutch so you can buy 1 or 20 of each item.  Discounts for purchases of over 10 pieces of a single item. Here is the list:

--Pompeii Gladius By DEEPEEKA $80
--Roman Pugio Dagger By DEEPEEKA $60
--Roman Shield (Scutum) WOOD LINEN COVERED  by DEEPEEKA $150
--Roman Imperial Italic "D" Helmet By DEEPEEKA.  This is the new hyper-accurate version  $150
--Roman Caligae Sandals Sizes 8,9,10,11,12, 13  $50
--Roman Mainz Gladius By DEEPEEKA $80
--Roman Helmet Imperial Gallic I - "Aquincum Type" $99
--Lorica Segmentata  By DEEPEEKA $150

[Editor's Note:  Legio XX Members should double-check against the recommendations on the Legio XX website or with the Commander before purchasing anything for use at our events.]

ROMAN COIN SALE, by Dave Michaels

Avete, Romani!

Roman coins from the collection of F. Martin Post, a California gentleman who had been collecting for more than 40 years, are now being offered for sale through Freeman & Sear in Los Angeles, CA, with the proceeds going to benefit the Legion Six Historical Foundation, the parent organization of the Legio VI Victrix (CA) reenactment group. The coins can be view on the Vcoins website by following this link:

...and entering Martin Post in the search field.

I can offer any RomanArmy [Yahoo] group member an additional 10% off the price of any coin purchased from the Vcoins site.

These are genuine coins, not replicas, provenanced to a reputable collection. There are many important pieces here, including a "Three Sisters" sestertius of Caligula and a rare gold solidus of Honorius. The donated coins range in price from $120 to $2,200.

Any coins that do not sell at fixed prices will be put into a Vcoins online auction in mid-February.

Thanks for your consideration, fraters and sorors!

T. Flavius Crispus
aka Dave Michaels
Centurio Legio VI VPF (CA)

ANCIENT WARFARE MAGAZINE, from the Roman Army yahoo list:  

"Want to know about the new Ancient Warfare Magazine?

"Ancient Warfare is the new full color magazine about the soldiers, generals and wars of the Ancient World (ca. 3000 BC - AD 650). Ancient Warfare is published 6 times per year and features articles written by expert authors illustrated by renowned artists. Photos from our extensive collections complete the picture".

"Want a free 8 page sample mini-issue with artwork by Graham Sumner and an article by Ross Cowan "Scars, spoils and splendor"?

"Want to get a discount coupon for a subscription to this new magazine?

"Go to: http://www.ancient- "

TRAVEL, from Robert Schmits

I collaborate with the XXX Vlpia Trajana Victrix legion in Rome, Italy      
Further I, with my partners, organise hikes to (hidden) archaeological and historical sites in and around Rome, Umbria and Tuscany. We offer discounts to participate on our hikes for your group and all other worldwide re-enactor groups of the Roman legions.

Best regards,
Robert Schmits
Italian Geographic Ltd 


   February 24 --Lupercalia Party at Richard and Allison Campbell's house
   March 3 -- Legio XX Workshop?  (MTT Meeting at Marietta)
   April 7-- Legio XX Workshop
   April 14-15 --Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, MD
   June 1-3 --ROMAN DAYS, Marietta Mansion

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