Vol. VIII, no. ii, February 1998

       March 21-22 is our annual encampment at Jamestown's Military Through the Ages.  So far, we have five men signed up, plus Jane with her herb booth.  A few people have not yet contacted me with their plans--PLEASE DO SO!!  If you are going, or might be, I'll be sending you a copy of this year's rules, and a volunteer form that you need to fill out and BRING TO THE EVENT.  This will save you the trouble of filling it out when you register immediately upon arrival at the park.
       Cody Grundy, the Jamestown staffer in charge of the tactical demos, called me with some updates.  We will be camped on the large field like last year, but the end farthest from the fort will be fenced off for construction.  He implied that we would be parking in the same gravel lot as always, but the info packet said we would be parking in an overflow lot adjacent to the public lot.  Play it by ear and look for signs.  Either way, we can NOT park in the main public lot except while unloading.  The weather will decide whether we can bring cars into the campsite to load and unload, but that won't affect most of you.
       Cody also asked if we would mind sharing a demostration time slot with the Celts, since the schedule is so tight.  I said I had no inherent objections, but pointed out that this would NOT be a combat demostration (tempting though that may be!).  I'll talk to the Celtic bigwigs about exactly what will happen, but we'll probably just do our usual drill demo and then compare and contrast with the Celts.
       As usual, tough guys can sleep in the tent, while the smart folks head for hotels.  If you need to borrow gear, you'd better arrange it soon.  If someone needs to call you at the event (emergencies, etc.), the number is 757---.  You know who to call with questions.
       Directions: Go south on I-95, take I-295 east to I-64 east.  Take Exit 242-A onto Route 199 West, and follow it to the fourth traffic light.  Turn left onto Rt. 31 South (Jamestown Rd.), go 4 miles and the park is on the left.  (If you pass the park you'll hit the ferry or the river!)  Remember, this is Jamestown Settlement, not the National Park next door.

       On Saturday, March 28, the Legion will be performing in Harrisonburg, VA, as part of a Latin competition held by a consortium of high schools in that area.  If the weather is good we'll have our usual camp display, and if not we'll be indoors.  The tentative schedule is to arrive about 1 PM and start our performance about 2 PM.  Apparently they will feed us supper, too.
       April 17-19 is Marching Through Time at Marietta Mansion in Glenn Dale, MD.  On Friday the 17th groups of school kids will be brought in to see whatever reenactors are able to be there (Quintus and Lucius, for starters).  Public hours on Saturday and Sunday are 11 AM to 5 PM, and admission is $5 for adults and $2 for students.  Anyone who's going with the Legion, Quintus wants to know your plans! 

       The signum now has a new hand, same shape and size as the first one but much sturdier.  I also added a fringe below the discs and crescent.  For the time being I'm considering the signum as "done", not wanting to try my hand at a laurel wreath just yet (not an essential item).  We could also add the little "handles" at the bottom, which Mike Cope pointed out must have been foot rests for getting the thing INTO the ground, not for pulling it out.  Therefore they'd have to be substantial, solid metal, and constructing them will take some thought.
       Being a "well-grounded" guy, Mike now has a lovely dolabra, made by Dave Stone.   Remember, Lucius, we're not allowed to dig at Jamestown--you'll have to settle for splitting wood.   He has also gussied up his gladius scabbard with a nice openwork plate.
       Tom Kolb has a gorgeous new Mainz pattern gladius, with a Jeff Hedgecock blade, bone grip by Yours Truly, and pommel and guard by Mike Cope.  Tom's doing the scabbard.  He has also nearly finished a parma (small round shield) to carry while playing signifer, and is working on new belts.
       Several recruits are working on getting geared up for our spring events--look for some new faces in the line!
Enough!  With that silly three-day weekend this rag is four days late!
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