Vol. X, no. iii, March 2000

       The location for the April 1 workshop session has changed: it will be at John Dittamo's house, 7624 --.  From I-495 the Capital Beltway, take Exit 5 onto Braddock Road (Rt. 620),  heading east towards DC.  At the first light after getting onto Braddock turn right onto Ravensworth.  Go down about three blocks to the corner of Ravensworth and Elgar.  The house is the one on the left at the corner.  Call John at 703--- to let him know you're coming, or if you need more info.  As usual, the time is roughly 10 AM to 5 PM.
       The workshops will return to Roger Moskey's place on May 6 and the first Saturday of each month thereafter (unless there's an event that day).  And thanks to all of you in distant lands who also volunteered to host the workshop!

       Marching Through Time will be on April 15-16, open to the public from 11 AM  to 5 PM both days.  Admission for non-participants is $5 for adults, $2 for students.  It's a good idea for participants to get there about 9 AM, so that we can get set up have time for some drill practice before the public arrives.  I don't know the schedule yet, but it's likely that we'll be one of the first groups to perform.  All vehicles must be off the site by 10 AM on Saturday, and will not be allowed back in until after closing on Sunday.  You can park either along Rt. 193 or in the Rec Center parking lot and catch the shuttle van.  As before, there will be groups of school kids coming through on Friday from about 10 to 2, and Mike and I will be there to chat them up.  If you want to be there for that, great, but we don't really need a big turn-out.  One difference this year: No fire pits!  There will apparently be sand and rocks for a surface fireplace.  (But will we really need a fire anyway?)
       For more information if necessary, or directions, contact Quintus, or call Susan Wolfe (Marietta Site Manager) at 301---, or see the Schedule of Events on our website.
       The Universal Soldier program at Fort Washington National Park is on April 29-30, 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, and 10 to 3 on Sunday.  The usual gig, though we should do more organized drilling and stuff than we did last time (Though the sling and pilum practice was good!).  Roy Ashley is the coordinator at the Park, 301---.
       At both of these events, the tent will be available for whoever wants to camp out, and the usual food plan will be in effect.  Our civilians are welcome at MTT and Fort Washington as well.  PLEASE tell Quintus your plans!!
       Hey, I need to tell Jamestown if we are going to their May 13-14 armor display!  IS ANYONE INTERESTED?  It's the weekend after Legio III Gallica's event in New Orleans, which it would be nice if a few of us could attend (see below).  Jamestown wants a timeline of groups that have armor to augment a show in their museum of pieces from Europe (something like that).  We could take Roman gear from a variety of periods, and I'm toying with taking my Greek equipment, but I may need help toting all that and the tent, etc.

       Well we're at it again!  III GALLICA will be hosting a multi-period event at Destrehan Plantation just north of Novum Cenabum (New Orleans, LA).  The dates are May 6 and 7 with a possible school day on the 5.
       Destrehan Plantation is easy to find, just follow I-10 north of New Orleans and exit at I-310 and follow it to the Mississippi River.  The Plantation is on River Road about 1 mile from the interstate.  Period camping will be available on site.  Cooking fires are permitted (get those lentils ready!).  We'll be cooking our famous "pilum style chicken" (a favorite of legionaries everywhere) on Saturday.  However, on Sunday it's BYOG (bring your own gruel).
       The local groups participating this year will be:
III GALLICA (of course)
Plauche's Battalion (a battle of New Orleans militia unit)
Delta Rifles (4th Louisiana)
Guardia Reale Italiana (Napoleonic)
Buffalo Soldiers
       We'd love to have members of the XXth join us so we can return the hospitality that we've enjoyed over the last few years at ROMAN DAYS.  We've always answered the call to "prop up" the pasty white XXth (Quintus) with a few tanned and sturdy (okay, fat) legionaries!  Now it's up to you to return the favor.
       Come help us out in May, we'll be there in June.
Gaius Claudius Drusus
       (Quintus' Note: Yes, we SHOULD return the favor!  Lucius and Fabius have both expressed an interest in going, so can we get a road trip together?  Sing out!  Destrehan can be contacted at

       Well, the Twentieth Legion is just so popular that people far and wide want to have us perform for them.  Unfortunately, I'm not able to help all of them myself, so if anyone else out there would like to do any of these proposed gigs, go for it!
       Dickinson College would like us to be at the annual national convention for Eta Sigma Phi, the national classics society, on Saturday April 15 at 7:30 PM.  That's MTT weekend, of course, but if there is someone who won't be able to get to MTT but is available for an evening show, please contact Chris Francese.  Dickinson is also planning a Latin Day festival for local high school students on a weekday in April, and they'd love a reenactor or two for that as well.  Obviously I'm thinking of Romans in Pennsylvania for these, but any help is appreciated.
       Matthew D. Webb, Assistant Director of the Augusta County Institute for Classical Studies, is asking for a demo on Wednesday, July 12 in Fishersville, Virginia.  That's about 3-1/2 hours from my place, heck of a commute for  a demo.  He's very persistent, however, offering to pay and pointing out that the Governor of Virginia may be there.  Contact Mr. Webb  if this sounds like a good one to you.
       One little show that I actually might be able to get to is at the Maryland Junior Classical League's annual convention at the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore, April 2.  No other info about it yet, and I haven't told them yes or no--if anyone is interested, please tell me right away!  The person who contacted me is Deborah Carter.

QUEST--from Merlinia (JW Shaver)
       Quest XVII--Puck's Bottoms Up Quest, Neshanic Station, NJ, Friday May 26-Monday May 29
       The barony of Settmour Swamp welcomes one and all to our 17th annual weekend camping event.  As always we strive to have something for everyone to enjoy.  For those who crave battle, bring armor, shield, and sword for there will be fighting events.  Those who enjoy shooting and throwing bring along  your bow and arrows, as well as axes and knives, for the archery and throwing  events.  These events will be going on all weekend.  There will be a baronial champion chosen for fighting and throwing events who will represent the barony at events.  For those who are brewers of fine drink we will be holding a brewing contest for beer, wines, and cordials.
       As always there will be a mighty Quest.  We promise this years to be extra challenging and fun.  The Quest is based on the play "A Midsummer's Nights Dream".
       Food will be served on the weekend for breakfast at a very reasonable price.  Also on the weekend a great feast will be served as well as the holding of a baronial court by our Baron Erik and Baroness Merlinia.
       Now the site is damp:  you may bring beer, wine, or mead but no  distilled alcohol.  There will be no running water on site so we ask that you bring your  own.  There will be porta-castles on site as well as a big dumpster.  The county asks that we recycle all bottles, cans, and paper--please use the recycling containers provided or bring the empties home with you.
       There will be a central fire pit for socializing, and hopefully  there will be some real entertainers among us.  Merchants are most welcome for there is no charge for space, but bring your own tables.
       We ask that you keep an eye on your children while on site, for there are rumors of vile and evil creatures who live in the site's swamps and bogs and who prey on wandering children and loose animals (though the great storm called Floyd may have washed them away!).  Pets are allowed but keep them leashed and please clean up after them.
       The site will open on Friday the 26th at 5pm and close on Monday the 29th at 12 noon.  Those there early Friday or late Monday will get to help with all the horrible jobs to do on the site.
       Prices for the event and the feast are as follows: $8.00 a day for adults (14+), $4.00 for children (3-13), and under 3 are free.  There is no charge for Monday.  The feast will cost 6.00.  All checks should be made out to SCA Barony of Settmour Swamp.  Please include SCA and mundane names of all those attending.  Mail all reservations to Lord Ben e draig (Ben Redditt).  For written conformation send a S.A.S.E.  Will be taking reservations between April 1 - May 22.  Any questions, please contact the autocrat, Eric the Wandering Horseman, aka Fred Henninger Jr., at 609---.
       Directions:  The site is located on the Neshanic Station Fire Dept. picnic grove, at the corner of River Rd. and Elm St., Neshanic Station, NJ.  Take Rt 206 to County Rd 514 (Amwell Rd) in Hillsborough.  If you are coming from the north turn right onto Rt 514, if you are coming from the south turn left.  Stay on Rt 514 for about 8 miles until you come to a 3-way intersection at a large white church.  Turn right onto Rt 567 (River Rd).  A mile or so down the road turn left and go across a white metal girder bridge (Elm St).  The site is just across the bridge on the right.  Rt 206 can be reached from routes 287 and 22 from the north and from routes 95, 295, and 195 from the south.  Any questions, contact autocrat.

       This fascinating inquiry arrived recently from Switzerland:
"Dear Roman Experimenters
       "We would like to aquire in the near future 20 to 40 pairs of replica Roman men's and women's shoes or sandals (caligae, carbatinae) for wearing at events in the ROMERSTADT AUGUSTA RAURICA (10 km east of Basel, Switzerland).  We are of course interested in authentic styles.  However, for our purposes the shoes do not need to be exact replicas.  The should rather provide wearable footwear for use during demonstrations, festivals, etc.  Our request does therefore not concern experimental archaeology.
       "You no doubt have similar problems in aquiring Roman footwear.  If you make your own shoes, or if you know of a good source of such footwear, I would be very grateful for your tips or indeed an estimate for the shoes.
       "Yours sincerely
       "The Director:
       "Alex R. Furger"

       So get out your leather!  You can contact Mr. Furger directly at Romermuseum Augst, Giebenacherstrasse 17, CH-4302 Augst, Switzerland;  (And the "o" in Romerstadt and Romermuseum should have umlauts, something my keyboard seems to lack.)

       A look at the Albion Armorers website ( will show you their new stuff: Imperial Gallic H and Italic G helmets, and Pompeii gladius with hilt by our own Mike Cope!  The Gallic H helmet has the same minor flaws as the Gallic G, neckguard too wide and the cheekpieces need to be trimmed down so that the raised shield-shape at the top is directly under the hinge.  Other than that, it's a great helmet!  So is the Italic G, a second-century style copied from the one found in Hebron, Israel.  As always, Albion is trying to get their suppliers to correct all the little errors, including the brasswork on the Italic D helmet, so that each batch of new products is better than the last.  The gladius is excellent, though they are still working on good scabbards.

       There have been a number of little changes and updates made to the Legion website in the last month.  For those of you interested in Roman artillery, check out the Knight's Armory,  There is also a good website on Trajan's Column,  These are both listed on the Links page, which has other new items as well, and there are a couple new things on the Suppliers list, too.

       Just got the latest from MC Bishop, Finds from Roman Aldborough (Thanks, Dr. E!).   Has lotsa neat little stuff in it, including fibulae and hair pins, studs, spearheads, nails, twisted bits of metal, even spoons.  Most of the military items (belt parts, mainly) seem to be from the 3rd century AD, but it will take me a while to absorb all this.
       Owen Hutchins writes:  "The January/February 2000 issue of Archaeology has several good articles, including 'Rome 2000', 'Insight: Roman Life on the Danube', and 'Rome 1-1000, A First Millennium Tour of the Eternal City'."

       April 1 --Monthly muster at John Dittamo's, Springfield, VA, 10 AM.
       April 2?? --Possible demo for Maryland Junior Classical League, College of Notre Dame, Baltimore
       April 15-16 --Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, MD.
       April 29-30 --"Universal Soldier" encampment, Fort Washington, MD.
       May 6-7 --Legio III Gallica event at Destrehan Plantation, New Orleans.  Can some of us attend?
       May 6 --Monthly Muster at Roger Moskey's (for anyone not in New Orleans)
       May 13-14 --Tentative.  Armor display at Jamestown Settlement.  The Park wants us to camp by the museum with a couple other "armored" groups as part of this exhibit.  Feedback, please?
       May 26-29 --Settmour Swamp Quest (SCA).  Not an official Legio XX event, but a fun time if you want to attend.
       June 3 --Monthly Moskey Muster
       June 10-11 --ROMAN DAYS, Marietta Mansion, MD.
       Sept 30-Oct 1 --Timeline encampment at Fort Washington, MD

       For your Ides of March entertainment, check out this Internet greeting card sent to me by Merlinia:
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