Vol. XIV, no. iii, March 2004

       This year the season opens a little earlier than it has been, with the Boy Scout Camporee at Fort Frederick on March 26-28, 2004.  Since this event is supposed to be a timeline focusing on military medicine, we are starting to add some medical bits to our impression.  Nothing too extensive, just some scalpels, probes, and other items.  Roger has taken a side interest in things medical, so we might end up making him our medicus.   Linda may be available to talk herbs.  Deb has been passing along information and pictures from the historical surgeons email list that she is on.
       We can set up on Friday, and the program kicks off at 8:45 AM on Saturday and runs until 5 PM.  From the schedule they sent, it looks like we will only be performing on Saturday, not on Sunday, so we may be able to bug out on Saturday evening.  (I'll try to confirm that!)  There will be about three or four hundred scouts in attendance.  It looks like the park is a little finicky about weapon safety, so please be sure your swords and daggers are not sharp.
       Fort Frederick is in Maryland off I-70, actually about 45 minutes west of the town of Frederick.  Once on I-70 heading west, go past Hagerstown and take the exit 12, Rt. 56, for Big Pool--you'll see a brown sign for the fort.  Turn left at the top of the ramp and go about one mile, and the park entrance is on your right in the trees near the top of the ridge.  The park is a very nice place,  and I've been there a number of times doing 18th century events.  The fort itself is reconstructed in stone, though of course not as nice as anything the Romans would build.  There is a gift shop and even some indoor restrooms, and huge amounts of space.  Our camp and demo area will be outside the fort, against the wall that is nearest the park entrance (opposite the fort gate).  The tent will be available for sleeping in on Friday night, and Saturday night if necessary.
       Please let me know if you plan to attend this event, and I will send you the information that was sent to me.

       Saturday April 3 is the next Legion workshop session, and Matthew and Jane are hosting this one.  10 AM to 5 PM, casual, adults only, the usual drill.  Directions below.  I believe Jane is still looking for different kinds of helmets to photograph for her collectible cards and 3-D images, so buff up your tin hat and bring it along!

       Marching Through Time is on April 17-18 at Marietta Mansion in Glenn Dale, Maryland.  We hope to have a Celt or two camped next door to us, with more new barbaric toys.   Otherwise, it's the usual deal, and I hope to see a good turnout.  Remember that there is a a program on Friday as well, with groups of school kids coming through, for those of us who are able to skip work and be there.  (No pressure on that, I can get the kids to help me set up the tent!)

       Fort Washington is holding their spring Universal Soldier program on May 1-2 this year.  If you have been before, you have probably already received your registration form in the mail.  Big question: Do we want to keep doing this one?  We always have nice weather and plenty of space, but very few public so it is starting to seem like a waste of time and effort.  If the consensus is that we should have as many events as possible to give all our members more opportunities to turn out when their busy lives allow, we can keep participating.  But if you feel that we should concentrate our energies on events that reach more of an audience (which is how I feel, personally), then maybe it's time to send our regrets to Fort Washington.  On the other hand, it might be a perfect event to trot out those off-beat impressions you've got stashed away, like 4th century Roman, or Greek, or Zulu War, etc., though you don't necessarily need the full Legio XX camp and support for that.

       Imagine the thrill of ancient Britons charging through the forest smashing desperately against the steel of the Roman line.  Disciplined Roman soldiers thrust and parry the barbarians’ frenzied attacks. The battle is short but deadly proving not only the discipline of the Romans but also the fearsome resolve of the Britons.
       Join either the victorious Roman Army or the soon to be conquered Pictish/Celtic Barbarians at BRITAIN A.D. 43 on April 16,17,18, 2004, for a weekend of Ancient Reenacting. The site opens at 12 NOON on April 16th. and is located in LAFE, ARKANSAS on 94 acres of private land. There are several ponds, woods, fields, and places for Celts and courageous Romans to interact in meaningful and constructive ways. We look forward to seeing you around the campfire.
       Tactical force on force will be held on Saturday with a feast to be held Saturday night in the Roman fort. The first tactical will be a search and destroy for the Romans and ambush for the Celts/Picts. The second scenario will be a Chieftain/Centurions' pick. This event will be the fourth hosted on this site and be prepared for primitive conditions. We request each adult participant to donate $10.00 for the evening meals, straw bedding, and firewood provided.
       For further information, contact Mark Saddler at 870---.

      Charles Benson of San Antonio, Texas, would like to announce the formation of his new unit, Legio VIII Augusta.  If you're in the area, sign up!  If not, check out their website:

       Yes, Mel Gibson's new movie is out, and No, I haven't seen it.  (Not sure I really need to--I've read The Book!)  From what I've seen in various photos, there is very little visual historical accuracy, no big surprise.  Some people like it, some don't.  I'm not sure if we Romans will take any heat as a result, but be prepared to do "damage control" just like we've been doing because of "Gladiator"…

       From Kevin Hendryx, an important interview with Mel Gibson,
Also a bit on the survival and revival of Latin,
       From Erk D. Schmid, a rather nice article about himself and his craft,

   March 26-28 -- Boy Scout Camporee w/ historical encampments, Fort Frederick, MD
   April 3 --Monthly Workshop
   April 17-18 -- Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD
   May 1-2 -- Spring Universal Soldier encampment, Fort Washington
   June 12-13 -- ROMAN DAYS--Ack, already?!


       From the Washington Beltway, I-495/95, go North on I-95 towards Baltimore.  Take Exit 33 onto Rt. 198 East towards Laurel.  After about a mile and a half, 198 splits at a Shell station (now the street is called Gorman).  Go another block and turn left at the light at the 7-11 onto 7th Street, Rt. 216.  Go straight through the next light (which is for 198 West, Talbot St.) and take the next right onto Carroll.  Go through 3 stop signs, and #317 is the last house on the left before the Verizon building.
       From the North, come down I-95 to Rt. 216 towards Laurel.  Go through 2 traffic lights, then a stop sign, then a couple more blocks and left onto Carroll (just before the next light).

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