Vol. XIX, no. iii, March 2009


    April 18-19 is the annual Marching Through Time event at Marietta Mansion, a timeline of thirty reenactment groups from different eras.  It is open to the public from 11 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday, though participants should try to be there at least an hour before opening.  Parking is at the Recreation Center just up the road, with shuttle vans running continuously between there and the event.  Parking is permitted along Rt. 193 Enterprise Road, but this is "at your own risk".  Participants may drive directly to our camp to unload equipment, but all vehicles must be out of the encampment area by about 9:30 AM on Saturday.  No cars are allowed back in until after 5 on Sunday.  If you need to haul equipment out before then, contact one of the event organizers and they will bring a golf cart or tractor to help.  This year there will be no Saturday night barbecue.

    Remember that if you do not have all the clothing and gear you need, you will probably be able to borrow it if you let us know ahead of time.  This is also a good event for impressions that are earlier or later than our usual mid-first century AD portrayal.  Please mark your calendars, and let the Commander know what your plans are!

    Admission for the general public is $8 for adults, $5 for ages 5 & older, and free for ages 4 and under.

    Marietta Mansion is located at 5626 Bell Station Road, Glenn Dale, MD 20769.  Directions: Take the Capital Beltway I-95/495 to Exit 20A (Route 450/Annapolis Rd.); take Rt. 450 East about 4 miles and turn left on Route 193 West; follow signs to free parking and shuttle.  For more information call 301-464-5291, or visit 


    Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey is holding their annual Rutgers Day event on Saturday, April 25 (one week after MTT).  This is a huge folk festival affair attracting a good 40,000 people.  This year it will include a Greek and Roman fashion show, and the hosts would love to have some Roman (and Greek!) reenactors there as well.  The location is the front steps of Brower Commons in the center of campus, and the hours are 10 AM to 4 PM.  There is even a roofed area in case it rains.   More information:

    A couple Legio XX members have already responded positively to this.  Granted, it's not exactly a historical event, but it's certainly good exposure and worth trying out.  Who else is interested?


    This year the Potomac Celtic Festival runs two days, June 13-14, and they already have Legio XX listed on their page of reenactors. 

So I'm assuming we're invited!   Last year the day was cut short by a truly impressive thunderstorm (of course), but that won't happen again this year…   The location is Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia, off Route 7 a little ways past the Moskey residence in Sterling.

    Public hours are from 10 AM to 7 PM.  Vehicles can be driven to the camp area to unload but must be removed to the parking area by 9:30.  We can take down our camp and leave before 7 if we like, but we'll have to carry all our gear out (not very far).   Last year there was a hospitality tent with free snacks and cold drinks for all participants.   There was a short parade in the afternoon.

    Overall an easy weekend for us.  It's a well-established large event, and all we have to do is show up and do our thing.   I'll double-check on details and registration, so please let me know your plans.


My name is Jim Stephens and I am the Deputy Director of the Historic Cold Spring Village living history museum.  We are a 501c3 non-profit organization located three miles north of the center of the city of Cape May.  HCSV recreates life in a rural South Jersey community of the early 19th century.  We have a collection of 26 locally significant historic buildings (the oldest was built in 1691) on 22 wooded acres of land. If you would like to learn more about us, you may visit our website at
On the weekend of June 20th and 21st, we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Military Timeline Weekend.  For last year's event, we had reenactors and displays representing the English Civil War, American Civil War, Second World War, Korean War and Vietnam War.  We hope to make the '09 event even bigger.  We would be pleased if Legio XX would be able to participate.  I've visited your website and was impressed with your impression.  I have attached a copy of the registration form.  If you and your unit are interested in participating, just complete the form and return it to me at your earliest convenience.  No registration fee is necessary.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Kindest regards,
Jim Stephens, MA
Deputy Director
Military Timeline Weekend Coordinator
Historic Cold Spring Village
720 Route 9
Cape May, NJ 08204 

[Quintus notes:  IS anyone interested in this?  Please let me know so I can give the hosts a real response either way!]


Please help us spread the word about RUSTICATIO VIRGINIANA.  Even if you cannot attend yourself, and we hope you can, please share this information with people you know who would benefit from this tremendous and fun learning opportunity.
SALVI offers two sessions of RUSTICATIO this summer.  Week one from July 13 - 19 does not exclude beginners but is designed primarily for experienced Latin speakers.  Week two is for beginners only and runs from July 20 - 26.
Established over ten years ago, RUSTICATIO has a proven track record for creating programs that foster growth in living Latin in a congenial and down to earth atmosphere that is both fun and supportive.
The sessions fill up quickly.  So act now to guarantee your place! Complete details are posted on the SALVI web page at http://www.latin. org/ 
Our site is the historic Claymont Estate in scenic Charles Town, WV, just one hour by car from Washington-Dulles International Airport.



The Explorations in Antiquity Museum in LaGrange, Georgia, USA, will be hosting a Roman re-enactor event in their great facility from 29-31 May 2009.  Check out the museum's website here: 

The museum is also featured in the current issue of Biblical Archaeology Review: 

This event is open to any interested Roman re-enactor with a good, accurate impression -- the museum are sticklers for authenticity as you can see from their exhibits.

Plenty of places to stay in the local area -- the museum is very close to Interstate 85 -- and my house is about an hour from the site.  I am more than happy to host as many folks as the house will hold.  Camping is available on-site, with latrine and other facilities.

Hosted jointly by Legio VI FFC and Legio XI CPF, please contact myself at egibbons AT hotmail DOT com, or Rusty Myers for details.



Let me introduce myself:  I am Mauritius Comellus Carliis, member of Vadis Al Maximo the organization that is planning, with the patronage of Roma’s administration, three days of celebrations for the Roman Empire and the return of Ludi Circensis.

We have the pleasure to inform you that another day has been added to the VADIS AL MAXIMO revival of the Roman Empire.  The event that will be held in Rome, Italy, will take place the days 15, 16, 17, 18 October 2009.  The calendar of the event is still not complete but we can anticipate that will have an opening ceremony Thursday October 15 evening, followed by on Friday morning quadriga’s training sessions, races and war displays in the afternoon, gladiators and races again at night.  With finals on Sunday the event will arrive at the closing of the games in the evening.

To complement the First Gladiator Maximus Trophy, we have added the Legionis Romane competition where the participant legions will show marching and battle techniques.  Best show and costumes will gain substantial cash prices.  In order to participate at this event and their benefit packages, the participating legionnaires  and gladiators groups will have to submit us  a short video of their performance for evaluation purposes.  Videos and pictures to be sent to:  [email protected] .  A group of experts in Roman History will analyze them in order to establish the programming.

It is imperative that we receive the material before the end of March 2009.

A Castrum Romanum will be prepared for those legionnaires and families that they do not want to go to hotels.  This accommodation will be considerably less expensive but we do need an early reservation.  The Castrum will have also a Roman Taberna with restaurant service.

We are still working with travel agencies in order to present you discount packages including airfare, hotel and tickets.

The return of the quadriga’s races in its natural environment: the Circus Maximus.
The power of the chariot with 4 horses! The Formula One of antiquity.

The first world gathering of the Roman Legions, an invitation to bring back the sound of the legionnaires marching in the Cesar’s Forum after 1,500 years. We invite you all to participate.

Teams of Gladiators will exhibit their fighting techniques, trying to conquer the first world title of Gladiatoris Maximus.

More information can be found on our web site: 

Feel free to contact me anytime for all the questions you may have that I am sure will not be just few.  I renew the invitation to participate in this unique event and I will appreciate if you can take the time to forward this e-mail to all the fellows Romans around the world.

Thank You!

Roma adventum vostrum plauso maximo expectat.

Mauritius Comellus Carliis
mauritius AT vadisalmaximo DOT com


   April 18-19, 2009-- Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, MD
   ?April 25-- Rutgers Day, Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ
   June 13-14-- Potomac Celtic Festival, Leesburg, VA
   ?June 20-21-- Timeline event, Cape May, NJ


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