Vol. XI, no. iv, April 2001

        Marching Through Time (MTT) will be on April 21-22 at Marietta Mansion in Glenn Dale, Maryland.  This is our annual weekend with a couple dozen other groups from various historical periods, from us Romans up through World War II.  A couple of us will actually be there on Friday the 20th, setting up the camp as groups of school kids come through, roughly 10 AM to 2 PM.  You are welcome to come that day if you can, but we don't need the whole Legion so there's no obligation.  The main event kicks off on Saturday, and you must be there before 9 AM if you want to bring your car into camp in order to unload.  No cars will be allowed in after 9 AM.  All cars have to be out of the camp before 10 AM, and will not be permitted back until after closing on Sunday.  You can park either along the road (Rt. 193) or at the Recreation Center lot (shuttle vans will be running continuously).  The event is open to the public from 11 AM to 5 PM both days, and we will have at least one drill demonstration each day, probably soon after opening.  Our civilians will be setting up directly across from the Legion's camp, in the "circle" at our end of the encampment field.   Admission for the public is probably $5 for adults and $2 for students.
        There is renewed concern about safety at MTT, since the paranoiacs at the Park and Planning Commission have finally noticed the event.  We must not allow visitors to handle weapons, and we will need to have someone specifically on duty in our camp at all times, to make sure nothing gets carried off.  Camp fires must have a water bucket, that sort of thing.  We might be asked to volunteer a couple people to help with crowd control on the demonstration field, probably just for the demo after ours.  There may be more details next month.  Nothing really new or arduous, we just have to be careful not to relax on safety.
       Directions:  5626 Bell Station Rd., Glenn Dale, MD 20769.  301---.  From I-95/495, the Capital Beltway, take Exit 20 onto Rt. 450 East, go 4 miles, turn left on Rt. 193, then left onto Bell Station Rd. and immediately left into Marietta (or follow the signs to the parking area).

        April 28-29 is the Universal Soldier encampment at Fort Washington, Maryland.  This is another multi-period event, smaller than MTT and more laid-back.  It runs 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, and 10 AM to 3 PM on Sunday (please arrive an hour or so before opening).  There is a registration form which you need to fill out if you plan to attend, so let me know, please.  The park really emphasizes the military end of things (well, it IS a fort), but if civilians would like to attend I'm sure we can wedge you in, there's lots of space.
       Directions:  From I-95/495 the Capital Beltway, take Rt. 210 Indian Head Highway South; go about 4 miles and turn right at the light onto Fort Washington Road, which ends about 3.5 miles later at the park entrance. 301---.

       The workshop on Saturday May 5 will be held at the home of Richard Campbell's mother, who lives right down the street from him.  Apparently she just wants to host something like this--well, this should teach her to be careful what she wishes for, eh?  We will also see the Campbell's caupona under construction, and of course we can pitch in with helpful hints and maybe even real help.  We can also do the usual workshop things, too, though it may simply lapse into a regular party.  For details (like times!) and directions (like house numbers!), contact Richard and Allison.  (A caupona or thermopolia is a street-front tavern or cafe, see

       What, again?  Already??  Yup, it's that time of year!  Roman Days 2001 will be held at Marietta Mansion on June 9-10.  It will be open to the public from 10 AM to 4 PM both days, admission $2 per person.  The schedule will likely be much the same as last year, though if you think something needs changing DO let me know!  More info will come next month, but if you need it sooner just ask.

       The demo for the Maryland Junior Classical League's annual convention at the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore was quite successful.  There were six of us and the tent, though the weather was on the nippy side and very windy!  We did a little marching and some javelin-chucking, and the students were much more interested and chatty than last year.  The Legion even made a hundred bucks.

       George Metz took a few photos of my new manica (arm guard) and Newstead collar section at Notre Dame, and those can be seen on their appropriate web pages.  The Suppliers page has been rearranged a little, since a number of places now offer both weapons and armor and sometimes other items as well.  So they are all at the top under "General", followed by more specialized suppliers.
       Looking for naval information?  See The Fleets and Roman Border Policy, at

      Julie Brooks (La Wren's Nest) writes:  "I have a customer who has been ordering some Roman Legion wear that does some sort of Roman theatrical re-enactment plays (of some sort, I'm not sure what kind).  He is looking for a couple of guys that might be willing to do some mock sword play and/or talk about Roman military.  He's planning an event in May in Connecticut somewhere.  He's willing to pay travel, hotel and some other expenses.  Do you know any guys in the Connecticut area that would like to have some fun for a weekend?  I'm not sure what weekend other than I know it's during the month of May.  If anyone is interested they can contact Tim Patik."

From Robin Birley, director of the Vindolanda Charitable Trust:
      "If you have ever enjoyed a visit to Vindolanda, taken part in our exciting excavation or education programmes, or if you have a general interest in our work and are inspired by the wonderful discoveries which emerge from the ground at Roman Vindolanda, we now ask for your support in a time of crisis.
      "Thirty years of impressive achievements in the areas of archaeology, museums, access and education are severely threatened by the indirect results of the current UK foot and mouth disease crisis.
      "As an independent charitable Trust, we receive no form of annual revenue other than that which we raise ourselves through admission fees to our sites and sales in our museum shop. We start each year with just enough reserves to fulfil our commitments until our visitor revenue resumes.
      "As a 'contained' site, with direct access from regular public roads, we have been able to stay open to the public in this crisis. The impression that the whole of our countryside is closed to visitors has, however, seen the cancellation of school and group visits to the end of May and beyond. The general daily visitor figures are grim, and the predicted outlook for 2001 is that we are unlikely to reach more than 50% of our projected income.
      "The entire Vindolanda staff, many of whom have strong ties with local farming families, have accepted immediate emergency measures, and many have volunteered voluntary wage cuts and extra unpaid working hours. All of our capital projects for 2001 have been postponed, with the exception of the excavation and education work, which we are fighting to keep going.
      "Our estimated deficit through the lack of visitors will be £82,000 by the end of May. Initiatives to encourage people to return to the countryside will take time to become effective, and we estimate that even with every possible saving, we will have a deficit of some £190,000 by the end of the 2001 season. The consequences for 2002 are therefore very serious indeed.
      "We know that we will have to rely upon our own determination to recover, and also upon the goodwill of those who share our aims and objectives - and care about the people of the past and present. Please help us if you can. Any donation to our Appeal fund will be gratefully received and personally acknowledged. Your contribution could make a real difference.
      "We would also urge you to support our rural area by planning a visit to Vindolanda. A list of delightful bed and breakfast accommodation is linked to this site. These providers are open for business, and can assure you of a warm Northumbrian welcome.
      "SPECIAL MESSAGE from the Vindolanda staff to our Friends of Vindolanda in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand:
      "Thank you for your support through Friends subscriptions. We know that many of you regularly visit our web site for excavation news and updates. Please support this appeal if you can. Why not throw a Roman fund raising party? If you do, please send us some pictures - we need cheering up!"

   April 21-22 --Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion
   April 28-29 --Universal Soldier, Fort Washington
  May 5 --Monthly Muster--Caupona special at Richard Campbell's mother's house.  Contact Richard for details and directions.
  June 2 --Monthly Muster
   June 9-10 --ROMAN DAYS, Marietta Mansion
 September 15-16 --Legio XX Fall Encampment at Marietta Mansion
   October 4-6, 2001--ROMEC XIII at Vindonissa, Switzerland.  For more info, see
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