Vol. XIV, no. iv, April 2004

       Just a couple days until Marching Through Time at Marietta Mansion (April 17-18), and a couple last-minute updates.
      Reenactor parking will be at the Holy Trinity School parking lot on Daisy Lane--from Marietta go left on 193 (or if you are coming from 450 simply go past Marietta) and take the first right after the Glenn Dale Fire Station.  This is one mile from the site and there should be shuttle vans running all day.  There will also be Civil Air Patrol cadets on hand to watch over the parking lot on Saturday and Sunday. I am supposed to ask if there is anyone with a camper who would be willing to volunteer to spend the night at the school lot.
       It turns out that the Legion DOES have plenty of money to pay for the Saturday Night supper, so those who have told me they are "in" for that do not need to pay for it.  (But you WILL want to bring lots of money to buy Jane's wonderful Historiographic Cards!)
       Anyone who is available to chat up the groups of school kids on Friday from 10 to 2 is welcome (but no pressure!).  I'll be there getting the tent set up.   You won't be able to bring your car down to the camp site while the school groups are there, but before or after should be fine.
       The main event is open to the public from 11 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday.  All cars need to be off the encampment field by about 10 AM, so if you need to unload things you have to be there earlier than that.  And your Commander would personally appreciate it if everyone was there well before opening!
       Marietta is at 5626 Bell Station Road, Glenn Dale, MD, just off Rt. 193 Glenn Dale Rd., just north of Rt. 450 Annapolis Rd.  From the Capital Beltway I-95/495 take Exit 20 onto Rt. 450 East, go 4 miles, turn Left on Rt. 193, then Left onto Bell Station Rd.  The phone number is 301---, or see

       May 1-2 is the Spring Universal Soldier show at Fort Washington.  We have been participating in these for a few years, but I'm wondering if we want to continue?  Public attendance is always very small, though there are some interesting groups represented. I'm actually not planning to go this time, so if anyone else would like to, please send in your registration forms and contact me about picking up the tent and other gear.  (This is the same weekend as the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival (Howard County Fairgrounds), which I'm planning to visit for one day.)  If the general consensus is that we need more events to give members more options, I'll keep it on the schedule.  But if folks feel (as I do) that we should concentrate our efforts on more significant events, this is probably the one to drop.
       And I guess if we don't do Fort Washington, that's a Workshop Saturday, yes?  Please give me some feedback on this.
       Anyone who doesn't live under an electronic rock is by now painfully aware of the number of email viruses going around these days.  I myself am a stinkin' Mac user, so most of them can't affect me, but I am still receiving scores of virus messages a day and it's getting annoying.  And it's safe to assume that most of them are coming from other Romans around the world who happen to have me listed in their address books.
       Therefore, a plea, if not a decree, from Quintus, Guru to the Virtual Roman World:  PLEASE REMOVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS FROM YOUR COMPUTER'S ADDRESS BOOK!  If you are enough of a techno-weenie to easily recognize and delete anything viral before it gets into your machine, or if you are protected by anti-virus software which you update FREQUENTLY, then I'm not that worried.  But SOMEone out there has gotten nailed, and probably doesn't even know it.  You can keep my email address in a text file somewhere, or just write it down!  Makes it only a tiny bit less convenient for you, and much more of a relief for me.  Check your machines for bugs, too, and get them cleaned out, pronto.
       Furthermore, if you send any email to me, make sure the subject line is distinctive and recognizable!  If it just says, "Hello", "Hi", "Information", "no subject", or any of the other generic headings used by spammers and viruses, I may very well delete it without looking at it.  So catch my attention with something about Romans or Legio XX, or your message might get chucked.
       Thanks, folks!

       Well, as of this writing I am still cut off from the website, unable to do any updates.  I'll be bugging the server guys with growing frequency to find out what's up and get it fixed.  Luckily, this has no effect on reading the site, it's all still there and accessible to the outside world.  But nothing new will show up until this problem is cleared up.  Hang in there!
      To tide you over, have a look at the incredible collection of antiquities from the Axel Guttmann collection now on auction at Christie's in London:   If anyone is shopping for Christmas presents for the Commander, this is the place!  Dave Michaels of Legio VI Victrix in California was lucky enough to get a VERY close look at many of these items, and has posted photographs here:

      From Lawrence and Julie Brooks, La Wren's Nest:  Roman Days Northeast is coming up quickly, May 15th, 2004, 9 AM to 4 PM.  It is at the Woodstock Fairgrounds, Equestrian Center, Woodstock, Connecticut.  The newest information on food, lodging and directions regarding the event will be posted on the website at
       So far we have had re-enactors check in from Legiones XXIV, X, III, the  gladiator troupe, SCA'ers and many individuals.  One of the re-enactors, John Crowley, will be bringing a Roman chariot that he made from archaeological evidence.  We will also have at least one barbarian encampment (if not more) in addition to the Roman encampments.  The children's activities will include coloring, making mosaics and
storytelling, bean the barbarian and bean the centurion.  We will also have ongoing Tali games and a Roman ballgame throughout the day.  Merlinia from Settmore Swamp of the SCA will have a Roman food demonstration booth.  Many of you may know Merlinia from Roman Days in Maryland.
       For more information, contact Julie Brooks 

   April 17-18 -- Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD
   May 1-2 -- Universal Soldier encampment, Fort Washington--Anyone up for this?
   June 5 --Monthly Workshop at the Moskeys' house
   June 12-13 -- ROMAN DAYS--Ack, already?!

ADLOCVTIO is the Official Newsletter of the Twentieth Legion, supposedly published on the Ides of each month.  I am Quintus, aka Matthew Amt, the Legion's Commander and Editor of the Newsletter,   Valete!