Vol. XXI, no. iv, April 2011


    Wow, THIS is coming up fast!  The date is May 14-15, and the location is the same as last year, Riversdale Mansion in Riverdale, MD.  Any Roman or otherwise Ancient-era group that is able to participate is invited, along with any folks who are not attached to a group but would like to play with us.  

The street address is 4811 Riverdale Rd, Riverdale, MD 20737,  Public hours will be 10-4 on Saturday and 12-4 on Sunday, and admission for the public is, uh, I think it's $5 for adults and 3 or 4 bucks for students, something like that...

We can arrive and set up is on Friday.  The gates will be closed in the evening but not locked, so you can still bring your cars in during the night.  You can drive on the grass (carefully!) to unload at your campsite, and park in the lot overnight.  Since parking is somewhat limited, however, participants and vendors should park in the streets around the site during public hours, leaving the lot open for visitors.  

The Riversdale staff is very enthusiastic, and they are planning a number of excellent children's activities.  They are also hoping to tie Roman history in the Neoclassical theme of the Federal period in which the mansion was built (c. 1800 AD).  So we might have some people in other period funny clothes wandering around.  

Last year the caupona was a little isolated from the military camps, so we'll review the setup arrangement to see what improvements might be made.  I think we all appreciated the shade of the trees, though!  

There is a water faucet on the back wall of the visitor center, plus real bathrooms!  (And a porta-potty or two at night.)  Ground fires are not permitted, but raised braziers or stoves are allowed (probably a good idea to bring your own wood or charcoal).  

Come one, come all!  Remember, you do NOT have to be a reenactor to participate in some way!  And you don't have to be a Roman, either--we'd love to see Greeks, Egyptians, Britons, Carthaginians, or anything else like that.  More information is *supposed* to be on the Roman Days page of the Legio XX site, and on the Roman Days Wiki, but I think we're a tad behind on all that… 

There is also the Roman Days planning Yahoo email group, 

Hope to see you at Roman Days!!


Beth Campbell passed this along, from the National Gallery of Art's web page (

Mary Beard, professor and chair of the faculty board of Classics, University of Cambridge, and author of The Twelve Caesars:  Images of Power From Ancient Rome to Salvador Dali, will be presenting the following lectures at the National Gallery:

Dynasty: Collecting, Classifying, and Connoisseurship, May 1 at 2:00PM, East Building Concourse, Auditorium

Rough Work? Emperors Defaced and Destroyed, May 8 at 2:00PM, East Building Concourse, Auditorium


     Yes, the annual bash has floated to June 11 this year!  Nowhere near February, of  course, so I guess we'll just call it "Lupercalia or whatever".  Richard and Allison Campbell are again graciously hosting, and festivities will run from 5 PM until everyone is gone or asleep.  See you there!

   April 30 --WORKSHOP at Richard and Allison's, 11 AM to 5 PM
   May 14-15 --ROMAN DAYS, Riversdale Mansion, Riverdale, MD
   June 11 --LUPERCALIA Feast at Richard and Allison's
   July ? --Possible gig at Virginia Governor's Foreign Language Academy
   August --Possible time-line event in Philadelphia, PA
   September 3-4 --Virginia Scottish Games, Great Meadows, The Plains, VA
   September 10 --Hartwood Days, Fredericksburg, VA--A few of us have attended this the last 2 years, are we interested again?  Might conflict with VJCL (below).
   November 20-21 --Tentative event at Virginia Junior Classical League convention in Richmond, VA.  THOUSANDS of Latin students.


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