Vol. XVI, no. v, May 2006


       The Legion has been invited to set up camp at the Pennsylvania Junior Classical League State Convention on May 20, 2006.  This will be held at Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA, and it is a one-day event.  Since this is at least a 4-hour drive from the DC area, they are offering dormitory space for us for Friday and Saturday nights, if necessary.  Meals on Friday and Saturday will be provided as well.   That way we could easily be set up by 9 AM when the program starts.  This convention is attended by over 600 high school Latin students, all of whom will naturally be more interested in Classical history and more motivated than the average high school audience.  So it should be a very rewarding event.
       Unfortunately, I will NOT be able to attend myself.  Anyone who would like to attend should contact the event organizer, Linda Russell, as soon as possible, -- or  724---.  She can provide you with details and directions.  Ron Kenat adds a warning that PA state police often have speed traps set up around Penn State during major events, so please drive carefully.


       ROMAN DAYS is coming up fast, June 3-4.  Marietta Mansion is the place, and Romans from all over the solar system are planning to come.  I'm working on another Greek hoplite or two, as well! 
       The event is open to the public from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  Admission is $4 for adults and $2 for students.  The schedule of activities will be pretty much the same as in past years, and can be found on the web pages.
       Plans are still taking shape for the Saturday night feast and other foods.  The Caupona will not be offering the usual meal plan this year (the cook is taking a break!), but some munchies will probably be available for participants at reasonable costs.   In any case there should be a modern food vendor and there are grocery stores and various eateries very nearby.
       One addition to the schedule is an informal gathering on Friday evening beginning about 5 PM.  This will include set-up, hopefully some drill practice for any troops that show up, and a potluck supper--bring some eats to share!
       To catch all the final details, join the Roman Days Planning Yahoo group, , or contact Deb Fuller.


       Gagan Agarwal of Deepeeka Exports in India joined the Roman Army Talk board not long ago, with the idea of gathering feedback on how to improve his company's Roman products.  In fact the RAT board now has a forum section dedicated to discussing Deepeeka,

       Needless to say, Gagan has gotten a LOT of feedback, and it is bearing fruit.  Not surprisingly, there is an emphasis on helmets, and not surprisingly the first Deepeeka helmet to be improved is the ever-popular Gallic G.  The new edition looks GREAT!  All the flaws and errors we've been noting for years have been fixed.  Note that the catalog number for this version is AH6052N--be sure to include the "N" to get avoid the old version.  Here is the discussion on this helmet:

       The Italic D helmet and many other items are also being worked on, so look for a wider variety of "approved" products over the next several months.  I sent them a large pack of photocopies and notes, covering a number of different things.  As usual, you cannot buy directly from Deepeeka unless you are a retailer making bulk purchases.  Order from one of the recommended vendors on the Legio XX Suppliers page.  Also bear in mind that Deepeeka does not stock anything, but only produces what their vendors order.  So there may be some delay in getting the new imprved gear if Deepeeka has to wait until a certain number of items are ordered.  Patience, we are finally getting there!   Thank you, Gagan, for wanting to improve and listening to us.


       No getting around it, Marching Through Time was wet.  It was gray and drizzly both days, with some heavier rain late on Saturday.  This was a curiously heavy blow to my personal morale and motivation, and I spent most of the  weekend grousing or imitating a cow-pie under my cloak.  Never put my armor on, even.  But the rest of the troops did a great job upholding the Legion's pride and honor, chatting up the few tenacious visitors and never letting their enthusiasm wane.  On Sunday the decision was made to end the event an hour early in order to let people pack and leave before the expected thunderstorms arrived, and of course it sunnier and hotter all afternoon!  Thanks to everyone who braved the rust!

       On Saturday, April 29, the Campbells and Moskeys joined me at Dulaney Valley High School for the Maryland Junior Classical League's annual convention.   (Dan Zeidler gets special mention for multiple if unsuccessful attempts to penetrate the traffic!) We gave a little demo about 1 PM, which was followed by gladiatorial fights and chariot races.  No kidding!   An old friend of mine had made a great pile of swords, spears, tridents, and shields out of PVC pipe, foam padding, and duct tape, and even ten loricae out of cardboard and duct tape!   The kids were well-organized, and fought each other singly and in teams of five, very enthusiastically!  There was also an obstacle course.  The chariot race featured three chariots, two built on childrens' wagons and the third on a modified wheeled trash can.   The trash can won!   It was amazing to see.


       Legio XIIII in West Virginia is hosting an event called Pax Romana, May 19-20 (20-21?) at Wine Cellar Park in Dunbar, WV. The event is free and open to the public. For more information please contact Legio XIIII at --, or call 304---.  This is the same weekend as the Legio XX appearance at the PA Junior Classical League, but it would be nice if we could send a small contingent!

       Keith Egan of the South Jersey AIDS Alliance is looking for Romans to march in their fundraising walk in Atlantic City.  Unfortunately, this is scheduled for the first weekend in June, the same time as Roman Days, but I said I would help spread the word in case anyone in that general area was not able to attend Roman Days but was interested in a good cause.  Sounds like they're even willing to pay!   For more information, contact Mr. Egan at  609---,

       From Sean Richards of Legio IX Hispana:  July 8-9 Old Fort Mac Arthur Days, a military timeline event, Los Angeles, California.  And we want to extend an invitation to those who'd like to attend as our guests.  The site is an old shore battery in a park that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, weather has always been mild in the past.  We'll provide tent space and meals and can usually help with transport from LAX or Ontario.  Leg IX begins set up on Thursday, July 6.  Old Ft Mac Days webpage,

       Robert Norton of Legio XXX in Canada would like to announce an event  on July 15-16  near the town of Tillisonburg, Ontario.  "It is a primitive site with flat land and wooded areas away from the  public.   We have grand plans to eventually build a fort if we can get some backing from the government… It will include an archery ranch, a pila  range, a sling range, artillary range, and a parade/drill square. The fort  will contain actual barracks, headquarters building and a functional  workshop."  For more information, contact him at rnorton AT sympatico DOT ca .

       Fron Eric Jadaszewski, jrjada AT juno DOT com, "Just wanted to let everyone know about our 2nd annual Time Line event at the Fort at No. 4 in Charletown, NH on Oct 14, 15, 2006.   The fort is a very reenactor friendly site, senic, good facilties and always a lot of fun.  Please contact me if your group is interested in attending this year and I'll give you more details."


       "Hello from across the seas. My name is Patrick Townsend and I  am a Saxon/Norman re-enactor from England. What I am contacting you for is to ask if your group would be interested in coming over here on a new package holiday that I organise strictly for re-enactors/living history.
       "The package contains: Flights, visits to the sites of the most spectacular Roman, Viking, Saxon and Norman sites such as Hadrian's Wall, Holy Island, Durham, York (Jorvik), Hastings, etc.  You will be staying in a 5 star hotel but that's not all, I will arrange for you to stay with an English re-enactment group for a weekend, in authentic tents, eating authentic food and most important having a good drink among friends, and you may be able to take part in a battle that happened on the exact site hundreds of years ago.
       "If you are interested then please contact me for more details, "


 A new Yahoo email group for gladiatorial combat,

   May 20 --PA Junior Classical League Convention, PSU
   June 3-4 --ROMAN DAYS, Marietta Mansion

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