Vol. XVII, no. v, May 2007


     Yup, it's coming up!  June 1-3 at Marietta Mansion in Glenn Dale, MD.  Public hours on Saturday and Sunday will be 10 AM to 4 PM.  Friday will be mostly set-up and general hob-nobbing, and there will be a feast on Saturday evening.  We are currently expecting TWO leather tents and even more troops than we had last year!   Remember, you do NOT have be a fully-equipped Roman reenactor to participate--we want other ancient types as well, plus wargamers, teachers, historians, and anyone else with an interest in the ancient world.  And we can loan equipment to needy soldiers if you let us know what you lack.

    The event is growing as we speak, with vehicles, animals, and an artilllery duel, the latter to be filmed by the Discovery Channel!  More filming and shooting will take place after public hours on Saturday.  Friday evening will be a Roman Army Talk Social, hopefully including RAT founder Jenny Cline, so we hope to see as many RATers (and others!) as possible.

    You can set up any time on Friday, and a few folks are arriving on Thursday.  The lower field is available for modern camping and parking, and is the ONLY place you may have a campfire--use sand from the pile as a base, please do NOT dig pits!  On the lawn by the mansion and the upper field you can camp in Roman tents (leather or canvas), or use modern gear if it is removed by 9am Saturday and Sunday.  There should be some space in the Legio XX tent, bring your own bed roll.  All non-period stuff needs to be cleared away by 10am Saturday and Sunday when the event opens to the public.  Each group should make sure it gets a registration form from Marietta, and of course fill it out and return it.   All participants will undoubtedly be required to fill in the usual Park and Planning volunteer waiver form.  Probably each unit will be handed a notebook full of forms and rules; anyone not attached to a unit should report to the Legio XX camp and we'll point you in the right direction.

    Basic information is on the Roman Days page of the Legio XX site,   There is also a Roman Days Yahoo group, , the better to keep yourself informed.  Hope to see you all there!



Fellow Roman Re-enactors:

I wanted to extend a personal invitation to all of you to attend Castra Romana-Atlanta, hosted by Legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis, 14-17 June 2007 in Atlanta, GA.

This event is being held in conjunction with the US Army's 232nd Birthday celebration on Fort McPherson, GA.  For more information on the event itself, I would refer you to the following websites: 

While I know that many of you have a busy schedule (especially those of you who, like me, intend to be there for Roman Days with Matthew), we believe that this event will offer a great opportunity to show the professionalism of the Roman army to the professionals of the US Army.

Friends and families are welcome, and the Army is sponsoring many, many activities for family members.

Please try to work us into your schedules, and help me pass this invitation along to other re-enactors who might also be interested.



Edward.Gibbons AT forscom DOT army DOT mil



You are invited to participate in Wethersfield Historical Society’s Celebration of History event during the weekend of June 16-17, 2007, at the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center, 200 Main Street, in historic Wethersfield, Connecticut.  The society is a non-profit organization, established in 1932 to promote historical preservation and education.

In celebration of its 75th Anniversary, the society plans to host living history reenactment groups representing various periods of history (Stone Age to Modern) to promote interest in history, illustrate the many changes in culture, technology, strategy, etc. that have evolved over time and to reinforce the fact that learning history takes many forms and is great fun!

Each group is asked to provide a small encampment and representative furnishings, equipment, staff, etc. for the weekend, with a focus on visitor interaction and education.  A demonstration area will be provided and units are encouraged to pre register for demonstration times for small arms, weapons, tactical, craft skill or other public demonstrations appropriate to their group’s background.

The society will provide a stipend for each unit, as well as straw, firewood and fire-pit (if requested), and 24-hour access to restroom facilities.  Units are invited to encamp overnight on-site or in one of the museum’s indoor spaces if desired (there are also many local hotels with reasonable rates).

Please contact society Director Doug Shipman at 860-529-7656, or at weth.hist.society AT snet DOT net to learn more about this event or to express intent to participate.  

We look forward to your joining us as we celebrate history, and our 75th Anniversary as an organization dedicated to historical preservation and education!



Salvete Romani!

On behalf of the ISPA and The Legionaries and Supporters of Legio VI Ferrata Fidelas Constans would like to formally invite you to our sixth annual Castra Romana, November 16, 17, and 18, 2007. This event will be held at Givhans State Park in South Carolina.  Knowing it is a bit of a drive for most, we are pulling out all the stops (including lots of new stuff!!) to make this an experience you will not want to miss, and will never forget!

Any ancient re-enactors, Romans, Barbarians, Gladiators, and Civilians are invited! Vendors too!

While this event will be advertised and open to the public, our primary goal is to provide a unique experience to our participants.  To this end we have a great number of events which will interest the Roman Reenactor, be they soldier or civilian!  If you have a unique impression you would like to bring and add, please contact us.  The last years have been an outstanding success, and this year will be even better!

Soldiers will get the opportunity to drill and train, throw live pila on the pila range, practice live sword (against a post of course!), in addition to participating in Needlefelt mock combat both on the drill field for spectators Saturday, you will see the Gladiators in the arena in daylight, and at a special torchlight nightime match just before the Grand Convivia!

The highlight of the event will be the Centurios Convivium, a grande Roman Banquet and hosted by the Centurio.  Ask anyone about our feast!  The food alone is worth the drive!

Average Temperature in November in South Carolina is 65-75 degrees.  In addition there are few if any events on the calendar for that period of time. Plus the mosquitos are mostly dead!  Legio VI will be onsite Thursday the 14th to Monday the 19rd, but you should try to arrive sometime Thursday or Friday unless you are setting up a special event or station.  Re-enacting events start Friday night.  Vendors are welcome to set up a display, but we ask that they remain in period as much as they are able, and you must contact us as soon as possible.  We have limited room for vendors, but will endeavor to accommodate you in the period market, or vendor row.  Remember this event is being planned for the participants, so we need you to attend!  Please RSVP via EMAIL by October 1st with firm numbers if at all possible (this is so we can plan the feast).

It is our sincerest hope you will plan to attend.  We will have an excellent time, and want you to be there to celebrate the growth of Roman Living Archeology, at the best Castra Romana EVER!

Event Contact: Rusty Myers
JustusLonginus AT aol DOT com
http://www.CastraRomana. com 


   June 1-3 --ROMAN DAYS, Marietta Mansion
   September 15-16 --Fall Encampment, Marietta Mansion

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