Vol. VIII, no. v, May 1998

AFTER-ACTION REPORT: Marching Through Time
       This year's MTT went quite well, and believe it or not, it actually did not rain on us during public hours!  There were always threatening clouds, plenty of mud, and raging storms at night, of course, so we were able to stay damp, but not getting rained on during showtime was a big plus.   Saturday's turnout included myself, Lloyd Broadwater (his first time on the field), Tom Kolb, Mike Cope, Greg Fabic, George Metz, Linda Thompson, and Jane Walker (and Olivia).  Sunday we were reduced to just three men but carried on anyway.  Mike camped out Saturday night.
       Sunday morning was so gloomy that there was talk of closing early if the heavens opened, and around noon the word went round that we would close at 3 o'clock  instead of 5.  We did a rapid breaking of camp starting at 3, I threw the tent into the car at 3:30, and the first drops of a heavy rain promptly fell.  Talk about timing!
       Hmm, I'm trying to think of some other highlights besides the weather, but drawing a blank.  Well, overall I remember it as a pretty good weekend.  Thanks to all who helped make it so.

       There will be a workshop session on Saturday, May 30, from 10 AM to 5 PM, at Matthew and Jane's house.   If anyone needs tunics or footwear before Roman Days, this may be your last chance for help.   Same deal as last time, bring lunch or money for same, and any projects or materials you want to work on.  Email me or call 301--- for directions or details.

       That mongo list of groups, individuals, and websites that you got with last month's issue has already changed.  First, I omitted a note of thanks to all who contributed to it, especially Sean Richards, Maria Villaroel, Mike Bishop, Dan Peterson, and "Call to Arms".  The web site for Legio IX Hispana in San Diego is back up, at  .   Legio VIII Augusta in England apparently went through some changes, and can now be found on the Net at  .  Two other European group sites are Legio VIII Augusta in Germany ( /Bernd.Hummel/legiov~1.htm) and Legio X Fretensis in Saint Petersburg, Russia (   The correct phone number for Terry Nix's Legio X Fretensis in Houston is 281---.
       Tom Tuck's group in Joliet, Illinois, has also taken the name Legio X Fretensis.   This unusual group was started by Three Rivers Church for an Easter tomb guard pageant, so it's more a collection of gear that is issued to willing performers, rather than a collection of people making their own individual kits.  They did their performance a few weeks ago, with nine legionaries standing guard in shifts for 42 hours over the reconstructed tomb setting.  The congregation put literally back-breaking effort into overcoming a parade of obstacles, but their resulting show was a great success.  They have invited any of us to perform with them in the future.
      One other website to mention, called Models of the Roman Legion, is an analysis of the army's formations, tactics, and camp layouts, using carefully scaled computer drawings.  It has a few debatable conclusions and a couple bloopers, but summarizes the evidence and other modern analyses very well, and the author invites comments and criticism.  (I told him that tent leather was NOT 1/8-inch thick!)  The URL:  .
       Roman Days is only a month away (June 13-14), and seems to be shaping up nicely.  Markland's Celts, our neighbors at MTA, won't be attending, but there will be a few Gauls coming from New Jersey instead.  Remember, you don't have to be a reenactor or have historical clothing to come and have fun.  And if your interests run more towards Greece or some other ancient culture, that's good, too.  Merchants, there are no fees--come and sell!  (Let me know, first, please!)
       There will be several new people turning out, so if anyone has any clothing or equipment to lend PLEASE let me know and bring it along!
       While it is hoped that the participants will have plenty of time to gab with each other, the event will be open to the adoring public from 10 AM to 4 PM both days, with an admission charge of $1.  You can set up on Friday or anytime Saturday morning, or Sunday morning if that's all you can manage.
        Marietta Mansion is located at 5626 Bell Station Road, just off Rt. 193.  From I-95/495, the Capital Beltway, take Exit 20 onto Rt. 450 East, go 4 miles, turn left on Rt. 193, then left onto Bell Station Rd. and immediately left into Marietta.

SCHEDULE (so far)
 10 AM, Open to the public
 11 AM, Full muster and opening remarks
 12 Noon, Lunch--cooking and eating demonstrations
 12 to 2 PM, Various drill and tactical demos, etc.
 4 PM, Close to general public, participants may stay and mingle
 10 AM, Open to the public
 11 AM, Olympic competition--Armor Race, Javelin Throw, Wrestling, various ball games, etc.
 12 Noon, Lunch and rehabilitation
 Afternoon, More demos
 3:30 PM, Closing ceremonies

       Several people have expressed interest in cooking, hence the noon cooking and eating demo.  Weather permitting there will be at least one campfire on which edibles may be cooked, or whip up your favorite recipe from Apicius and bring it along.  (You don't even have to bring enough to share with the rest of the class!)  If you want more kitchen facilities, better let me know so I can ask Susan Wolfe what's available.  Oh, and we're not supposed to have alcohol on site during public hours.
        Other demonstrations do NOT have to be military--Nova Roma will be doing some augury, and games, textiles, metalworking, dramatic readings, or other domestic activities are also possibilities.  You can schedule a time to take over the demo field, or just set up in an appropriate spot and get to it.
       There is plenty of space for displays, parking, period or modern camping, etc.  Water, portapotties, straw, and firewood will be provided.  There will be a large tent roof for shade and rain protection, plus smaller pop-up flys if necessary.  There are a number of hotels within a few miles, mainly on Rt. 450 near the Beltway, let me know if you need a list.
       Breakfast and lunch will be provided to Legio XX participants, others should provide their own food.  There are stores, restaurants, and fast food places within a couple miles, farther west/north along Rt. 193, or near the Beltway.
       For more information, contact Matthew Amt (Quintus).  Phone 301--- .  Susan Wolfe, the site manager at Marietta, can be reached at 301---.    Spread the word, and we hope to see you there!

       Jim Matthews of Connecticut just bought some writing papyrus from a company in Egypt:  Foudah International Trade Inc., (H. Taha, Export Manager), 4, Mohamed Helmy Ibrahim St., Champloion, Cairo, Egypt; phone 57--, phone and fax 57--.  A 33-foot scroll, 9 inches wide, costs $18.00 "C&F" (apparently including shipping).  Sheets are also available, 8"x12" and 12"x16".   Jim says the company was very courteous and helpful.  One question: will this papyrus work in my laser printer?

May 30--Workshop, Matthew Amt's house, 10 AM to 5 PM
June 13-14--Roman Days, Marietta Mansion
August 1-2--History in Action, Kirby Hall, England.  Last year several Roman groups combined to field 80 legionaries and 40 auxiliaries.  (Our Legio XX is not planning to attend this event, but I had to tell you about it!)
September 26-27--Legio XX camp with La Belle Compagnie (14th century) at Marietta Mansion.
December--Tentative--Bethlehem Market Place, St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Silver Spring, MD.  We provide a police force, generally oppressing the shopkeepers and other locals.  Lots of fun!
 There will also be more workshops and probably a party or two.  If you would like to host something in your domus, call Quintus today! 

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