Vol. XI, no. vi, June 2001

       For those in the northeastern provinces, the town of Middletown, Connecticut, is celebrating its 350th anniversary with a parade on Sunday, September 2, 2001 at 1:30 p.m.  They wanted Legio XX to participate, but I told them it was a little farther than we usually travel.  If any other Romans want to get in on this, contact Patrick M. Shugrue.

       We have also been asked to perform for Project Forward Leap on Sunday July 1.  This is an educational program for at-risk inner city kids, at Millersville University in Lancaster, PA.  We'll probably be there from about 10 AM to 3 PM, but the details have yet to be decided.  They are supposed to send me directions, etc., so anyone who's interested should contact me as usual (George and Dave have already raised their hands).

      Wow, what a weekend!  The weather was clear and not too hot, we had more participants and merchants than ever, about 500 visitors total, and we even stayed pretty much on schedule.  New participants included Kryn Miner and one of his friends from Legio VI Victrix in New York, with only minimal equipment but hopefully they got good guidance and inspiration, and Marty from Georgia marched with us (Marty, what's your last name and email?!).  John Ebel came from Long Island with his gladiatorial routine, a big crowd-pleaser.  Merlinia and Fiona from Settmour Swamp in New Jersey did their usual weekend of cooking, and dinner included OSTRICH meatballs and Lucanian sausage, both delicious.
       Probably the most notable addition was Asellina's Caupona, built by Richard and Allison Campbell with help from Roger and JJ Moskey, myself, and several others.  For those who haven't yet heard of this, it's a streetfront tavern or wine bar, built of panels like stage flats, with a real pieced marble countertop.  It's really impressive, and you can see photos of it both on the Legion's photo page ( and at the Asellina website,
       We massed about 12 legionaries for our tactical drills, but we lost and gained two or three men between Saturday and Sunday, so the total must have been 15 or more for the weekend.  Poor Hortensia was sick and unable to come, but her clothes came to the fashion show and had a good time (and she'd like to thank everyone who sent their good wishes to her).  All the way from California came Steve Phenow, an author and editor known to many of us from various email lists and bulletin boards.  Imperium Ancient Arts and La Wren's Nest both came down from Maine to sell stuff, as well as our local Merchant Adventurers.  Andrew Penland from The Electronic Classroom brought a cameraman and will be immortalizing us on film for educational broadcasts.
       Oh, a couple lost and found items which I brought home after the event:  a pair of brown suede sneakers with white socks in them, and a large piece of soft brown wool, blanket or sagum size.  Both items were on the ground behind the Legion's tent while we were breaking camp.
       Enormous thanks to all of those who came and participated, helped, or just visited, and even to those who couldn't come but wished us well (We poured a bilation in your honor, hic!).  If anyone has any ideas for improving Roman Days next year, do let me know.  I'm already planning a separate web page for it, with maps, hotel and restaurant listings, that sort of thing.  And I might even delegate a few of the activities, so that I get a chance to stand still for a minute or two.
      Thanks again, and we'll see you all at next year's Roman Days!

       The Legion has been invited to participate in a "March Thru Time" Event at Memory Town,  just south of Mount Pocono, PA  on  Sept 8 and 9th, 2001.  It is billed as a "Living History Event Spanning the Ages" and is being  sponsored by Company A of the First North Carolina Sharpshooter Battalion.
       The site will have rest rooms and showers, along with a restaurant and bar with entertainment.  Also on the property are gift shops and the oldest working printing press in the northeast.  A cabin with 24 hour coffee will be available.  On-site modern motel rooms are also available. Call 570--- for reservations.
       Torch Light tours will be held on Saturday night and each unit will put on a small  skit to exhibit the camp life of their period of history.   Sutlers will be few,  so bring what you expect you may need.
       Finally there is a campaign and an opportunity for our Legion XXIV Troopers in the north to come and assist in defending Rome up here in our Provincia and we should try to have a good showing.  Please contact the Commander (George Metz) if you can attend so he can make the necessary arrangements with Memory Town and Company A.
       Directions to Memory Town - March Thru Time:
       Your best route to east or west on I-80, to north on I-380, to Exit 8 "PA Rt 940" East into Mount Pocono and south on US 611, approx. half a mile thru town and under railroad bridge.  Go 75 yards past railroad bridge to Grange Road on the left.  Left onto Grange Road to Memory Town.
Rt 611 north may be used from I-80 Exit 45; in which case Grange Road will be approx. 3.5 miles on your right and if you go under the railroad you went too far.

       Ron Kenat just got one of the first Albion Armorers loricae, and brought it to my place for a good look and a fitting.  Overall it's a very nice piece, definitely "Approved for Legio XX Use", though we did make a couple discoveries.  First off, after wiping off much of the grease and starting to lace the girdle sections together, we discovered that the left side was missing a girdle plate!  Ack!  I counted twice to make sure--8 on the right, 7 on the left.  Gads, thought I, they better not ALL be like that!!  (Probably not!)  We put it on him anyway, and rats, it was too small.  He'd gotten the smallest size, 36" circumference, thinking that matched his jacket size, but with a baggy tunic and a subarmalis he was a few inches bigger.  The collar sections seem fine, though, so he  might just be able to trade for a new girdle section, next size up.  Otherwise, good lorica.  All the strap and buckle fittings and the main lobed hinges are properly constructed and decently shaped.  It has nice bosses in the right places, and the plates are all basically the right size and shape.  Roomy neck opening, rolled edges, well polished.  Call Albion and get your lorica!
       At Roman Days, Jeff Crean had a beautiful Imperial Gallic C helmet which he'd finally gotten from Illusion Armoring.  But it was too big for him so he sold it to Richard, whom it fits quite well.  Mark Graef was showing off his new scutum, with a metal emblem like mine and Tom's.  I sold mine off to Nathan, though!

EUROPEAN TOUR from Bob Garbisch via George Metz
       A two week tour of Roman and Celtic sites located in France, Germany and England is being planned for late July into August 2002.  The tour will depart Dulles Airport near Washington DC on July 26 to and will return from Glasgow to Dulles on August 10th.
       Sites to be visited are:  Kalriese, site of the 9AD Teutoburger Vald disaster, Saalburg frontier fort, Caesar's defense line alone the Rhone River, Celtic theme park near Alesia and Alesia itself,  St.Germain Museum of Celtic and Roman items, time to visit Paris, to England and Chester and Hadrian's Wall and other Roman era sites.  Peter Connolly will be with us for part of the tour and Charles Wesencraft will be with us at Hadrian's Wall.
       The tour is limited to 48 travelers.   The cost is $2,250.00 per person, which includes airfare from and to Dulles, all overnight accommodations and some breakfasts.  To confirm your reservation send a refundable deposit of $250.00,  to  Robert Garbisch,  224 Masonic Drive,  Vallejo, CA  94591-4231 prior to July 1st 2001.   707---
       The ground portion of the trip may be purchased (cost not yet known) for those in Europe or who desire to extend their stay before or after the tour.

MAKING HISTORY by Sean Richards, Legio IX Hispana
       On June 3, 2001, 9am PST, twenty-seven Romans gathered at Glen Helen Park in Devore, California.  Soldiers travelled from San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles and from Pueblo, Colorado!  Elements of:
Legio IX Hispana (USA)...twelve,
Legio X Fretensis (N. CA)... seven,
9th Legion (SCA/Caid)... four,
Legio VI "Corvus" (SCA/Caid)... four...
...... gathered Sunday morning to take part in the production of an episode of the History Channel show "The Most" about the use of the Testudo.  Legio IX Hispana provided 22 scuta, 9th Legion sent 4, plus lots of other extra gear was shared about,
helmets, segmentatas, hamatas, tunicas. Three fathers marched out with sons, a very proud moment!
       Three intense hours....  not enough!
       Nine stitches on one hand, a cut nose, lots of bruised knuckles,  shins nicked and scraped by brush and nettles, a few sunburns....
       I hope they morph arrow heads onto the dowels they chucked at us to simulate arrows.... gak!   Foam rocks.. gak!  But we all had fun.
       The episode airs sometime in October.  As soon as photos become available they'll appear at:
       There were three digital cameras and a festoon of film cameras.... many thanks to the wives and girlfriends!
       What a day!  We are all encouraged and inspired to work harder to find a weekend when we "West Coasters" can gather on a regular basis, when we can finally get a "Roman Days West" off the ground.

       For those of you who are interested, below is the June update of my book signing schedule and a partial listing of additional signings:
  Saturday, June 9th, 1 PM - 4 PM, Hastings Entertainment Store, Wenatchee, WA
  Friday, June 15th, 5 PM - 9 PM, Hastings Entertainment Store, Lincoln Heights Shopping Center,, Spokane, WA,
  Saturday, June 16th, 1 PM - 4PM, Hastings Entertainment Store, Moses Lake, WA
  Sunday, June 24th, 12 PM - 5 PM, Hastings Book Booth, Music Festival, Riverfront Park, Downtown Spokane, WA
       Additional Dates (to be updated as I receive them):
  Saturday, August 11th, 1 PM - 4 PM, Barnes &Noble Booksellers, Spokane, WA
  Saturday, August 25th, 2PM - 5 PM, Hastings Entertainment Store, Spokane Valley, Veradale, WA
  Saturday, September 15th, 2 - 5 PM, Hastings Entertainment Store, Kennewick, WA
  Saturday, October 6th, 1 - 4 PM, Hastings Entertainment Store, Palouse Empire Mall, Moscow, ID (across from the U. of Idaho)
       Thanks, I hope to see you at one of my signings!

   July 7 --Monthly workshop/muster at Roger Moskey's, 10 to 5
   July 1 -- Legio XX demo in Lancaster for Project Leap Forward (Sunday only)
   July 21 --Day in Rome with Legio III Gallica at the National Junior Classical League convention, Louisiana.  Contact Darren Nunez, (not a Leg.XX event)
   August 4 -- Monthly workshop/muster at Roger Moskey's, 10 to 5
   August 4 - 5 -- Time Line Event,  Fort Malden,  Amherstburg Ontario,  opposite Detroit.  Not a Leg.XX event; contact George Metz of Leg.XXIV
   September 1 -- Monthly workshop/muster at Roger Moskey's, 10 to 5
   September 15-16 --Legio XX Fall Encampment at Marietta Mansion
   September 15 -- Masterpiece Motorcade, Leg. III Gallica, New Orleans Museum of Art.  Contact Darren Nunez (not a Leg.XX event)
   October 4-6, 2001--ROMEC XIII at Vindonissa, Switzerland.  For more info, see
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