Vol. XVI, no. vi, June 2006


       A hearty and heart-felt "THANK YOU!" to everyone who participated and helped out with Roman Days.  It was a great weekend.  Special thanks as always to Deb Fuller and the Campbell Family, who as always put a LOT of work into running the whole show.  Legio XX was joined by Legiones III, XIV, and XXIV, Cohors I Volunum, massing 22 men on the demo field on Saturday.  Not to mention a healthy civilian contingent, the gladiators, various Nova Romans, and no less than 7 "bad guys" (4 Celts, a German, a Samnite, and a Thracian).  Quite a spread!  The drills, demos, fashion shows, and law court all seemed to go fine, and the public seemed to love every minute of it.
       There are some great photos!

       Well, I would go on at more length, but this issue is already three days late!


       On August 12-13, National Geographic plans to film some battle scenes for a documentary on the Teutoberg Forest disaster of 9 AD.  Obviously, Romans and Germans are desperately needed!  Maybe some camp followers, too.  The tentative  location is Cedarville State Forest in Brandywine, MD, about a half-hour south of the DC Beltway.
       Since they are actually planning to pay anyone who participates, this is NOT being handled as a Legio XX event.  The contact is Heidi Christenson, and everyone should contact her directly to "sign up", at 202-857-7535, hchriste AT ngs DOT org.  Romans and barbarians from other groups are more than welcome!!  The amount I suggested was $100 dollars a day per person, plus $100 dollars for the use of your equipment.  Meals will also be provided.
       Ms. Christenson told me that the typical spotless Romans often seen in documentaries is not what they're looking for.  Expect mud and abuse (though I warned her there were obviously limits!).  Strictly speaking, "good" weather for this would be a hard rain, which presumably might be artificially supplied if the day is dry.   I don' t know what sort of combat might be planned, but I might be able to produce a couple "basher" shields to spare our better ones some abuse.  I also warned her that most of our gear is aimed towards the mid-first century and is technically a little advanced for 9 AD, though she wasn't sure how picky the directors might be on that.  Obviously we should wear as much mail as possible, rather than lorica segmentata (though the Kalkriese style lorica was of course in use at the time).  Coolus and Montefortino helmets, or Gallic type A, are better than the later Gallics and Italics, though a brass Gallic or Italic is probably an acceptable next choice.  Mainz and hispaniensis style swords are preferable to Pompeii types, and belts without aprons.   A big question may be the scutum, since the curve-sided type was probably the rule.  Again, they may have to take what they can get!  Two months is more notice than we get for some of these gigs, but not really enough time for us all to re-equip ourselves.
       I'm guessing that it will be even harder to get Germans than Romans.  Those of us with long trousers might be able to convert for some scenes.  I have some tunics and a couple shields and weapons to lend.  Naturally some folks will not be able to take part for whatever reason, but if you can loan any equipment to trusted friends that would be greatly appreciated.


       From Sean Richards of Legio IX Hispana:  "July 8-9 Old Fort Mac Arthur Days, a military timeline event, Los Angeles, California.  And we want to extend an invitation to those who'd like to attend as our guests.  The site is an old shore battery in a park that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, weather has always been mild in the past.  We'll provide tent space and meals and can usually help with transport from LAX or Ontario.  Leg IX begins set up on Thursday, July 6.  Old Ft Mac Days webpage, "

       Robert Norton of Legio XXX in Canada would like to announce an event  on July 15-16  near the town of Tillisonburg, Ontario.  "It is a primitive site with flat land and wooded areas away from the  public.   We have grand plans to eventually build a fort if we can get some backing from the government… It will include an archery ranch, a pila  range, a sling range, artillary range, and a parade/drill square. The fort  will contain actual barracks, headquarters building and a functional  workshop."  For more information, contact him.

       Fron Eric Jadaszewski, "Just wanted to let everyone know about our 2nd annual Time Line event at the Fort at No. 4 in Charletown, NH on Oct 14, 15, 2006.   The fort is a very reenactor friendly site, senic, good facilties and always a lot of fun.  Please contact me if your group is interested in attending this year and I'll give you more details."


       Deepeeka has now improved their Italic D helmet, and the number for this version is AH6054N.  It is wonderful, very accurate and fully "approved for use."


Heritage Roman Archaeology News,

Here's a professor at the University of Wisconsin who has his students make Greek and Roman shields and then teaches them battle tactics!


   July 1--Workshop
   August 5--Workshop
   August 12-13 --National Geographic filming of Teutoberg Forest battle, tentatively in the Washington DC area.  Contact Heidi Christianson, 202---
   September--Legio XX Fall Encampment, Marietta Mansion

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