Vol. XXI, no. vii-viii, July-August 2011


    Parking permits and admission tags have arrived for the Virginia Scottish Games, so it looks like we're "in".  The date September 3-4, Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, and public hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM both days.   I only have 7 parking passes, so carpooling is advisable.  However, these are passes for the participant lot at the west end of the site (our camp being at the north side), and if we run short there should be no problem parking in the public lot (as we usually have).  The admission tags are wristbands but you don't have to *wear* them--we're pretty recognizable!  

    The location is Great Meadows Equestrian Center, 5089 Old Tavern Road, The Plains, VA.  Take I-66 West from DC past Gainesville, and take Exit 31 for Route 245.  Turn left at the bottom of the ramp onto Old Tavern Road, go a couple miles, and the site will be on your left.  There usually isn't much in the way of signs, so be alert.   

    One difference this year is that when you arrive you should (very logically) turn immediately *right* to get to our camp site and beyond to the parking, rather than left and go all around heck's half acre to the public lot.

    At the moment I myself am only planning to attend on Saturday, and I expect to be there around 8:30 with tent and stuff.  Our "scenario" for this event is the invasion of Scotland (Caledonia) c. 80 AD by Agricola, culminating in the battle of Mons Grapius.  However, this does not rule out impressions from other eras, if that's what you have!

    If you plan to attend and have not yet told me so, please do!  And we'll see you there!


    On Saturday September 10 the Legion will participate at Hartwood Days, a community fair hosted by the local Boy Scouts troop near Fredericksburg, VA.  The event is free to the public from 9 AM to 5 PM, and more details can be found on the website: 

    The address is 25 Hartwood Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22406.  Take I-95 south towards Fredericksburg, VA, and take Exit 133 onto Route 17 north.  Go about 5 miles, and fork right onto Hartwood Rd.  Parking will probably be in the elementary school lot like last year.  Generally a pretty easy day, with reenactors from a number of different eras present.   Who's in?


    Here's one we should put some effort into, the Virginia Junior Classical League convention in Richmond, VA on November 20-21 (Sunday and Monday).  Our hosts will be reimbursing us for travel, hotel, and food expenses!  Plus it's an indoor event with 1700 Latin and Classics students, and we will be "keynote speakers".  We will most likely be discussing this further on the Roman Days list, 


    Lisa Kadonaga kindly sent this link to an ebay store that offers damaged repro gear.  At the moment, most of the Roman items are just "trooper" helmets, but there is a decent Late Roman Intercissa helmet, very cheap!  Obviously, you need to study the pictures to be sure you're getting a reasonably accurate piece, but cleaning off some rust and smoothing a couple dents should be no problem.  



A new comedy called It’s Grim Up North follows the exploits of dodgy Roman auxiliary soldiers building Hadrian’s Wall in AD126 and listeners wanting a good laugh can tune into the internet to hear the world premiere of the radio sitcom pilot. 

It’s Grim Up North  has been penned by Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood, the Tyneside based writers whose national and international comedy stage play hits include Dirty Dusting, The Revengers, Waiting For Gateaux, Son of Samurai and Maggie’s End.

There is no charge to listen to the half-hour show – all the writers want is your feedback.

   September 3-4 --Virginia Scottish Games, Great Meadows, The Plains, VA
   September 10 --Hartwood Days, Fredericksburg, VA
   November 20-21 -- Virginia Junior Classical League convention in Richmond, VA.  THOUSANDS of Latin students.


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