Vol. XIX, no. viii, August 2009


    The Legion's annual Lupercalia bash, long delayed and now labeled as Vinalia Rustica, will be on August 22.  It kicks off at 5 PM at the home of Richard and Allison Campbell in Alexandria, VA.  Classical food, drinks, and entertainment!   Historically-oriented attire is encouraged but certainly not required.   Sorry, no children, and please do not wear hobnailed footwear.

    The location is 8820 Camfield Drive, Alexandria, VA, 22308.  Questions?  Contributions?  Call Allison or Richard at 703-799-2696, email richsc AT usa DOT net, or cell phone/text to 571-216-3925.  Directions:

From Alexandria: from south Washington Street : go south on the George Washington Parkway just over six miles until you see Vernon View Drive on your right.  Turn right, go 1⁄4 mile to Battery Road ; turn right, go 100 yards, and turn left on Camfield Drive.  Go 1⁄4 mile to 8820

Ah, 495 and Wilson Bridge!  Note THRU and LOCAL lane options:

From Maryland/495 inner loop: stay to the right and use the LOCAL lanes to go west across the Wilson Bridge to exit 177AB; take the A hairpin exit on the right, then go up to the traffic light and turn right (south) on South Washington Street.  Go straight and S Washington Street becomes the parkway, then six miles to Vernon View Drive as above.

From Virginia 495 outer loop: Use the LOCAL lanes and stay to the right. take exit 177C to Route 1 south; the Fort Hunt Road exit is on right, then crosses left over Route 1.  Stay on Fort Hunt Road about six miles.  At about five miles you will see Carl Sandburg Junior High on the right.  In another mile, Fort Hunt Road will turn left 90’ but you will stay straight on Vernon View Drive.  In 1⁄2 mile, take a left on Battery Road.  Go 100 yards, turn left on Camfield Drive, go up to 8820.


    Thanks to Julie Brooks of La Wren's Nest, the Legion has been invited to the Virginia Scottish Games and Festival on September 5-6 (Labor Day weekend).  This will be comparable to the Potomac Celtic Festival, with traditional Highland dancing, competitions, vendors, lots of kilts, etc.  The location is just off I-66 a little west of Gainesville, VA.  It looks like other Scottish-oriented living history groups will be there as well.  I'll hunt down details on food, pilum-chucking, etc., and pass that all along.  Should be a simple gig, though, with around 8000 visitors--good exposure!  Here's their website: 


    The Legion has also been asked to appear at Hartwood Days, the 10th Annual Youth and Community Fair near Fredericksburg, VA.  It is organized by a local Boy Scout group, and it's a one-day event on Saturday, September 12.  That's the weekend after the Scottish Games, yes, but I am hoping that folks who are not able to attend one of the events can focus on the other.  The living history part of this show will be a timeline like Marching Through Time, so the organizers are interested in attracting reenactors from any era to participate.  Vendors and business exhibitors, too!  Spread the word. 


    And just to make sure we have enough to do in September, we have also been invited to the annual National Capital Model Soldier Society show at the Northern Virginia Community College on Saturday, September 12.  This is a conflict with Hartwood Days, which is where the tent and camp will be, but anyone who'd like to do an easy indoor event should contact Mike Schipono at websoldat AT verizon DOT net .   We've done this show a couple times in the past.  The website has details and directions: 


    Alec Cunningham is contacting the organizers of several Scottish Games and Festivals to see if they'd like some Romans along with their other reenactors.  So far, the Williamsburg Scottish Festival has responded positively.  That's on Saturday, October 3 at Rockahock Campgrounds, Lanexa, Virginia 23089. 

    Another one he is working on is the Meadow Highland Games and Celtic Festival (formerly the Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival), October 24-25.  This is next to King's Dominion, Exit 98 off I-95.   

    Alec is the contact for these events: aleccunningham AT verizon DOT net



This year marks the 2000th anniversary of the Varus ambush in the Teutoberg Wald as many of you know.

This year on September 18-20 the town of New Ulm, Minnesota will be having a three-day festival to honor their German heritage at their Hermann the German memorial.  This will be a huge event complete with visiting foreign dignitaries, fireworks, a parade, a roman encampment, and a recreation of that fateful September day in 9 AD.

Local barbarians and those from nearby tribes are invited to join in the reenactment.  Saturday afternoon at the Roman campsite, you can join one of the tribes:  Hermann’s Cherusci Auxiliaries, the Bructeri, Marsi, or form your own tribe.   We’ll supply the face paint  and some Cherusci Auxiliary uniforms.

Visit the camp that afternoon (all barbarians welcome) and later that day on Saturday September 19, a 2000-year-old event in history will be revisited.

The event is being hosted by the town of New Ulm, the State of Minnesota, along with Legio XIIII Martia Victrix, and my group Legio X Equestris Veneria (Rome Chicago).

Interested Romans and barbarians should contact kev.kmw AT gmail DOT com or jkmake AT gmail DOT com

More information:  

Please email your address to Rich.Saulpaugh AT gmail DOT com if you'd like email or "Twitter Updates."

Background Info (very interesting): 

QUESTIONS & Payments to:
rich.saulpaugh AT gmail DOT com
Richard Saulpaugh
4829 West College Ave #140
Greendale, WI   53129-1942



This is the first formal announcement of what you all know has long been coming.  The Romans of ALL legions in the US and Canada will be gathering at the WWI battlefield in Newville, Pennsylvania on October 2-5 to hold:

The First Annual National School of the Soldier for the Roman Legionary

Hosted by LEGII Augusta (Canada) and LEGXXII Primegenia (Ohio), this event will feature the use of the new National Training Manual Regulations, agreed upon by most of the legions on our continent.

The event will ask you to arrive on Thursday for an early start Friday morning.  This is a first person event in which you will be under Roman discipline for the entire event.  The camp will be set up in proper Roman military style and all soldiers formed into ad-hoc contubernia.  Rations will be supplied and each soldier will be working toward receipt of his training diploma.  We will learn under the masters how to march, drill, fight with pila, scutum and gladius, how to make formations that work against the Celt and German and how to properly work as a centuria.

Besides this fantastic training effort, you will be able to visit with old and new friends, see the WWI trenches and get a chance to simply live as Romans.  The event will officially end in the early evening on Saturday October 4th.  Cost is $30 which covers renting the site from the Great War Association, liability insurance and food for the entire event.  Registration after September 15th will be $35.  For a registration form, contact Deks at 513-295-0341 or at deks AT cinci DOT rr DOT com  [Website coming soon.]

Note:  We will be living in period style tents set up according to military protocol.  While this is a first person, authentic event, you may bring modern sleeping arrangements if you need to.  Of course, any medicines or modern toiletries may also be brought.  We do ask that any modern anachronisms be kept out of sight as much as possible.  While there are no regular bathrooms, port-a-lets and pump water is available.  The town of Newville is only two miles away should any need arise.  All soldiers should consider themselves as subordinate to their officers once the event has begun.  No one will be allowed to indiscriminately wander through the WWI battlefield without permission.

If you wish to be considered for an instructor or officer position, please note which position and why you should be considered on the registration form.  WE WILL LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING ALL OF YOU IN PA!!!

[QUINTUS NOTES:  This is not an official Legio XX event, but of course everyone is encouraged to attend if they like!  I can forward the registration form to you.)


   August 22-- LUPERCALIA/VINALIA RUSTICA party at Richard and Allison's
   September 5-6--VA Scottish Games
   September 12-- Hartwood Days, Fredericksburg, VA
   September 12-- National Capital Model Soldier Society Show
   October 3-- Williamsburg Scottish Festival
   October 24-25-- Meadow Highland Games and Celtic Festival (?)
   December-- Walk Through Bethlehem, Seventh Day Adventist HQ, White Oak, MD
   April 17-18, 2010-- Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD


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