Vol. XXI, no. ix-x, September-October 2011


    Legio XX and Legio IX Hispana will be participating at the Virginia Junior Classical League convention in Richmond, VA on November 20-21 (Sunday and Monday).  Our hosts will be reimbursing us for travel, hotel, and food expenses!  Plus it's an indoor event with 1700 Latin and Classics students, and we will be "keynote speakers".   There will also be several smaller "discamus" sessions on topics such as Celts, Civilian Life, and Surveying and Engineering, with one or more reenactors doing their things.   Most of this activity will be on Sunday the 20th, in case you are not able to stay through Monday.

        If you are interested in attending this event and have not said so, let me and Richard Campbell know as soon as possible!  


    I have not yet received any word about the various Christmas shows, though I suspect at least two of them will happen.  Stay tuned.


    My apologies for not mentioning this sooner!  November 11-13 is the tenth annual Castra Romana, hosted by Legio VI Ferrata at Givhans Ferry State Park, Charleston, South Carolina.  The event is open to the public on Saturday November 12.  For more details, see the event website,


November 20-21 -- Virginia Junior Classical League convention in Richmond, VA.  THOUSANDS of Latin students.  Main event on Sunday the 20th.


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