Vol. XV, no. ix, September 2005


      The next Workshop will be on Saturday, October 1 at the Commander's house!  Open house and casual, 10 AM to 4 PM.  I'll have the usual el cheapo lunchy things, maybe a dash of frivolity, but don't expect me to try to compete with JJ!  Let me know if you're hoping to come, particularly if you need directions.   See you there!


       The last time the Legion did an event which involved mainly hanging out in a lobby was our very first event back in 1992.  So our little gig at the National Capital Model Soldier Society show was a bit of nostalgia.  And very comfortable!  There were plenty of modelers and gamers who were very eager to talk to us.  For the sake of variety, I wore my Greek hoplite gear, Dan went Thracian, and Mike wore his new Republican era kit.  We even got filmed by a Czeck TV crew!  The show's organizers are hoping that we can do this again next year.

       Thanks to Richard for running the Fall Encampment on Saturday.  Apparently it was a learning experience!  There were seven participants that day, though the only one to return on Sunday was our Friendly Neighborhood Barbarian, Steve Peffley.  Sean and I joined him--we hadn't been able to attend on Saturday.  Both days saw a good 50 visitors or more, all very enthusiastic.


       Rusty Myers would like to remind everyone that Castra Romana will be hosted by Legio VI in South Carolina this November.   Legio XX members are certainly encouraged to attend, though we have not yet participated as a unit.  There is a new email group for information updates to which you can subscribe by sending a message to [email protected] .

       Ed Jadaszewski would like to put out an invitation to a time line event at "The Fort at #4" this September 24-25, 2005.  The event is in Charlestown, New Hampshire on the New Hampshire/Vermont border.  The site is beautiful and reenactment-friendly, and they hope to make this an annual event. Suttlers and any kinds of period demos are also welcomed, and of course camping and campfires are permitted.  For more information, the website is , and please contact Eric if you are interested.


       From Jim Shea:  "I was hoping you might pass me on to  anyone that might be looking for  Roman helmets.  I have Gallic I and Italic D.  They are bigger sized and in good shape.  I'll sell them both for $250.  I also have a late spangenhelm for sale for $100.  If a guy wanted all three I'd do $325 plus actual shipping.  I can email pictures to you at your request."   Presumably these are Deepeeka helmets.  Contact Jim directly at eatyourveggies AT netzero DOT com .

   October 1 --Monthly Workshop, at Matthew and Jane's house
   November 5 --Monthly Workshop, probably back at the Moskeys'
   December --Walk Through Bethlehem, Seventh-Day Adventist HQ


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