Vol. XVI, no. ix, September 2006



       The weekend before our event, the Washington Post ran a little article about it, including a color photo of myself and Richard!  The information was a little shaky, but it was apparently enough to bring out quite a few visitors.   He and I were mobbed right at opening time, mostly by kids, and everyone seemed to be having fun.   A few more brave Romans showed up as the day went by.  We had a bigger turnout on Sunday, and fewer visitors but still enthusiastic ones.  We might even get a recruit or two!  Thanks to all participants and public.


       Mike Cope has decided to sell off a few pieces of gear, since he has two or three of most things.  Contact him at vergil96 AT comcast DOT net for details and haggling.  All items are well-maintained and in great condition, and "Legio XX Approved".

--Corbridge type A lorica segmentata made by Joe Piela of Lonely Mountain Forge, $500.
--Museum Replicas Pompeii gladius, $350.  Mike replaced the whole hilt and added openwork decoration to the scabbard.  Second from right in this photo:
--Mainz/Fulham type gladius, prototype blade from Albion Armorers, hilt and scabbard by Mike, $250.


       From Eric Jadaszewski, "Just wanted to let everyone know about our 2nd annual Time Line event at the Fort at No. 4 in Charlestown, NH on Oct 14, 15, 2006.   The fort is a very reenactor-friendly site, scenic, good facilties and always a lot of fun.  Please contact me if your group is interested in attending this year and I'll give you more details."


From Rusty Myers, Legio VI Ferrata:
Pompeii Dies Pro Vesuvius:  Pompeii, the Day Before Vesuvius
NOTE NEW DATE!  February 2-4, Mobile, Alabama

       We have been contacted by the Exploreum Museum ( regarding hosting an event February 2-4, 2007, in conjunction with the US Premier of the Pompeii Exhibit opening at the Museum in Mobile, Alabama.
       Essentially this would be a Friday, Saturday, Sunday event, so we would look to a Late Thursday/early Friday arrival time.  The museum is looking at assisting re-enactors with reimbursement for travel, very low hotel rates for those who need to hotel ($55-$75 at a brand new Renaissance Marriot which is re-opening in conjunction with the Pompeii Exhibit).  A feast Saturday evening, and most importantly:
       Free admission to actually see the Pompeii Exhibit (perhaps with a private guide). This exhibit will be touring the US in 2007 and I believe will only be at about 4 locations nationwide, so that is a unique opportunity!  The event would be hosted at the USS Alabama State Park ( which also has a number of attractions many of us would find interesting.  We will be able to stay onsite, camp, and cook. Think of it as Nashville, with a Battleship, and events for the re-enactors, plus a chance to see the Pompeii Exhibit.
       Basically I need to know how many folks are interested!  Pretty much any Roman impression will be welcome, as we will be taking the Castra Romana Marketplace and plan to have a large soldiers camp, a market, and other Roman related events.  Soldiers? Civilians?  Senators?  Vendors?  I do not need a commitment now, just rough numbers for planning.  Please shoot me an email atjustuslonginus AT aol DOT com with numbers or ideas.


   October 7--Legio XX Monthly Workshop, at Roger and JJ's, 10 to 5
   October 20-22 --Castra Romana, hosted by Legio VI Ferrata, South Carolina,
   December 1-2 --Bethlehem Marketplace, St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Silver Spring, MD.  7:30 PM to 9:30 PM on Friday, 1 to 4 on Saturday.

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