Vol. XIX, no. ix, September 2009


    Alec Cunningham is leading a contingent to the Williamsburg Scottish Festival, on Saturday, October 3 at Rockahock Campgrounds, Lanexa, Virginia 23089.  Several members of Legio IX Hispana will also be in attendance.  Contact Alec if you are interested, aleccunningham AT verizon DOT net.   The event website is 

    Another Scottish event he is working on is the Meadow Highland Games and Celtic Festival (formerly the Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival), October 24-25.  This is next to King's Dominion, Exit 98 off I-95.  So far he has not gotten a positive response from the organizers, though. 


    The Virginia Scottish Games brought something to my attention: Our civilians need more stuff!  Richard and Allison's hand quern, wax tablets, and drop spindles were all popular, but it was all packed in plastic tubs.  Allison did bring a piece of cloth to cover each one, which I thought was clever, but I couldn't help thinking that if the containers were historical we wouldn't have to cover them.  And frankly, covered modern containers have always been one of my pet peeves, since to me they still look like covered modern containers!  So I promised her we'd spend this winter upgrading to baskets, bags, and wooden boxes.  I want all our civilians, as well as our soldiers, to be able to walk into camp with everything they need, without any need to hide a modern container.  Purses included!

Baskets--Pier 1, Ikea, Jo Ann's, Michaels, and other places carry all kinds of baskets, not to mention suttlers (merchants) who supply 17th and 18th century reenactor gear.  Stick to willow, reed, and split wood, avoiding bamboo, banana leaves, etc.  Regular handled baskets are easy to carry, and can just be stuck on a shelf at home, often without even needing to be unpacked.  Wicker wastebaskets and hampers are also possibilities.  (I was lucky enough to buy an 18"-tall split oak pack basket for about $35 almost 20 years ago at a Revolutionary War event, but they all seem to be five to ten times that price now!)

Bags--Leather, linen, or wool.  Try to avoid cotton canvas/denim, printed fabrics, etc.  It can be a plain bag or have a handle or strap.  A soldier's leather marching satchel, or something like it, makes an excellent purse!  A simple sack can lug a ton of stuff with ease.  The En Gedi finds included a two-handled tote bag made from a spiral strip of woven rushes, exactly like some modern bags.  A concept I'd like to weed out is bringing a modern purse and simply sticking it in another bag or other container.  Better just to bring a period bag or basket with whatever things are needed for the day, as few of them modern as possible!   (But please don't forget any required medicines, eye care products, etc.)

Boxes--The immediate advantage is that you can sit on it, assuming it's strong enough.  Avoid plywood since the edges may show.  No screws or other modern hardware should be visible.

    I also want our civilians to be comfortable, so my goal is to have each lady equipped with her own stool or chair.  A little research is needed, but probably a simple slab of wood with three or four legs should be fine, or a folding stool.  Again, no modern hardware should be visible.

    These guidelines are just for starters and inspiration, of course.  Research can include books on Pompeii or finds from En Gedi, because of course the whole point is that all these items should be reasonably historically accurate.   Obviously it's best to bounce everything off your Beloved Commander before buying or making it, just to be sure.  The civilian contingent of our group is a huge success, so let's get them out there in proper style!


Unfortunately, the School of the Soldier for the Roman Legionary scheduled for October 2-5 has been cancelled for this year.


   October 3-- Williamsburg Scottish Festival
   October 24-25-- Meadow Highland Games and Celtic Festival (?)
   December-- Walk Through Bethlehem, Seventh Day Adventist HQ, White Oak, MD
   April 17-18, 2010-- Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD


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