Vol. VII, no. ix, September 1997

       The Twentieth Legion is now incorporated as a Maryland not-for-profit organization, independent of its worthy former parent group, the 46th Regiment of Foot Association.  The moneybags are in control of the Commander, so all dues, donations, and other incomes should be made payable to Matthew R. Amt (or to Jane Walker if you don't trust me).  Federal non-profit status may take longer, but I will look into it.

       The new Civilian Clothing section of the Handbook is enclosed (if you haven't already received it).  I'm afraid it is very basic, and does not discuss things like trims and jewelry.  Civilians naturally have a lot more leeway in their clothing than soldiers do, so they will probably need to do some research--The World of Roman Costume by Sebesta and Bonfante is an excellent place to start.

       Time to climb into the funny clothes and head on over to Marietta Mansion.  September 27-28, public hours 10 AM to 4 PM.  Soldiers, civilians, recruits, onlookers--we need you!  The tent will be up hopefully as early as Friday afternoon, and Lucius at least plans to camp out the whole weekend.  He has a rabbit to cook, too!  If you need to borrow anything, contact Quintus NOW.  Darren Nunez of Legio X Fretensis is planning to turn out with us, as well.
       Marietta is in Glenn Dale, MD, at 5626 Bell Station Rd.  From the Capital Beltway I-495/95, take exit 20 onto Rt. 450 East towards Lanham.  Go about 4 miles, and turn left onto Rt. 193 (large intersection with light), then take the first left onto Bell Station Rd., and immediately left into Marietta.  Keep turning left through the gravel lot and park on the grass just beyond, along the fence (you'll see).
       There will be an admission charge of a couple bucks (not for participants), presumably including a tour of the house.
       A few weeks ago another hinge on my lorica broke, the last of the four collar plate hinges to go.  As with the other three, I riveted the plates together, the way the Corbridge loricae are repaired.  The four hinges on my upper shoulder guards are okay, and the straps and buckles are holding, but the collar hinges bear all the weight and take the most stress.  All my hinges are .015" brass, and this has taught me that .032" is a better idea.
       In an addendum to last month's report on the Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies, the JRMES web page ( jrmes.htm) has a color photo of the Kalkriese lorica breastplate.  It appears to show (and the German text seems to say) that the vertical leather strap is riveted directly to the plate by 2 large, flat-headed rivets.  The horizontal buckle is at the end of a short leather strip which is likewise riveted to the plate.

       In case you don't already know, the Legion's web page has been moved and expanded.  The new URL is
      The main page is very similar to the old one, but at the bottom is a link to the Handbook, about half of which is there.  Eventually that will be completed, and there will also be lists of suppliers, books, other groups, and pertinant web sites, plus Adlocvtio, more photos, etc.  Our sincere thanks go to John Novicki for constructing and maintaining the site, at no cost to us.

A day late and a denarius short, here's ADLOCVTIO, the official monthly newsletter of the Twentieth Legion, Inc.  (Hey, we've got an Inc.!)  The official monthly editor is Matthew R. Amt, the Beloved Commander, to whom all inquiries, pertinant and impertinant, should be addressed.
Valete until next month!