Vol. IX, no. ix, September 1999

       On September 25-26 the Legion will be encamped at Marietta Mansion in Glenn Dale, MD, alongside our 14th century friends of La Belle Compagnie.  Admission for the general public will be a mere $1, and hours are from 11 AM to 4 PM.  This is a good event for newer members--even if you lack equipment you can still come out and learn the drill.  There may be gear to loan, but ASK SOON!  Unfortunately, our herb-sellers will not be able to attend this weekend.
       I completely neglected to pass around registration forms for the Fort Washington event scheduled for October 2-3, so I'll send those around as soon as possible to all potential participants.  Send them in to the Fort right away if you think you'll be attending, and hopefully they'll let us play.  Mea culpa for dropping the ball on that one!  The event is called "Preserving Our Military Heritage", celebrating the 175th aniversary of the completion of the fort.  Public hours are from 10 to 5 on Saturday, 10 to 3 on Sunday, and non-participants will have to pay admission at the park entrance.

       The first few prototypes from International Steelcrafts in India have arrived.  Not all good news, unfortunately, but it's a start.
       PILUM HEAD--Not good.  The tang is fine and the point is pretty good, and it is black rather than polished.  But the shank is square-sectioned and untapered for half its length, c. 1/2" diameter, then abruptly changes to round-section, still untapered, from there to the point.  It's not "good enough" yet for Legio XX approval, but still better than anything sold by Museum Replicas.  Might make a good "cheapy chucker" or forge-work excercise, if you can get Howard to sell you one.   He'll be sending the head from my good hand-forged pilum to India to serve as a model.
       SCUTUM RIM CORNERS--Good!  U-section brass with a pair of semicircular tabs at each end, and NO PUCKERS!  The only flaw is that they are not quite a 90 degree angle, but they should still be usable--either bend the thing a little sharper (which admittedly might make a pucker), or rasp down the wood to fit the corner piece.  Albion will tell International to make them 90 degrees from now on.
       SCUTUM RIM SIDES--Not good.  Just a brass gutter (half a tube) with no tabs.  I managed to trim a set down to form tabs along the edges, but they end up a little too narrow and it's no easier than cutting them from strip.   We'll tell the Indians to make them with tabs...
       The first of the "Dan Peterson" line of helmets are due at the end of September.  I will zip up to Albion HQ to check them out and give a full report at that time.

KIRBY HALL REPORT by Derek Forrest, Ermine Street Guard
       I am just back from this years beanfeast at Kirby hall where over 2 days thousands of spectators were treated to everything from Spitfires and SE 5as  to processions by Queen Victoria and Good Queen Bess. and talks by Bernard Cornwall and Peter Connolly.
       On the Roman side there were fewer numbers than before but mainly made up of  our XXth and XIV Gemina, with some Dutch and a few from the VIII Augusta in Toulouse.  There were about 50 legionaries and 15 auxiliaries.  Saturday was not good with confusion, injuries and a large amount of mutual incomprehension. (The French and English do not speak each others languages despite years of school teaching).  We had a broken leg jumping over a ditch and a Testudo with a hole in the roof!  Sunday went much better as we had back our regular Optio and a proper rehearsal.  So I think we gave a good account of ourselves.  The Cavalry are especially good at the moment with the two riders now expert in handling their weapons and horses.  Cabbages were sent flying and auxiliaries squashed.  One splendid exhibit was 2 model Biremes with real rowing action and radio controls.
       We are now promised a History in Action 2000 with another 40 acres of land on the 12-13 August.  How about a US contribution?

       Sept. 25-26 --Legio XX encampment at Marietta with La Belle Compagnie (14th century), open to public 11 to 4.
       Sept. 24-26 --Roman Military Equipment Conference, South Shields, Eng.  See the ROMEC website for details,
       Fall, 1999? --Possible display at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, as part of a classics fair.  Still in the planning stages.
       Oct. 2-3 --"Preserving our Military Heritage" at Fort Washington, MD, another timeline event.
       Oct. 23-24 --Legio III Gallica encampment, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Contact Darren Nunez for more information
       Oct. 30-31 --Dionysia of Massilia.  Games and rites in honor of the god Dionysos, Australia.  Contact Mark Kelly
       Spring 2000 --Demo/encampment at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA.  Details still being hashed out.

CONGRATULATIONS to Darren and Julie Nunez of Legio III Gallica on the birth of their twins, Gaius and Claudia (okay, Ross and Laura) on August 18.  The whole family is apparently doing well.
ADLOCVTIO is the official monthly newsletter of the Twentieth Legion, and since the Ides was yesterday, let's get this bad boy in the mail.  For any kind of information about the Legion, Adlocvtio, or the cosmos in general, contact the Commander and Editor: Matthew Amt (Quintus).   Valete!