The Story of Hawthorn's Bluff begins...

In the days before Evendarrian settlers came to found an outpost, the land was known as Ran Morghul. It could be called an inhospitable place to live, yet peoples from all over came to the area when an adventuring company, The Company of the Silver Shield, returned from the area carrying a kings ransom in precious stones. The leader of that company, Malcolm Falgrim, claimed that the jewels had come from the local biata and barbarian tribe in return for the knowledge to forge steel weapons. After that, many folk from many Kingdoms began flocking to the area. All those who went there were never heard from again.

Recently, a document has come to light from a few years back from the settlers of Hawthorn Bluff. Hawthorn Bluff was/is a town founded in the Ran Morghul area around 587. In 591 a plea for help was sent from the Bluff to the King of Evendarr. King Mykel of Evendarr has assigned Sir Victor Monay to find out what happened to Hawthorn Bluff and to claim the area for the expansion of Evendarr. A preliminary scouting of the area has shown Hawthorn Bluff to be a ghost town. The scouts have reported that the area was deserted except for signs of animals and barbarian totem markers marking the town as taboo ground.

Sir Victor then organized a wagon train headed for the area. His plans were to use the town as a staging ground to assert Evendarrian influence in the area. The wagon train left Evendarr in early September and arrived in Hawthorn Bluff on the 20th of October. Bandit attacks and violent skirmishes with wandering undead heralded the arrival of the new citizens of Hawthorn Bluff.

The local Barbarian Tribe, Alligator, told the newcomers what had happened to their ancient burial mounds. Desecration! It seems that greedy graverobbers were responsible for the Undead that wandered the town. Later that night, the Dead again rose, and again were defeated by the new people of Hawthorn Bluff led by the might Sir Victor Monay.

The winter was not as harsh as was first expected, and it appears that the roads to more populated lands will be opening soon.

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