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About Hawthorn's Bluff...

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NERO East Tennessee is both the brain child and dream of our three owners: Buddy Landreth, 'Duby' Deean, and Dennis Everett. The process of creation is a long and weird one, and of course nothing good ever comes easy. So when all was said and done, and Hawthorn Bluff was borne, it was satisfaction, relief, and more work all around. We're not done yet by a long shot, but we hope that the game we have made for you will impress as well as entertain for many years to come.

The feel of Hawthorn Bluff is a bit different than most Chapters. Dark and dangerous are important words when considering what to do to our frightened and hopefully happy players. Roleplaying and 'feel' are also very important to us and are emphasized whenever possible in any encounter. Here, everything the PC's do will have SOME effect on the game. It may not be immediate, but you never know what might happen to you when, say, the merchant you rolled last month is back with friends intent on making you most sincerily apologise. Or how about that Necromancer that amazingly let you live because you bribed him with the name of all the city officials? You remember, the one you helped track down and kill a few hours later? Trust me, he remembers you! Our memories are just as long as the NPCs' you may have 'wronged', but that's the price you pay to prosper.

We also prize your creativity. So much so that those of you starting new PC's here that give us a good Character History receive a full blanket to start the game with.

We thank you all for choosing to spend your time with us, and we hope you have the strangest, scariest, most entertaining time imaginable!

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