What is goblin?

Goblin is a form of payment given to the players from the game for helping the game out. Most goblin is earned by either being a full time NPC for one or more events, or by donating to the game. There are other ways of earning goblin, but these two are by and far the easiest way.

How can goblin be spent?

Goblin can be spent in a variety of ways:

  • Putting blankets on your character: 50 goblin/blanket (1 blanket/week max)
  • Buying prodution items: 4 production points/ 1 goblin (100 goblin/month max)
  • Buying "blacks" out of the bag: 100 goblin (never increases)
  • Exchanging it for in-game money: 1 goblin/ 1 silver (100 goblin/month max)

Nero International has posted a policy on the use of Goblin Stamps.

Full-time NPC

Full-time NPCs can receive either 1 event blanket and 75 goblin per day they NPC, or they can choose 150 goblin per day they NPC. A standard weekend event is considered 2 days. Please let the staff know that you are coming ahead of time. There is a limit of 20 NPCs/event. To pre-reg, please e-mail Duby


Nero East Tennessee can always use some donations. If you have anything that you would like to donate to the game, then please bring it to a member of the staff. If you would like to know what the game is in need of, then please check the donations page.


The game can always use help loading and unloading equipment. This not only includes loading and unloading on site, but also loading and unloading from the storage shed. If interested, please contact Duby for location and times. 500 goblin will be divided between those who help before the event, and another 500 will be divided between those who help after the event.

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