What more can be said about the Undead that hasn't been said by those that have had the unnerving bad fate to witness them first hand? To witness a Man (or sometimes women and children in the worst cases) long dead yet reanimated, walk slowly towards You with the intent to see Your own life end, is something I should nay ever wish upon a man of any virtue. Deplorable does nay come close, no matter how many times one comes in contact with these foul creatures. Undead are "motivated" by many known means, and probably many we dare not fathom lest insanity soon follow. Many times tis obvious that retribution of some sort brings them forth from their one time graves. Murdered or wronged at some point in their severed lives, these creatures seem to seek out those responsible, sometimes attacking those that would get in the way of this mission in the process. I've often pondered how many mindless zombies were inadvertently created from another risen's search for vengence. Sometimes tis believed that  something nay fullfilled drives these beasts. It would seem, to some atleast, that many of the Zombies and Skeletons often seen were searching for the same battle they must've fallen in, ever watchful for the enemy that would have slain their allies once upon a time. And yet, sadly, many times these reanimated dead have returned from that place beyond death after being called into the service of some powerful Mage or Necromancer (I think we'd all agree more towards the latter - hence it's valid reasons for being outlawed by most virtuous folk). This, to me, would seem even more atrocious than usual, for not only are these Undead fighting mindlessly for the evil purposes of the one that has called them, but they could in one sense be seen as victims themselves (for they did nay willingly come back in these instances) . Either way, tis best to destroy these creatures on sight. They are in no means "natural" and no good can come of their murderous wanderings. Tis thought that most of these creatures can be taken down with most weapons, if weilded by someone of enough skill, but tis an almost established fact that a Silver Weapon will cut these monsters to the very core, killing them much more quickly and effectivly. Why You might ask, does Silver slay these beasts so much better? I fret to wonder nor guess for I'm a Naturalist, not a Theologian.