Rules F.A.Q.'s

These are clarifications to the rules. These are not erratas or playtests, they are simply answers to rules questions asked by players.

Multiple effects

The proper call for being hit with multiple, identical, effects is either "got it" or none (as per normal). In the case with effects that have durations, the most recent instance of that effect is where the afflicted would start counting from (i.e. restart your count each time you are hit with it).
In cases where the duration of the spell or effect is "line of sight" or "concentration", then the spells or effects do stack, and the PC or NPC needs to treat each effect separately when determining if concentration or line of sight has been broken.

Physical Pin/Bind/Web

We are NOT using the physical pin/bind/web playtest, we are using the rules given in the 8th edition rulebook. They all last 10 minutes and a magic armor will stop them. An oil of slipperiness applied within the hour will stop the first effect of this type, but is used up afterwards. The following are the ways in which you can be freed from these types of effects:

  • Formal protectives (i.e. cloak or bane)
  • Release spell
  • Endow/delayed endow (requires 3-count)
  • Someone else using an endow/delayed endow (requires 3-count)
  • Someone cutting you free with an edged weapon (requires 3-count)
  • Superhuman strength

Any of the above will free someone from this type of effect, but if it requires a 3-count, then it will only free you of effects that were on you when you started the 3-count. You may choose to stop the current 3-count and start over.

Damage Calls

If you are immune to ANY part of the damage call, then you are immune to the entire damage call. The carrier immunity cantrip is an exception to this rule, as stated in the cantrip's description. If you are able to resist, cloak, or bane any part of the damage call, you may do so and take no effect from the entire damage call. In the case of a bane, the entire damage call is baned back to whoever called it.


Character cards will state all immunities (i.e. normal, silver, charm, sleep, etc.). Character cards no longer state "magic or better", "silver or better", etc. because "or better" caused a lot of confusion.

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