Event Prestige

November 2008

Reported in the Regional Coordinators Report on 12/14/2008

** = Reduced due to category maximums.

EVTSPC Preevent Anime Super Con Oct 31st - Nov 2nd

F NameL NameCam #TypeDescriptionDateGRN
SeanCookUS2002023593EVT-SPCPre event12/14/200882
DevinCrumbUS2005127052EVT-SPCPre event12/14/200882
RebeccaHubbard CrumbUS2003071822EVT-SPCPre event12/14/200882
Katherine AnnLynskeyUS2007121522EVT-SPCPre event12/14/200882
AshleyMcLeodUS2006098544EVT-SPCPre event12/14/200882
JoshShorUS2003041526EVT-SPCPre event12/14/200882

EVT-SPC Narrator Anime Super Con Oct 31st - Nov 2nd (25 Max)

F NameL NameCam #TypeDescriptionDateGRN
DevinCrumbUS2005127052EVT-SPCNarrating 6+ Hours12/14/2008205
AshleyMcLeodUS2006098544EVT-SPCNarrating 6+ Hours12/14/2008205
JoshShorUS2003041526EVT-SPCNarrating 6+ Hours12/14/2008205

EVT-SPC OOC Volunteer Anime Super Con Oct 31st - Nov 2nd (25 Max)

F NameL NameCam #TypeDescriptionDateGRN
KarolyBalazsUS2007059948EVT-SPC VOLOOC Table 4 hrs12/14/2008164
SeanCookUS2002023593EVT-SPC VOLOOC Table 5+ hrs12/14/2008205
DevinCrumbUS2005127052EVT-SPC VOLOOC Table 5+ hrs *OC*12/14/2008123
RebeccaHubbard CrumbUS2003071822EVT-SPC VOLOOC Table 5+ hrs12/14/2008205
Katherine AnnLynskeyUS2007121522EVT-SPC VOLOOC Table 5+ hrs12/14/2008205
JustinJaffeUS2006057770EVT-SPC VOLOOC Table 5+ hrs12/14/2008205
AshleyMcLeodUS2006098544EVT-SPC VOLOOC Table 5+ hrs*OC*12/14/2008123
RachaelSeratteUS2006057795EVT-SPC VOLOOC Table 5+ hrs12/14/2008205
SharonYarbroughUS2002022447EVT-SPC VOLOOC Table 5 hrs12/14/2008205
JoshShorUS2003041526EVT-SPC VOLOOC Table 4 hrs12/14/2008123

EVT-SPC OOC Donations Anime Super Con Oct 31st - Nov 2nd

F NameL NameCam #TypeDescriptionDateGRN
RebeccaHubbard CrumbUS2003071822EVT-SPC Donations *OC*10 pack of pens,1 spiral notebook,1 roll of tape,24 large envelopes 9x12 inches,24 pregenerated character sheets with personalized histories, background ties and Rumors & Revelation (3 pgs each),24 sets of Freehold history, common terms, powers write ups for eachcharacter. (appox 4 pages each)box of 50 name tags, 60 ounce supersized bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups,58 ounce supersized bag of Assorted Hersheys mini bars12/14/2008123
RachaelSeratteUS2006057795EVT-SPC Donationsprops, Halloween items, extra large cauldron, 6' long ogre thickness chain, several life sized grave stones, skulls, body parts, spiders, bugs and other creepy things, 40ounce bag (very large) of mixed assorted candy bars (snickers,milkyway, twix)12/14/2008205
SharonYarbroughUS2002022447EVT-SPC Donationsdonated flyers, printing 50 copies Casting Questionaire backed by Trial Membership Form 50 copies Game Premise backed by Trial Membership 20 copies of the Press Release of the awards Changeling the Lost won this year.SE Region informational Flip Book12/14/2008205

EVTSPC CrisisCon October 31 - Nov 2

F NameL NameCam #TypeDescriptionDateGRN
StevenGarciaUS2002021431EVT-SPC VOLOOC Table 5+ Hrs12/14/2008205
StevenGarciaUS2002021431EVT-SPC DonationsDonated printing materials/books12/14/2008123

EVTSPC MACE Con November 2008

F NameL NameCam #TypeDescriptionDateGRN
TonyLone FlightUS2007029471EVT-SPCPRE-EVENT12/14/200882
BenWalkerUS2007090569EVT-SPCNarrating 10+ Hrs12/14/2008205
TonyLone FlightUS2007029471EVT-SPCNarrating 10+ Hrs12/14/2008205
BenWalkerUS2007090569EVT-SPC Donations2 12pks sodas, 2 lunchmeat, 1bread,1pkgcookie12/14/2008123
DavidSelbyUS2008011610EVT-SPC Donations2 12pks sodas, 2lunchmeat, 2pkgcookie/3 chips/6cbottle water12/14/2008205
ChelseaLoveUS2008031985EVT-SPC Donations2 12pks sodas, 2 lunchmeat, 2bread,3pkgcookie/chips12/14/2008205
TonyLone FlightUS2007029471EVT-SPC DonationsBlood/wp pellets,printing sheets, lam badges, lanyards,npc cards12/14/2008123