Feature Game of the Month Prestiege

March 11, 2005 - AL-001-D - Auburn, AL

Reported in the Regional Coordinators Report on XX/XX/200X

** = Reduced due to category maximums.

NameCam #GRTypeDescription
Jeremy AmasonUS2002021456205SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 5hrs IC check-in both nights
Carime BibbUS2003061748205SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 5hrs check-in and money collections
Chandra FordUS200306174882SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 2hrs check-in Friday
Robert FordUS2002035043164SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 4hrs IC check-in Saturday + ST Lead
Robert FordUS20020350431510SPECIAL EVENT SVCNarrator, Storyteller Lead
Sean JonesUS2002034452123SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 3 hrs check-in + site maint
James KeeUS2004081677123SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 3hrs check-in + money collections
James KeeUS2004081677205SPECIAL EVENT SVCNarrator, Narrator
Joe MantlerUS200202323082SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 2hrs check-in + preparation
Lea NeuhauserUS2002022204123SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 3hrs check-in Saturday
Joey SellersUS200202240582SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 2hrs check-in + preparation
Jason StoreyUS2003031339164SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 4hrs check-in both nights
Liz StoreyUS2002045664205SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 5hrs check-in both nights
Beth VickersUS200203515241SPECIAL EVENT SVCVolunteer, 1hr check-in