Feature Game of the Month Prestiege

February 18, 2006 - FL-035-D - ORLANDO, FL

Reported in the Regional Coordinators Report on XX/XX/200X

** = Reduced due to category maximums.

NameCam #GRTypeDescription
Anderson, SethUS200211690755EVT-SPCOrganizing: 5 hrs, Feb
Anderson, SethUS2002116907205EVT-SPCNarration: 5 hrs
Burr, MatthewUS200505347055EVT-SPCOrganizing: 16 hrs art/st meetings/diorama, Feb
Burr, MatthewUS2005053470178EVT-SPCVolunteer: registration 8 hrs
Burr, MatthewUS200505347021EVT-SPCVolunteer: clean up 1 hr
Crumb, DevinUS200512705250ORGProvided a ride to 2 members to event from Ft. Lauderdale
Dagostno, TrinityUS200510665241EVT-SPCVolunteer: 1 hr
Dencker, RossUS2005086286205EVT-SPCNarration: 5 hrs
Dencker, RossUS200508628631EVT-SPCVolunteer: clean up 2 hrs
Galgano, Danielle BrianneUS200505347155EVT-SPCOrganizing: 8 hrs preparing Artwork & Heads, Feb
Galgano, Danielle BrianneUS2005053471205EVT-SPCDonation: Lent Items Used: 17 pieces of Art, 5 mannequin heads, Horse Head, Snake Headdress, Eyeball, Dragon Skull, Dragon Wings, Easel, Music Stand, 3 Ogre Heads. Lent Items not Used: 3 White Masks, 4 Ghost Costumes, 3 ghost Wigs, 2 pairs white gloves, 1 White Ghost Hood.
Hekmat, FadiUS200511689341EVT-SPCVolunteer: 1 hr
Hofmann, DavidUS200210670441EVT-SPCVolunteer: 1 hr
Hofmann, DavidUS200210670431EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & clean up 2 hrs
Hubbard, RebeccaUS200307182282EVT-SPCVolunteer: 2 hrs
Montgomery, TieshiaUS200507587655EVT-SPCOrganizing: PreGame 6+ hours, Feb
Montgomery, TieshiaUS200507587641EVT-SPCVolunteer: 1 hr
Montgomery, TieshiaUS200507587631EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & clean up 2 hrs
Reed, RobUS200509660155EVT-SPCOrganizing: Pre & Post Event 5+ hours, Feb
Reed, RobUS2005096601196EVT-SPCVolunteer: 6+ hrs
Shasteen, MirUS200202242621EVT-SPCVolunteer: clean up 1 hr
Shasteen, StephenUS200202229021EVT-SPCVolunteer: clean up 1 hr
Smith, Brad "Simon"US2004011047205EVT-SPCDonation: Donated tons of props (over 10) for gala
Z., SteveUS200504323855EVT-SPCOrganizing: Pre & Post Event 20+ hours, Feb
Z., SteveUS2005043238196EVT-SPCVolunteer: 6+ hrs
Z., SteveUS200504323831EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & clean up 2 hrs


NameCam #GRTypeDescription
Burr, MatthewUS200505347041EVT-SPCOrganized: Jan Pre-planning
Ford, StephenUS200310236141EVT-SPCOrganized: 2 Hours pre-event planning
Ford, StephenUS2003102361164EVT-SPCNarration: 5 hours
Gluchov, LouUS200203445841EVT-SPCOrganized: 2 Hours pre-event planning
Gluchov, LouUS200203445841EVT-SPCDonation: Goth doll for the raffle
Gluchov, LouUS2002034458123EVT-SPCNarration: 3 hours
Reed, RobUS200509660141EVT-SPCOrganized: Jan Pre-planning
Sullivan, PatrickUS200506564041EVT-SPCNPC Portrayal: 4 hours
Wilson, ShaunaUS200507573882EVT-SPCDonation: Art Materials + painting
Z., SteveUS200504323841EVT-SPCOrganized: Jan Pre-planning