Feature Game of the Month Prestiege

March 18, 2006 - NC-006-D - RALEIGH, N.C

Reported in the Regional Coordinators Report on XX/XX/200X

** = Reduced due to category maximums.

NameCam #GRTypeDescription
Artis, KarlaUS200508618121EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Bradkte, JasonUS200202190121EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Carpenter, MatthewUS200203473221EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Fowler, RobUS200203418421EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Guinn, MattUS2006??????21EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Gullett, GregUS200601717921EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Hauser, ClintUS200202107021EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Hauser, NikkiUS2003011029205EVT-SPCDonation: 5/2 liter sodas, a cake and rice kripie sushi treats
Hauser, NikkiUS200301102921EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Jones, ChrissyUS200506557421EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Kerns, SarahUS200601718121EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Montgomery, TieshiaUS200507587621EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Moon, AthenaUS200601725321EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Moon, AthenaUS200601725382EVT-SPCDonation: 1 cake
Reed, RobUS200509660121EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Thomas, BradleyUS200203411521EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup
Zentry, SteveUS200504323821EVT-SPCVolunteer: cleanup *** NOT AWARDED
Brayman, AshleyUS2006027354TTemp members cannot earn prestige
Herman, SaraNumber in process. No prestige can be given without #
Holbrook, RyanMember number not foundNo prestige can be given without #
Mccoy, TomUS2005116937T Temp members cannot earn prestige
Myers, Anne Membernumber not foundNo prestige can be given without #