Feature Game of the Month Prestiege

July 22, 2006 - FL-011 - Gainesville, FL

Reported in the Regional Coordinators Report on XX/XX/XXXX

** = Reduced due to category maximums.

NameCam #GRTypeDescription
Boyett, W. DoveUS200202179541EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & cleanup
Cartee, BrandiUS200202171682EVT-SPCOrganized: 4 hrs pre-event
Cartee, BrandiUS200202171641EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & cleanup
Hartstein, DanUS200202332041EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & cleanup
Helmer, JacobUS200202317141EVT-SPCOrganized: 2 hrs pre-event
Helmer, JacobUS2002023171123EVT-SPCVolunteer: 3 hrs IC check-in
Helmer, JacobUS2002023171205EVT-SPCNarrator: 5 hrs
Helmer, JacobUS200202317141EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & cleanup
Keeler, JarrodUS200202208521EVT-SPCOrganized: 1 hr pre-event
Keeler, JarrodUS200202208541EVT-SPCVolunteer: 1 hr OOC check-in
Keeler, JarrodUS200202208541EVT-SPCNPC Portrayal: 3 hrs
Keeler, JarrodUS200202208541EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & cleanup
Locurto, HollyUS200202220272EVT-SPCDonation: Sodas x3
Locurto, HollyUS2002022202123EVT-SPCVolunteer: 3 hrs OOC check-in
Locurto, HollyUS200202220241EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & cleanup
Masterson, JesseUS200202281573EVT-SPCOrganized: 6 hrs pre-event
Masterson, JesseUS2002022815164EVT-SPCVolunteer: 4 hrs IC/OOC check-in
Masterson, JesseUS2002022815145EVT-SPCNarrator: 5 hrs **
Masterson, JesseUS200202281501EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & cleanup **
Morgan,RyanUS200311251241EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & cleanup
Poll, RachaelUS200510676121EVT-SPCDonation: Sodas x1
Pruitt,JonathanUS200411239741EVT-SPCVolunteer: setup & cleanup