Charity - Interact of Wake County


Reported in the Regional Coordinators Report on XX/XX/XXXX


Book Donations: S = small book, M = medium book, L = large book


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Jones, SeanUS200203445230COMSVDonations: Books 22S, 4M
Vicker, BethUS200203515230COMSVDonations: Books 33S, 13M
Vick, CharlieUS200202103230COMSVDonations: Books 8S, 1M, 7L
Vick, KillaUS200202324530COMSVDonations: Books 1S, 13M, 1L
Steele, SethUS200202103830COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Green, RobertUS200205594830COMSVDonations: Books 92, 1M, 7L
Ford, ChandraUS200302114630COMSVDonations: Books 34S
Mantler, JoeUS200202323030COMSVDonations: Books 5M, 10L
Richardson, ScottUS200203402130COMSVDonations: Books 2S, 8M, 6L

AL-009-D (And those collected at FGotM)

NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Clark, JasonUS200202219030COMSVDonations: Books 10S, 10M
Creswell, AprilUS200507574330COMSVDonations: Books 10M, 5L
Creswell, JustinUS200505325630COMSVDonations: Books 10M, 5L
Harley, Robert-SeanUS200502294830COMSVDonations: Books 10M, 5L
Mack, TroyUS200210667130COMSVDonations: Books 17S, 5M, 6L
Miller, DanishUS200202222630COMSVDonations: Books 20S, 5M
Pelletier, DebUS200202258430COMSVDonations: Books 10S, 10M
Pierce, AmberUS200412250630COMSVDonations: Books 10M, 5L


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Belding, LeeUS200601708130COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Guyton, MalloryUS200505346730COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Moore, ElizabethUS200505345830COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Watts, ShannonUS200202310030COMSVDonations: Books 16S, 4M
Alexander, TonyUS2002023864Member not in CRD
Buchanan, AllanUS2002022539EXPIRED
Buchanan, RoxanneUS2002022537EXPIRED
Daniel, EmilyUS2005012657Member not in CRD
Garcia, StevenUS2002021431 EXPIRED
Melvin, ScottMembership # incorrect in report and not in CRD
Woods, KevinMembers number incorrect on report and member not in CRD


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Speck, ChuckUS200202176530COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Speck, MichelleUS200202175830COMSVDonations: Books 30S


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Baughman, ToddUS200202284130COMSVDonations: Books 10L


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Curvin, ZackUS200208647630COMSVDonations: Books 10L, 12M, 7S
Harley, SeanUS200502294830COMSVDonations: Books 19L, 1S
McCampbell, EvanUS200511695830COMSVDonations: Books 11L, 8M, 12S
Snowdon, LissaUS200406157430COMSVDonations: Books 14L, 10M, 8S
Staples, AndrewUS200512700130COMSVDonations: Books 38S


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Saul, Alan "Raven"US200202226830COMSVDonations: Books 16M
Phillips, ThomasUS200603750630COMSVDonations: Books 10S, 11M, 3L
Williams, James DavidUS200203425320COMSVDonations: Books 10M


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Hofmann, DavidUS200210670430COMSVDonations: Books 30S
McKeown, WesleyUS200202172130COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Reeves, JonathanUS200302114130COMSVDonations: Books 18S, 4L
Saice, JasonUS200412250230COMSVDonations: Books 30S
White II, JosephUS200505347830COMSVDonations: Books 32S, 4L
Zabytko, BonnieUS200502301330COMSVDonations: Books 32S, 4L


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Helmer, JacobUS200202317130COMSVDonations: Books 2S, 6M, 6L
LoCurto, HollyUS200202220230COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Masterson, JesseUS200202281530COMSVDonations: Books 22S, 12M, 1L
Wells, Charles EdgarUS200410217730COMSVDonations: Books 18S, 6M
Harstein, DanUS20020233204COMSVDonations: 2MED Books


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Dreadin, PearceUS200202164530COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Osborne, AmyUS200202165430COMSVDonations: Books 30S


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Asbell, MattUS200202624920COMSVDonations: Books 5S, 3M, 3L
Asbell, TesaUS200203541830COMSVDonations: Books 20S, 5M
Brown, GarretUS200211685530COMSVDonations: Books 3M, 8L
Larrabee, ClayUS200202245430COMSVDonations: Books 6M, 6L
McDermott, AnitaUS200506560512COMSVDonations: Books 12S
Shasteen, MiryeaUS200202242630COMSVDonations: Books 20S, 5M


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Brown, JoshUS200601710730COMSVDonations: Books 19S, 1M, 3L
Burr, MattUS205053470530COMSVDonations: Books 6S, 12M
Dencker, RossUS200508628630COMSVDonations: Books 9S, 3M, 5L
Galgano, BrianneUS200505347130COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Hekmat, FariUS2005168935COMSVDonations: Books 5S
Klutz, WilliamUS200511690830COMSVDonations: Books 4S, 1M, 8L
McKeown, RevekahUS200202102330COMSVDonations: Books 15S, 3M, 3L
Montgomery, TieshiaUS200507587630COMSVDonations: Books 9S, 9M, 9L
Reed III, W. RobertUS200509660130COMSVDonations: Books 22S, 1M, 2L
Sullivan, PatrickUS200506564030COMSVDonations: Books 5S, 8M, 3L
Z., StevenUS200504323830COMSVDonations: Books 22S, 4M


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Ashmore, ZacharyUS200504320330COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Austin, DanielUS200602732917COMSVDonations: Books 5S, 3M, 2L
Brown, CollinUS200503321425COMSVDonations: Books 17M, 1M, 2
Nail, JamesUS200508589830COMSVDonations: Books 18S, 6M
Nail, CaroleUS200511692830COMSVDonations: Books 13S, 7M, 1L
Stephenson, ChristianUS200302126830COMSVDonations: Books 14S, 5M, 2L
White, JohnUS200303143430COMSVDonations: Books 21S, 3L


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Flegal, DianaUS200207639413COMSVDonations: Books 11S, 1M
Gerrity, PatrickUS200406157330COMSVDonations: Books 11L
Hargis, DavidUS200409203230COMSVDonations: Books 1S, 1M, 9L


NameCam #TypeGRDescription
Anderson, AndrewUS200202370130COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Dawson, Eric "Ed"US200506557730COMSVDonations: Books 10S, 10M
Faust, HenryUS200203470430COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Flegal, LoraineUS200206628430COMSVDonations: Books 11S, 5M, 5L
Flegal, SamUS20020662831COMSVDonations: Books 1S
Gowell, TonyUS200202369930COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Haffner, MathewUS200502299930COMSVDonations: Books 30S
Hicks, JohnUS200504337630COMSVDonations: Books 19S, 1M, 6L
Lovvorn, ChuckUS200503315230COMSVDonations: Books 12S, 3M, 4L
Mizis, ScottUS200302115630COMSVDonations: Books 12S, 6M, 2L
Mizis, SueUS200412252530COMSVDonations: Books 21S, 3M, 1L