All sleeping cabins at Atlas are heated and insulated. Each cabin includes a large modern bathroom with several stalls and sinks, as well as one or two large, handicap-accessible tile showers. These cabins are kept in excellent repair by the site staff. Please treat the facilities with care, and report any problems to the Atlas staff immediately. Please do not adjust the thermostat in your cabin. If your heat is not turned on or is too low, please alert a member of the Atlas staff.

Housing at Atlas is first-come, first-served. You may not reserve cabin space in advance. There is ample sleeping space on the HFY site, so even if you arrive late, you will always have a comfortable place to sleep. Most of the sleeping cabins are separated into two sides by a bathroom. Each side of these cabins sleeps approximately 12-14 people. Some cabins are large, single-room spaces with a separate bathroom. These buildings sleep approximately 20-25 people.

When you arrive on site, simply choose a side of a cabin for you or your player group. The cabins available for player sleeping will be marked, or you can ask a member of the Atlas staff to direct you. Because of the large number of sleeping cabins, it is not necessary that your group fill an entire cabin or side to sleep there. If your group does not fill one side of a cabin, and we have a large number of players on a given weekend, you may have to share space with other players (this has rarely been the case, but it is possible). Likewise, if you choose to sleep in one of the large, one-room cabins, it is possible that you will share space with other players or groups.

New Players: If you are unsure where to sleep, come to Check-In and speak to the New Player Liaison, who will help you find accommodations. If you arrive on site before Check-In is open, ask any Atlas staff member for assistance. See the section entitled Check-In in the Logistics section for more information on Check-In.

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