SoV Changeling LARP

Venue Information
Venue Storyteller: Glas
Sponsoring City: Birmingham, AL
Sponsoring Chapter: Shadows of Vulcan
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Ruler: Countess Genevieve of House Gwydion (Kenndra Durboraw)

History: Fae Timeline for Birmingham
History: Dramatis Personae of Birmingham

Covering Birmingham and its surrounding lands, Ironheart County has had tumultuous times. In 1999 , thirty years after the Resurgence, the renegade Seelie Sidhe Baron Caomhin slew Ironheart's Count Silverhand and several other Sidhe as well as part of an attempt to usurp the County. The Gwydion Baron was later revealed to be a serial killer. In reaction to the death of the Sluagh seeress Circe at Caohmin's hand, Baron Haakon of House Fiona declared himself Unseelie anbd swore to 'make Ironheart County pay for the death of his fiancee.' To make matters stranger, there were apparitions, tithes to Hell, and other strange happenings that year. Also in late 1999, Ironheart became the home of the new Duke of Cotton, Aodhan Nought of Fiona.

In 2000 the County became less tumultuous. In mid-2000, one of the Commoner Motleys and several other local and visiting denizens visited Hell, making peace with the loss of one of the County's inhabitants, Aidan, if not with the demon that Aidan had become. Also in 2000, Countess Genevieve of Gwydion became Countess of Ironheart; she first introduced herself to her new lands by cooking and serving a feast for the County's Commoners prepared by her own hand. Finally, in early 2001, Ironheart's Baroness Brianna and the visiting Baroness Kathleen ended the threat of Haakon as Countess Genevieve and others stood off his hundreds of skeletal chimerical warriors at a fierce bridge battle in the Near Dreaming.

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