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Fae Timeline

Ancient Times - the Times of Legends. Two ancient, godlike factions, the Tuatha De Danaan and the Fomorians, fight a war in the Dreaming and Flesh Realms. The Seelie and Unseelie Kithain serve the Tuatha De Danaan, who wished to withdraw from mortal affairs, while the Fomorians represented the darker sides of mankindıs subconscious nightmares. The Tuatha De Danaan establish the Silver Path Trods and the Ban of Silver which prevents anyone who is not one of the western Kithain from freely travelling on the Silver Path unless invited by one of the Kithain; chimera and other creatures must use different types of Twilight Roads. After the Tuatha De Danaan are triumphant, they fade from the realms of Flesh and Dream.
Mythic Times - Shortly After the Werewolf Impergium (9000 B.C.E.?). The Fiona, one of the great noble houses of the Sidhe, are mostly banned from the Autumn World, though a few remain. Other strange Gallain who are foreign to western Kiths pursue their own goals, such as the elemental Inanimae, the North American Nunnehi, and stranger fae yet.
The First Millennium before the Common Era - the Sundering. As the Iron Age spreads about 500 B.C.E., the Sundering slowly separates the Dreaming from the spreading Banality of the mortalıs Autumn World.
The First Millennium of the Common Era. As the Sundering between the Dreaming and the Autumn World continues, some Kithain experiment with the Changeling Way, where they meld immortal fae soul with a mortal soul and body, binding them to the mortal body in a way like but unlike the way that the Slow Kingdoms of the Inanimae are anchored to stone, water, wood, and their other elements.
1023 C.E. - Vinland. Trolls explore Vinland, and establish a Trod back to Norway. In Vinland they fight with the Nunnehi after Leif Erikson's brother Thorvald slew several natives; the fighting continues until the Trod closes three centuries later.
1171 C.E. - Caer Madoc. Madoc ap Gwynedd of Cymru (Wales) explores Mobile Bay and then pushes north to the Appalachians. An Eiluned Sidhe uses the treasure known as the Dreamstone to open a Trod from Caer Madoc to the British Isles; fighting then ensues with the Nunnehi as a few western invaders trickle in until the 14th century.
11th-14th Century C.E. - Tir-na-N'og. The scattered faerie settlements of North America grow to become Tir-na-N'og, the Land of the Young, as some of western Kith seek to avoid the taint of Banality in Europe and Asia.
1215 C.E. - The War of the Courts. In ancient times the Light Seelie Court ruled in Spring and Summer, while the Dark Unseelie Court ruled in Fall and Winter. As the Dreaming slowly grows away from the Autumn World, the Unseelie Court refuses to relinquish rule, leading to a devastating war among Commoners and Sidhe.
1233 C.E. The western Church establishes the Inquisition, who begins methodically fighting against the supernatural creatures that prey on mankind - including those of the Fae.
1347 - 1351 C.E. The Black Plague of 1347 catalyses the Shattering, as 75 million Europeans die, including one third of England's peoples.
1348 C.E. - Start of the Shattering. The Shattering begins, as Trods to Arcadia fade and close and many balefires flickered and died. The great Slow Kingdoms of the Inanimae fight a great war for some obscure reason, and conclude it just as they fall into Slumber from the Shattering. With some exceptions, the thirteen Houses of the Sidhe flee to Arcadia.
1349 C.E. - The Fall of Silver's Gate. Silver's Gate, the last open Trod to Arcadia, falls.
The Interregnum - Autumn World. The Commoner Kiths adopt the Changeling Way, struggle to survive, as do a few scattered Sidhe, including the Sidhe of House Scathach, many of the Liam Sidhe, a few Dougal, and the House Rulers of Fiona and Gwydion. Many of the Commoner Kiths adopt adopt noble titles and stations in the widespread absence of the Sidhe and those Commoners who fled the Autumn World. Seelie and Unseelie Kithain forge the Compact, an agreement to share rule.
The Interregnum - the Lost Ones. A few insane Sidhe retain a portion of their ancient power without adopting the Changeling Way by wrapping their Glamour, freehold, and lands around their faerie souls, and binding themselves inextricably with their lands. Some of these Lost Ones survive in the scattered lands of Tir-na-N'og, as well as a few other places (such as the false Arcadia Gateway of the umbral realms).
The Interregnum - Arcadia. Those Commoners and Sidhe who made it to Arcadia do not remember anything of the 600 years they spend their, except for a few with strong Remembrance, who remember distorted dreams.
Mid-1800s C.E. - the Slow Kingdoms. Some of the strange Inanimae, also known as the Sessile Ones, begin to reawaken. They mostly avoid the western Kithain.
1969 C.E. - The Resurgence. Coinciding with the moon landing of Apollo 11, the gates of Faerie flood open and Trods and balefires reawaken. Five of the Houses of Sidhe, now exiled from Arcadia, return and claim rulership.
May 1st, 1970 C.E. - The Beltaine Massacre. The Beltaine Massacre and the Accordance War. The Commoners gathered to discuss the growing conflict with the Sidhe, and a secret cabal of Sidhe slaughtered the Commoner delegates, sparking the Accordance War. House Fiona decries the massacre, and House Scathach (as well as some Fiona) fights on the side of the Commoners.
January 1 - May 1, 1974 C.E. - Treaty of Accord. High King David, the Galacian Armistice, and the Treaty of Accord. David Ardry - High King David - unites both the Sidhe and the Commoners in a successful attempt to stop the Accordance War.
Summer 1999 (Birmingham, Alabama) Baron Caomhin of House Gwydion poisons the Court Seer Sluagh Lady Circe and the Count of Ironheart County, Silverhand of House Dougal (not to be confused with the Silverhand of House Dougal from the Kingdom of Rolling Hills). Lady Circe's Sidhe lover, Baron Haakon of Fiona, turns Unseelie ands flees to the wastes. That fall Baron Caomhin is discovered, captured, and tried by the Court of Meilge, the King of Willows (the South).
October, 1999 (Birmingham, Alabama) Aidan, a Sidhe of House Scathach, is summoned to Hell as a Tiend (Tithe) to keep the Seasons turning and the Seelie in power.
November, 1999 (Alabama) King Meilge splits the Duchy of Cotton, and give the Alabama half (still called Cotton) to Duke Aodhan Nought of Fiona. In turn, Duke Firedrake of Fiona, called the Iron King, becomes Duke of Palmetto.
Spring, 2000 (Birmingham, Alabama) The commoner motley that hangs around the Mews of Satyr Quentin Goodfellow's bar in Five Points re-discovers New Moon Market Way, the Silver Path Trod that leads to NightFyre City, the Near Dreaming reflection of Birmingham.
Spring, 2000 (Mobile, Alabama) After Duke Durask apparently dies in Mobile, strange, nightmarish chimera come from that city, which is gripped by an unnatural wintry storm that kills many and creates civil emergency. It alleviates a little after Duke Aodhan Nought and the Redcap Sir Rugby encounter something that may or may not be a Lost One or something even more powerful.
Summer, 2000 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Count Ambercrombie, the father of Count Darius Roy, goes missing behind a strange wall in the Near Dreaming. Baroness Gwendolyn also disappears.
Summer, 2000 (Montgomery, Alabama) The Court of Montgomery finally defeat the Lost One who was contesting their lands. She is defeated when she cheats at a Fior (Ordeal).
August, 2000 (Birmingham, Alabama) Two local Changelings are slain - Cat Pooka Camrynne Forester at a concert by the band Black Moon at Sloss Furnaces, and Eshu Rosaline Chevalier at Brother Bryan Park near downtown Five Points South. Also, newly-arrived Countess Genevieve of House Gwydion prepares an anonymous feast for the local Commoners.
August, 2000 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) A mixed party of Changelings recover rescue Count Ambercrombie from the castle of a Lost One, an ancient Count of Tir-na-N'og, and accidentally release a several hundred foot long dragon, Scarlet, as well.
August, 2000 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Count Darius Roy becomes betrothed to Amanda, a Nunnehi Princess from south of Chattanooga. At the same gathering the notorious Redcap Pirate Red Jane kidnaps a young Childling Sidhe named Gwhinny, who later escapes and makes peace with Red Jane.
September, 2000 (Tara Nar) High King David David sends Red Branch Knights far and wide to scour the shires for Champions for a great Quest.
September, 2000 (Birmingham, Alabama) Local Changelings begin experiencing dreams of both the Resurgence and of someone burning the fields and hamlets of the Near Dreaming.
September, 2000 (Birmingham, Alabama) Police begin investigating a possible serial killer or serial killers who slash his/their teenage victims in a style similar to that used on Cat Pooka Camrynne Forester and Eshu Rosaline Chevalier.
October 14, 2000 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Count Darius Roy allows Atlanta Baron Jack A'Mortier, Chattanooga Baroness Kathleen, and Birmingham Duke Aodhan Nought to induct Redcap Baron Nicholas Nightmare into House Fiona. Count Darius Roy likewise allows Nicholas to swear Fealty to Duke Nought, as both are now Fiona.
October 14, 2000 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) The band Black Moon plays at Cat Pooka Desdemona's club, the Blue Moon. Missing their normal roadies, they use the family of Jimmy McRahe. This strange redneck family is Enchanted, and tries to lure Changelings backstage. The night ends with Jimmy incapacitating a Racoon Pooka and knifing Erica Hale, the band's lead singer, then fleeing.
October 15, 2000 (Birmingham, Alabama) Duke Nought tricks Countess Genevieve of Gwydion into swearing Fealty to him, then swears the Oath of the Escheat to her. She thereby becomes the Countess of Ironheart County.
October 15, 2000 (Birmingham, Alabama) Sir Briana of House Scathach attacked by a band of Enchanted rednecks at 10th Avenue South and Richard Arrington Sr., next to Brother Bryan Park.
October 15, 2000 (Birmingham, Alabama) Enchanted rednecks stalk Quentin Goodfellow's bar / Mews, finally kidnapping his Kinain niece, Laura Brooks. Quentin's motley recovers her at the Birch-Rowan-Ash Near Dreaming village after the Enchanted rednecks flee into the Near Dreaming through the Five Points South Trod.
December, 2000 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) With the help of others, including Duke Nought of the Duchy of Cotton, a war-party from the County of Chattanooga destroys the redneck nest that had been stalking Changelings in Alabama and Tennessee.
December, 2000 (Birmingham, Alabama) Countess Genevieve discovers that the renegade Unseelie Sidhe Baron Haakon is mustering an army in the Near Dreaming to attack Birmingham's Iron County. With several Changelings from Birmingham and Chattanooga she recovers a Treasure from NightFyre City, the Manacles of Goibniu, that Haakon seeks (the party talks its way past ten Sidhe knights of Haakon's).
January, 2001 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Nought and Baroness Kathleen announce their betrothal.
January, 2001 (Birmingham, Alabama) Carl, a strange mortal with Sovereign-like powers, visits.
January, 2001 (Birmingham, Alabama) Nought sets a Fior for Baron Octavious to become a Count.
February, 2001 (Birmingham, Alabama) Nought and Countess Genevieve and two handfuls of Kithain from Birmingham, Chattanooga and Montgomery hold off several hundred chimerical skeletons of Haakon's at a bridge battle in the Near Dreaming on New Moon Market Trod, while Baroness Brianna and Kathleen sneak up on a strange throne holding what was once Haakon, whom they dispatch. In the meantime, the Queen of Carnival turns out to be some strange form of Prodigal lackey from a family called 'Zantosa.'
March, 2001 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Nought weds Baroness Kathleen de Vetter and makes her Countess of Northkeep on Fox Mountain, the north-easternmost county of the Duchy of Cotton, less than 30 miles from the Duchy of Appalachia's Irontrod County in Chattanooga.