SoV Changeling LARP

The Camarilla, White Wolf's official fan club, uses a slightly different version of the Kingdom of Willows from that of White Wolf's published continuity.

This map shows the duchies of the Camarilla's Changeling game in its Southeast Region ("SE Region").

The table below shows who rules which Duchy, as matters have changed a little over the past few years. Most of the Dukes and Duchesses are controlled by the SE RST and staff, though the possibility of ducal player characters exists, such as Duke Nought.

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Duchy of Cotton
Duchy: Triangle
Ruler: Duke Murdoch of Dougal (POC: Sarah Clark
[[email protected]])
Notes: The Duchy of the Triangle encompasses eastern North Carolina.

Duchy: Palmetto
Ruler: The late Duke Firedrake of Fiona was the Duke until his death in 2001 (POC: Sarah Clark [[email protected]])
Notes: Duke Nought replaced Duke Antoan in 1998, and Duke Firedrake replaced Duke Nought (in a switch of Duchies) in 1999. Little word has been heard of the Gullah Free State.

Duchy: Willow's Heart
Ruler: King Meilge (POC: Sarah Clark [[email protected]])
Notes: Willow's Heart is, indeed, the heart of King Meilge's Kingdom of Willows.

Duchy: Cotton
Ruler: Duke Aodhan Nought of Fiona (POC: Glas [[email protected]])
Notes: Duke Nought replaced Duke Antoan as Duke of Palmetto in 1998, and then was called by some twist of the Dreaming to Alabama. In 1999 King Meilge split the old Duchy of Cotton into the Duchies of Cotton and Magnolia, and switched Dukes Nought and Firedrake, making them respectively the Dukes of Cotton and Palmetto.

Duchy: Appalachia
Ruler: Duchess Dianan of Fiona (POC: Sarah Clark [[email protected]])
Notes: This Duchy includes Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, Tennesee, as well as portions of western North Carolina. Duchess Dianan is supposed to be friendly toward the Cold Watch.

Duchy: Graceland
Ruler: Duke Florian of Ailil (POC: Sarah Clark [[email protected]])
Notes: This Duchy includes Memphis and Jackson, Tennessee.

Duchy: Magnolia
Ruler: the now-missing Duchess Igrania of Gwydion (POC: Sarah Clark [[email protected]])
Notes: The Duchy of Magnolia was long disputed with Duke Firedrake, who claimed it as part of the Duke of Cotton, yet was wooing Duchess Igrania. In 1999 King Meilge set Magnolia asunder from Cotton and sent Firedrake to Palmetto, leaving Igrania to rule Magnolia as her duchy.