Break out of Frames.

[MET Storyteller Aids]
The UnderCity
and its Denizens
[Nos Sigil]

This page is a tool for you, the Storyteller - a tool to help you as an ST to develop your thoughts on the areas below the ground where the vampiric Nosferatu, werewolf Bonegnawers, changeling Sluagh, and shapechanging Rat-kin dwell. You will need to develop these ideas for your own city - after all, no two sewers flow alike.
As an ST, use the UnderCity in two different ways: both as a "homebase" for normal underfolk (Nosferatu, Sluagh); and also as a place where strange things occur, out of sight of mortal eyes. You will want both 'safe' areas for characters, and areas of mystery. The diagram below shows one way to describe different dwellers.

The level of upper sewers and places like Underground Atlanta and Underground Seattle.

The deep sanitary and stormwater sewers, replete with odd places and strange fauna.

The caves of wonder, below the sewers, and perhaps below sea-level in port cities.


UnderCity Venues
The Undercity does not belong to any one type of creature. While the vampiric Nosferatu are the UnderCity's undisputed masters, no master or mistress ever knows all that occurs in his or her domain. Be creative; allow the Nosferatu to control a large part of the sewers, but also have areas where other creatures may venture. Do the Sluagh have Chimeric Caverns that only they can reach? Do the Ratkin have their own bolt-holes? Be creative. Remember to include places of seeming refuge as well the 'lands of adventure' - strange places to explore. The UnderCity should have both, and even more - you decide.
Prior Planning
As an ST, you can plan in advance for UnderCity adventures. First, ask yourself what type of venue(s) your chapter or domain supports. Kindred LARPs will have Nosferatu players; Changeling LARPs will have Sluagh; and Garou LARPs will have Bonegnawers (RatKin require MST approval under the 4.5 rules). Wraith LARPs could have any guild. Now you know your audience - plan for them. For Kindred, include rumors of Nictuku. For Garou, include Fomori and Black Spiral Dancers. For Sluagh, perhaps odd Chimerical dragons lair deep. For Wraiths, perhaps Spectres lurk below. Balance knowledge with mystery. Good luck!

History: I wrote this resource on March 8, 1998, when I was the Camarilla's Nosferatu Specialty Storyteller (SST).