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Animals by Glas [Cheetah]

Do you have outdoor adventures or spawning pools in the sewers? Ever wanted to add animals to your LARP? You will find details on animals in Two Mind's Eye Theatre books - page 158 of the second edition of Masquerade and pages 98-108 of Liber des Goules.

How to create MET animals:

A few pre-made animal cards:

Masquerade, 2nd Edition

In Masquerade, 2nd edition animals have two basic characteristics: traits and derangements. Additionally, Masquerade mentions that animals may cause more or less damage than humans, or have more or fewer wound levels. A bear, for example, might have an extra Healthy level and cause 2 wounds if its attack is successful, while a rat might only have one wound level or be slain if wounded, and have to succeed on two attacks to cause one wound of damage. Below I'll show the traits for owls, wolves, bears and stallions. The Masquerade, 2nd ed. rules also outlines bats, rats, eagles and tigers - an excellent reason to go buy a copy of Masquerade!

[Owl] Owl Avoids well-lit areas Insightful, Knowledgeable, Reflective, Discerning

[Wolf] Wolf Deferment; will not act against an individual who defeats it in any Physical challenge. Ferocious, Tenacious, Cunning

[Bear] Bear Short-tempered; becomes enrages if injured. Stalwart, Resilient, Relentless, Intimidating

[Stallion] Stallion Reckless; wild with abandon. Tireless, Robust, Surefooted, Brawny

Liber des Goules

Liber des Goules adds a few twists for ghouled animals (animals that have been fed Kindred vitae). A Domitor who wishes to control ghouled animals must have at least Intermediate Animalism (i.e., Song of Serenity). Moreover, to command the ghouled animal the Domitor must win a Static Social Challenge against a a number of traits equal to the animals Instincts (domestic animals start off with Instincts equal to 5, while wild animals have an Instincts Trait of 8). Finally, all ghouled animals develop the negative trait of Violent, while ghouled wild animals also develop the derangement of Crimson Rage.

Ghoul Type Instincts Neg. Trait Added Derangement
Domestic 5 Violent (None)
Wild 8 Violent Crimson Rage

Acquiring Animal Ghouls

Liber des Goules outlines how to acquire animal ghouls. An animal ghoul is a 3-5 point merit (p. 105). A bat, cat, small bird or rodent would be a three point merit, while a five point merit would be a large dog (German shepherd, Irish wolfhound) or large cat (leopard, cougar). This merit can be bought during play through roleplaying and experience points.

The traits spent on the animal ghoul merit can be used to increase the animals traits or decrease the animal's Instincts rating. The animal will also acquire one Storyteller-assigned physical discipline (Celerity: Alacrity, Fortitude: Endurance, or Potence: Prowess).

3 pt 2 traits Bat, cat, small bird, rodent
4 pt 3 traits Small dogs(?)
5 pt 4 traits Large dog (German shepherd, Irish wolfhound), large cat (cougar, leopard)

Experience Points

Liber des Goules limits animals ghouls on spending experience points. Animal ghouls may only spend experience on reducing Instincts (-2 experience/level of Instincts) or buying disciplines for the ghouled animal. Animal ghouls may only have Basic and Intermediate disciplines (and would need to have the 3 trait merit Learn other Disciplines to learn any disciplines other than its starting discipline).

Liber des Goules has much, much more on animal ghouls, ghouled retainers, Hunter ghouls, and Revenants - go buy a copy!