Break out of Frames.

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The Warrens
of the Nosferatu
[Nos Sigil]

This page is a tool for you, the Storyteller - a tool to help you as an ST. This page supplements pages 34-39 of the White Wolf Publishing's Clanbook: Nosferatu. It does not replace the Clanbook, but may spur your imagination.
The Warrens
Nosferatu, the masters of UnderCity, lair and socialize in places that they call 'Warrens.' The Warrens of a city may range from the temporary camp of a Sabbat Nosferatu pack to elaborate libraries or towns. As ST, you decide.

Small, Sample Warrens
These are the chambers through which guests must crawl to petition the Nosferatu; they are probably dangerous and filthy, with waist-high tunnels between.

Spawning Pool:
This is the pool that the Nosferatu use to create strange creatures of the deep. A rat-sized hole leads from here to the Chamber of Horrors.

Chambers of Horrors:
Whether bedecked as a chamber of oddities and dead things or beautiful art never seen above, this is the place where Nosferatu congregate. Note how outsiders are trapped in a cage when they crawl in, while the Nosferatu themselves swim in.


Spawning Pools
Nosferatu use spawning pools to create strange, cthonic oddities. According to Liber des Goules (p. 105), animal ghouls cost 3-5 traits and require Intermediate Animalism. As an ST, you will have to decide if you are going to require that your Nosferatu purchase all of the animals which drink from the spawning pool, or if the animals drinking from the pool merely become 'uncontrolled' ghouls lusting for Kindred vitae. No wonder Nosferatu have Obfuscate...
Dark Jungles
According to the Clanbook, Nosferatu have long practiced odd forms of hoticulture and animal husbandry. This may lead to interactions with other races - for example, Sluagh might envy and enjoy Nosferatu 'gardens' (when not warring with them over Banality). As an ST, you decide what is present - simple mushrooms, or man-sized toadstools and luminescent moths with 3' wingspans. For more information, purchase and read pages 34-35 of the Nosferatu Clanbook.

History: I wrote this resource on March 8, 1998, when I was the Camarilla's Nosferatu Specialty Storyteller (SST).