Vol. XII, no. iv, April 2002

       The Universal Soldier encampment at Fort Washington is fast approaching, May 4-5.  The hours are 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturday and 10 to 3 on Sunday, but as usual please get there about an hour early if you can.  Last time they actually had us do a scheduled demo, so it isn't an entire weekend of laying around in your tunica!   But it is a reasonably relaxing event, and we always have a pilum range set up for practice and entertainment.  There is an admission fee of a few dollars for the public.  More information is on the Fort Washington website at, and volunteer info at .
       Directions: From I-95/495 the Capital Beltway, take Rt. 210 Indian Head Highway South; go about 4 miles and turn right at the light onto Fort Washington Road, which ends about 3.5 miles later at the park entrance.
       ROMAN DAYS is coming up as well!  June 8-9 is the date, and it will be held at Marietta Mansion in Glenn Dale, MD, as always.  Everyone with any interest in ancient history should come!  Roman soldiers of any era, Roman civilians, Greeks, Mycenaeans, Hittites, we'll even take barbarians.  Merchants, wargamers, teachers, students, and just general history buffs as well as reenactors.  Remember, you do NOT need to have "funny clothes" in order to participate!   Many details are already on the Roman Days page of the website,, and more will be in the next issue of Adlocvtio.  If you have any ideas or questions, or think you might like to take part in any way, let me know!

       In spite of continuous dire threats from the world of meteorology, we had a rather pleasant weekend at Marching Through Time.  Now, I certainly don't blame anyone, especially those at greater distances, who decided to stay home due to the promises of rain, but I can't say I'm sorry that the weather turned out nice!  There were six of us from Legio XX on Saturday and Sunday, and we even had three for the school groups on Friday.  Our drill was sharp, though public attendance was a little light.   Other interesting units included 17th century Poles with a classic winged hussar, and Sherrif Tucker's bootleggers with a reproduction Model A Ford.
       On Sunday morning, before the public arrived, was the usual "Battle Through Time", a sort of unscripted confrontation between two teams made up of  units from all the various eras.  Pikes versus anti-tank guns!   We decided it was time the Romans made their superior presence felt, so Owen and I joined in with ray guns.  Staggering as volleys of rifle and musket fire rained off our armor and shields, we phasered our way slowly uphill.  After good progress, my disrupter broke in half, and in desperation I hurled a photon grenade (neon green superball with blinking lights).  A platoon of 18th century musket men was scattered in terror, and I made good my escape.  Owen swapped his scutum for a German Mauser rifle and plugged a few more foes before phasering an MP who tried to arrest him.  I'm still not sure who won, but it was fun!

       From Richard Campbell,
       Sally Pointer emailed me to tell me of her site, The Roman Makeover, which is terrific.  It's about cosmetics, perfumes, wigs, etc.  Don't know why it was not on the Links page already, since I know I've seen it before, but here's the URL:
       From Ron Kenat, a virtual tour of the Roman baths at Isthmia, by Julie Apley:

WANTED by John  Santos
       Barbarian males(or females) from the various barbarian nations for the purpose of banding together and opposing all Roman units in the province of Nova Britannia....
       All ages, races, creeds, welcomed, along with a desire to recreate as authentically as possible these brave warriors who stood up against the tyranny of the Roman Empire.....
       My name is John  Santos.  I am thirty and live in Greenfield,MA.  I have put out similar messages to this one before but not gotten any reponses.  Thought I would try again.  A few well decked out Celts or Germanic would make any Roman encampment a bit more colorful, yes?
       If anyone is interested, email or call me even, 413---.  I am beginning to look into sources for basic garments and gear right now and am acquainted with a group of Celts down in New Haven, CT.  For those of you of that particular bent, I think they might be willing to share some of their info.
       Peace...oh yes,  and death to all Roman scum!!!!!(  ;-)   just kidding)

       Dear Family and Friends,
       Another Barnes and Noble Bookstore in California has asked me to sign copies of my novel, The Wolf of Albion, for them during the coming year. Besides Long Beach and earlier, Ventura, I will be signing at the Walnut Creek B&N, Saturday, June 22nd.  This will include a video-taped presention, they will use for promotional purposes, prior to the signing at 2 PM.  The Walnut Creek store is one of the busiest, if not the busiest B&N store in the Bay Area.  In addition to this store, the Dublin, CA (Not Ireland, unfortunately) B&N store, which is also in the East Bay area, has expressed an interest in having me sign for them.  I will let you if they follow through with an invitation.  Two Portland, OR area B&N stores want me to sign for them sometime either in May or June.  I will place it on the schedule as soon as I am notified.
       Posted below is the following book signing schedule.
 --Saturday, April 6, 1-5 PM, Hastings Entertainment Store, Spokane, WA
 --Saturday, April 27, 2-6 PM, Hastings Entertainment Store, Highland Center, Kennewick, WA
--Tuesday, May 7, 7 PM, Barnes &Noble Booksellers, Long Beach, CA
--Saturday, June 22, 1:30 PM (Video taping), 2-5 PM (signing), Barnes &Noble Booksellers, Walnut Creek, CA
       The Wolf of Albion is published by 1stBooks Library, list price of $23.35, but the price varies from store to store.  It can also be purchased online from several websites including:;;; If you decide to order online, I suggest buying through the 1stbooks website for the lowest price at $14.95.
       I am working on the fourth draft of my sequel, The Sign of the Eagle, and hope to have that ready for publication by next year.  Once this book signing tour wraps up in June, I will devote my full writing attention the sequel's completion.  In the meantime, I hope see you at one of my signings.  If you can't make it, please let your friends and neighbors know.
       Steve Hughes

       Barony of Settmour Swamp Quest, New Jersey, May 25-26.  (This is the group that sends us a couple wonderful cooks for Roman Days.)  Legion XX is invited to attend.  For details, see, or contact Merlinia.
       Memorial Day celebration in Athens, Georgia, on Monday, May 27.  For more information contact Karl Enter, Memorial Park Program Specialist, at 706---.  Legio XI Claudia is the host unit--their CO is Paul Montello.
       On Friday June 14, 2002 there will be a timeline encampment for the 227th Army Birthday and Army in Atlanta Museum opening, Fort McPherson, Georgia.  The contact is Fred Schaller of Legio I Italica.
       Nova Roma is planning a Roman Market Day on the weekend of September 7th and 8th at Sacred Oaks in Wells, Maine.  For more information, contact Cassius (William Bradford).

   April 13-14 --Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion
   May 4-5 --Universal Soldier, Fort Washington, MD. (No Monthly Workshop this month)
   June 1 -- Monthly Workshop/Muster at Roger Moskey's, 10 to 5
   June 8-9 --ROMAN DAYS, Marietta Mansion
   July ? --possible weekday demo at University of Pennsylvania for kids' program on the ancient world
   October 26, 2002 -- Demo at Univ. of PA Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia

Directions to the monthly workshops/musters at Roger Moskey's house:
       From I-495 Capital Beltway, take Exit 12 B Route 267 Toll Road West towards Dulles Airport.  After paying toll (50 cents), take the first exit--Exit 16 Route 7 Leesburg Pike West for about 11 miles.  Go past Cascades Parkway, and at the next light take a right onto PALISADES Parkway, then an immediate left onto "Triple 7" (Route 777).  Pass Calvary Temple on right, take the next right onto Regina Drive; follow it to the end and take a right onto Markwood Drive.   At stop sign take a left onto Terrie Drive (culdesac).  #304 is just to the right of the middle.  (Actually, I've been taking VA Rt. 193 Georgetown Pike from the Beltway, through Great Falls and up to Rt. 7.  Cuts off some of the Beltway, the toll, and much of awful Rt. 7.)

ADLOCVTIO is the Official Newsletter of the Twentieth Legion, supposedly published on the Ides of each month.  There's probably a lot more I could put in this issue, but it's already late and my poison ivy is driving me mad.  Read and enjoy!  I am Quintus, aka Matthew Amt, the Legion's Commander and Editor of the Newsletter,  Valete!