LEGIO XX--The Twentieth Legion

ROMAN DAYS                                                       9/23/14

ROMAN DAYS IS ON!  And it's two days, but on different weekends:

--Saturday September 27, at George Mason University in Virginia. 

Map: http://info.gmu.edu/Maps/FairfaxMap14lttrClr

Site: the quadrangle between Finley Hall, Krug Hall, East Building and West Building.  Lots of good shade trees.

Time: Setup starting at 8am, event start at 10am, going to 5pm.

Parking: Rappahannock River parking deck at $14/day. There is hourly parking right in front of Finley Hall.

Bathrooms: East Building, open all day Saturday

Food: Bring your own, or there are numerous fast food sites around campus.

Rain: There are covered walkways at either side of the quadrangle, and we can always take cover in the East Building.

Activities: Marching around campus is the only organized activity at the moment.   Everything else is greeting visitors and explaining classical life to them.  Visitors will be high school Latin students, GMU classical studies and history students, professors, and the general public.  Perhaps a Roman mystery author or two.

Questions?  Email to Richard Campbell, richsc AT me DOT com or text/phone to 571-216-3925

--SUNDAY October 12: Classical Day at Riversdale Mansion in Riverdale, MD.  The event runs from 12 noon to 4 PM.  Admission is $3 for adults, $2 for children 5-18, and free for 4 and under.

4811 Riverdale Road
Riverdale Park, Maryland 20737
301-864-0420;TTY 301-699-2544

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       Roman Days is the Twentieth Legion's (nearly) annual Big Event, to which all other Romans and other interested parties are invited.  It is open to the public, and we get hundreds of enthusiastic visitors.  

       This is not just for Romans!  We would love to have Gauls, Greeks, Egyptians, Samnites, Mycenaeans, Iberians, Hittites, Germans, Numidians, Britons, Byzantines, Icemen--anything we can weasel into the definition of "ancient"!  And you do NOT have to be a reenactor to attend and participate!  If you have an interest or an activity, bring it!  Latin teaching, architecture, law, music, blacksmithing, drama, hair dressing (no kidding!), weaving, divination--I'm not sure if the site will allow wine tasting or animal sacrifice, but *almost* anything else that can be done, we want to do it.  We want YOU to do it!  And we want you to get OTHER people to do it, too!

       There is an email discussion group for planning purposes, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/romandays/.

       PHOTOS from previous years are visible below.

, from:

Deb Fuller, http://www.flickr.com/photos/drfuller/tags/rd07/ 

Chuck Russell, http://www.flickr.com/photos/8028065@N05/sets/72157600311704702/ 


       I seem to have only a few, here, unless you want more of me and a bunch of legionaries standing in line like so many others on this page!

Asellina's Caupona, with new graffiti (a political candidate's advertisement).  Linda Thompson, Allison Campbell, and Deb Fuller.

Mike Heenan of Legio III Cyrenaica, and his charming wife.

John Ebel, center, with his gladiators.  A legionary guards the perimeter.

Nate Bell wearing just a small selection of his excellent Gallic equipment.


The photos below were mostly taken by Jane Walker (copyright Jane Walker), and high-resolution prints of those are available for a modest fee--see Adlocvtio for June 2003 for details.

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--Jim Allen has put some photos online here:  http://www.coachjim.com/LegioXX/RD2002.html

--Matt Hucke of Nova Roma has a temporary site for these:  http://www.novaroma.org/tmp/rd2002/

--And MOVIES!!  Two choices:  Troops charging the crowd,(c. 520 K) and Throwing pila, (c. 1 Megabyte). From Sean Edwards.

The following photos were mostly taken by Jane Walker (Copyright Jane Walker).
Massing for the first formation, a total of 16 troops from 5 legions!
Asellina and Aulus (Allison and Richard Campbell).
Marching off, Quintus in the lead.  (Hey, why don't I let someone ELSE do this next time?)
Merlinia, Hilara, and Asellina at the Caupona.
In the field in a single rank.
Merlinia in her natural environment.
"Marching up and down the square."
The Kiddy Cohort!
Testudo of 16 men.
Ian Hanna and Olivia Amt.
Inspection time!  This could be bad, sports fans...
The Fashion Show!  In the shadows at left is "The Shadowy Dr. E.", Emilie Amt.  Also SJ Allen and her son Giles.
Legionaries gearing up.
Two senators head off to work.
Paul Montello of Legio XI Claudia, Atlanta, Georgia.
The ladies in the Fashion Show seem to be having a good time.
Quinton Johansen of Legio VI Victrix, Connecticut.
Fashion Show.  Katy Hanna with son Ian, SJ Allen, and JJ Moskey.
Scott Jenquin of Legio XIV Gemina Martia Victrix, Milwaukee, Wisconson.
Maximus (John Ebel, kneeling at center) with his gladiators.  Senator Marcus Audens (James Matthews) at left, and Gallio Marsalla (George Metz) of Legio XXIV at right.
Olympics!  In the Armor Race, the contestants reach the turning post, with Marcus Posidonius in the lead.
Daniel and Carolyn Dodenhoff surrounded by their "friends". 
Coming out of the turn, Quintus viciously runs a couple friends off the road!
Enraged by high prices, the troops storm the merchant stalls!

Photographs from ROMAN DAYS, 2001
       Most of these are copyright Jane Walker.

Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus (Mike Cope) drumming up votes at Asellina's Caupona.  Nice shoes, Senator!  Roger Moskey at left, Jeff Crean at right.
Asellina (Allison Campbell) hopes these customers don't trash the place. 
Fashion Show.  The models display a selection of Imperial-era party clothing.
Jenny McGuire spinning wool with her drop spindle.
Merlinia (Joanne Shaver) of Settmour Swamp serving the Saturday evening feast.  Ostrich, Lucanian Sausage, and more, all wonderful!
The massed troops chucking pila.
The Evolution of the Roman Soldier.  Quintus as Greco-Etrusco-Roman hoplite (note spiffy new buttspike on the spear!)
Legionaries massing for a tactical demo.  (Thanks to John Ebel for this photo.)

Scenes from ROMAN DAYS, 2000
Part of the lineup at Roman Days this year.  Left to right is Jason Turner, Ron Kenat, Mark Hanna, and Charles Miller.  (This photo and the 2 below are copyright Jane Walker.)

Lisa and John Macek participating for their first time.  (Thanks to John and Lisa for this photo, and for that below.)

Junia and Marcus Posidonius (Katy and Mark Hanna)
The Kids' Cohort marches into action!  We issued cardboard scuta to the youngsters and taught them a little drill.  Those who completed the grueling course got a certificate.  They loved it!

The combined forces of several legions advancing, showing a nice mix of equipment.  At far right is Tom Kolb wearing his Punic War kit.
Another Kids' Cohort view, with some larger participants at left.  (This photo by SJ Allen.)

Scenes from ROMAN DAYS, 1999 (Special thanks to photographer Marsh Wise.)

Darren Nunez (left), Commander of Legio III Gallica (New Orleans), with Tom Kolb and Matthew Amt of Legio XX.
Hortensia explains her herbs.
View of the massed ranks from the rear.
Massed tactical demo. 

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