Vol. XV, no. vi, June 2005

       A very successful weekend all around!  We had good weather, new vendors, a larger caupona, and more legionaries on the field than ever before.  Legio XX had an outstanding turnout, with only four or five of our active members being unable to attend.  This was the first event for a new Legio XIV from West Virginia (though a couple of them have been talking about it for years!).  We were joined by several members of the faithful Legio XXIV, led by Gallio and his catapulta, plus the far-travelling Legio XXX from Canada, representatives from Legio III Cyrenaica in New England, and more.  One new activity was a law court skit, a fun and educational comparison of Roman and Celtic legal systems.  There was also a more recognizably Celtic activity, a combat demonstration with padded spears between Nate Bell and Steve Peffley (both of whom had even more new gear to show off!).
       In the Olympic competitions on Sunday morning, Sean Edwards won the armor race.   Greg Fabic was ahead at the end of the pilum throw, but allowed Matt Lanteigne of Legio XXX a third throw which was longer by a slight margin!  They refused to fight over the gold medal.
       Thanks very much to Deb Fuller for running the event this year (she says she'll do it again next time, even better!), to Susan and Jim Wolfe and all their staff and helpers at Marietta Mansion, to the Campbells and Merlinia for feeding us so grandly, to Arab Boy for his fabulous glassware and Julia for her fabulous pottery, to Merchant Adventurers for dressing and arming another generation of Roman youngsters, and to everyone else who ran an activity or just came to hang out and have fun.
       We'll do it all--and more--again next year.

       Roman Market Days 2005 is set for July 9-10, 2005, 10AM - 4PM, in Wells, Maine. This year's event is in conjunction with the town "Harborfest" event which has been run by the local chamber of commerce for the last six years. Since this is during the peak tourist season the event should be well attended and usually attracts 1,000 to 2,000 people.
       The Roman Market Days portion will be taking up a large back area of the event. There should be plenty of room for the gladiators, legion encampments and any siege equipment that might be able to show up, etc.
       Rebecca East, author of the novel  "A.D. 62: Pompeii", will be present to give away and autograph copies of her novel (  Various merchants will also be there.
       This is not an official Legio XX event, but anyone interested in attending, please contact Marcus Cassius Julianus.

       Many thanks to Andy Volpe and Mark Millman for alerting me to a new Pompeii gladius on the market, and especially to Mark for donating one for me to examine.   We are not certain of the manufacturer, but it is most likely an Indian company.  The item number is SDK1171, and the vendor Mark used is Find-It Armory, (go to Product Overview and select Weapons).  This seems to be the only decent Roman item that Find-It carries!   There are also other vendors that offer this same sword, just be sure to look for SDK1171.
       In short, it's as good as Deepeeka's Pompeii gladius in most ways, and it's cheaper!   The main drawback is that the blade is quite heavy, though the shape is good.  The pommel and guard are not bad, and held on by a (rather pointy!) cap nut which is easily modified or replaced by a square nut.   The bone grip could use a little work with a file to make the finger grooves deeper.  The scabbard is simple but well-done, and believe it or not the leather is not black!  The brass throat band appears to have been copied from Jeff Crean's reproduction of one of the Hod Hill finds, shown on the Legio XX Gladius page!  The scabbard even comes with a baldric, though it is mounted backwards (as if to wear the sword on the left side), the leather is rather thin, and the buckle appears to be from a watchband.
       Photos and more details are available near the bottom of the Legio XX Gladius page,   Consider this sword "approved" with a few very simple modifications.

       Owen Hutchins is selling his lorica segmentata for $350.  It is a Corbridge type A, made by Joe Piela of Lonely Mountain Forge, and is in "battered" condition.   Kind of rusty and has a few torn leathers inside.  Fits about a 50-inch chest.  A bargain, really!

       I am once again selling stamped brass belt plates suitable for the mid-first century. Three different types are available: Wolf and Twin, Hunt motif, and Emperor and Cornucopiae:
       All are 2" wide (top to bottom) and stamped from .010" brass.  They are all highly polished-- the ones in the bottom row of the photo are older and slightly tarnished so that the detail photographs better.  The first is 2" square and does NOT have rolled ends.  The latter 2 come with ends turned back at 90 degrees but will need to have the ends folded back the rest of the way (very simple to do by hand).  All will need a little filing and to have their rivet holes punched or drilled.  The Hunt style has a finished length of 2-1/4", and the Emperor type is 2-1/2" long.
       To determine how many are needed for a belt, take your waist measurement while wearing only your tunic and subtract 10 or 11 inches (to allow for the buckle and space for the pugio and frogs).  The result is how much space you need to cover with plates.  So a dozen Wolf and Twin plates would work for a 34" waist, or 11 Hunt plates.  See the Legio XX page on the Balteus for more construction details.
       The cost is $4 per plate, plus $2 for shipping for each batch of enough for a belt.  Payment may be cash, check, or money order in US dollars payable to Matthew R. Amt.
       Shipping to foreign countries will cost more--we'll have to work that out.  Any Customs fees or other charges must be paid for by the buyer.  Sending cash through the mail is NOT recommended, and at your own risk!
       At the moment I have a batch or two of each type finished and ready to ship.  If orders come in quickly, however, it will take me a few days to fill them.  For more details, contact me.

Salvete Omnes,
       This year the Canadian Museum of Civilization organizes a huge exhibit on Pompeii around when the Volcano erupted.  I have been asked to provide Roman reenactors both military and civilian for the weekend of 6 and 7 of August.  I do know that for many of you, including myself, that is right after the weekend at Fort Malden in Amhurstburg Ontario.  However, it has been worked out that all participants will be compensated.  First, three meals a day will be arrange and not just hot dogs, including minor participants.  Secondly arrangements are being made to accommodate most if not all with a room to sleep in, children participating as reenactors included.  Thirdly, a financial compensation will be provided for all adult participants.  Bring everything you can, as we need as much stuff to show at this two day event.
       The Museum will supply bails of hay for pilum shooting range and encampment.  The Museum wants demos on pila throwing and two manoeuver demos daily.  One at 11:00 AM and one at 2:00 PM both Saturday and Sunday.
       For those who do not really know Ottawa well, the Museum is one of the biggest in Eastern Canada.  It attracts about 10 million visitors per year and this special event is no exception.  Usually they attract thousands of interested people for that weekend alone.
       I call upon all of you to contact me as you may have questions, comments or want to book your place as an individual or as a cohort or even as a legion.  The sooner we know the sooner we can make proper arrangements for all.

Marc Sarault (Marcus Darius Firmitus)

   July 2 --Monthly Workshop?  (Maybe not, it's the Fourth of July weekend)
   August 6 --Monthly Workshop
   September 3 --Monthly Workshop
   September 10-11 --Fall Encampment, Marietta Mansion


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