Vol. XV, no. vii, July 2005

Salvete Omnes,
       This year the Canadian Museum of Civilization organizes a huge exhibit on Pompeii around when the Volcano erupted.  I have been asked to provide Roman reenactors both military and civilian for the weekend of 6 and 7 of August.  I do know that for many of you, including myself, that is right after the weekend at Fort Malden in Amhurstburg Ontario.  However, it has been worked out that all participants will be compensated.  First, three meals a day will be arrange and not just hot dogs, including minor participants.  Secondly arrangements are being made to accommodate most if not all with a room to sleep in, children participating as reenactors included.  Thirdly, a financial compensation will be provided for all adult participants.  Bring everything you can, as we need as much stuff to show at this two day event.
       The Museum will supply bails of hay for pilum shooting range and encampment.  The Museum wants demos on pila throwing and two manoeuver demos daily.  One at 11:00 AM and one at 2:00 PM both Saturday and Sunday.
       For those who do not really know Ottawa well, the Museum is one of the biggest in Eastern Canada.  It attracts about 10 million visitors per year and this special event is no exception.  Usually they attract thousands of interested people for that weekend alone.
       I call upon all of you to contact me as you may have questions, comments or want to book your place as an individual or as a cohort or even as a legion.  The sooner we know the sooner we can make proper arrangements for all.

Marc Sarault (Marcus Darius Firmitus)


       Rusty Myers would like to remind everyone that Castra Romana will be hosted by Legio VI in South Carolina this November.   Legio XX members are certainly encouraged to attend, though we have not yet participated as a unit.
       Ed Jadaszewski would like to put out an invitation to a time line event at "The Fort at #4" this September 24-25, 2005.  The event is in Charlestown, New Hampshire on the New Hampshire/Vermont border.  The site is beautiful and reenactment-friendly, and they hope to make this an annual event. Suttlers and any kinds of period demos are also welcomed, and of course camping and campfires are permitted.  For more information, the website is , and please contact Eric if you are interested.

       Charles Pecquet is selling his kit as a set, with an asking price of $1500.  Deepeeka Gallic H helmet (a good one, before they ruined the back!), Museum Replicas "Newstead" lorica, plus scutum, Pompeii gladius, tunic, caligae, belt with pugio, pilum, cloak with pin, pack pole and bag, and a canteen.  Contact him for photos and more details,  504---.

NEW YORK TIMES PHOTO OPPORTUNITY by Joe Piela, Lonely Mountain Forge
       Yesterday I was contacted by a stylist from Manhattan named Manuela Amzallag.  She is doing freelance work for the New York Times, putting together a double page insert about the Roman Empire to promote a History Channel show that will be airing soon.  Essentially, Manuela needs to photograph a selection Roman helmets for this New York times article.  If anyone is interested in having their helmets seen by millions of people in said newspaper, you can contact Manuela at 212---.
       There's essentially two ways that you could proceed with this.  You can either send your helmet to Manuela via FedEx, or you can go to her Manhattan studio in person for a photo-shoot.  There is some money available to fund this project (not tons, but some), so you can work it out with Manuela to have the shipping or travel expense covered.  If you are concerned about credentials, she's told me that she can have the History Channel send you an email providing credentials for this project.
       As to the deadline, she needs to have the photoshoot(s) done by July 21-22.

Best Regards,
Joe Piela

Quintus adds: Even better if you have a nice custom-made helmet to loan!

       Marco Broglia has written to me about his new educational boardgame, "History of the Roman Empire".  The game will be published by Udo Grebe Game Design in English, German and Italian versions, only if they reach 500 preorders by the end of 2005.  The game includes a historical introduction and a bibliography of ancient and modern authors.
       "The History of the Roman Empire game covers the entire rise and fall of the Roman Empire in seven turns of play, starting with the first triumvirate 60 BC composed by Caesar, Crassus and Pompeus, until the last emperor Romulus Augustus 476 AD.  The map represents the entire Mediterranean area and part of the Asia Minor area.
       "The players take the role of one among the four Roman factions, bring the command of the relate legions, and at the same time, take the control of the barbarians peoples and of the existing kingdoms. The History of the Roman Empire game works at the best with four players, but is possible play it with three or two players, and no player will be eliminated during the entire game...
       "At the end of the seventh turn, the players total their victory points and determine the winner. How will the History of the Roman empire game end? Does a restored "Roman Empire" rise, or does it fall to the achievement of the barbarians? Only you may decide it!
       "Shops can get a 50% discount off the retail price for any order of 6 copies...  They will not be charged if the game remains unpublished.  For more information and preorders: "

       Sarah Stephan of Savas Beatie publishing writes that now has "The Quest for the Lost Roman Legions: Discovering the Varus Battlefield" by Tony Clunn listed as available.   "We would greatly appreciate it if you or others you know who read the book post a review of the book on These reviews help the book and the author, and also give people interested in the book valuable feedback."  ( )

       "Emporical Images of the Ancient World", by Dan Diffendale, with lots of great photos:

       Recently updated Legio XX pages include Links, Suppliers, Gladius, Legion Organization and Officers, and Stage Gear.  Not all that much, really.  But the site has been awarded the 2005 Gold Award by You, Comilitiones!

   August 6 --Monthly Workshop
   September 3 --Monthly Workshop
   September 10-11 --Fall Encampment, Marietta Mansion


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