LEGIO XX--The Twentieth Legion


--Note that we have not made purchases from every source on this list, and others have not been consulted for several years.  Prices may have gone up, quality may have changed, or contact information may be outdated.  Please confirm addresses before mailing payments, etc., and please let me know about any information on this page which you discover to have changed, "matthew_amt AT yahooo DOT com".  (Remember to put something distinctive in the subject line so that your message does not get deleted as spam!)

--There is also a page of Things to Avoid, showing some of the commonly available items which are NOT historically accurate and are therefore unacceptable for Legio XX use.

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Custom Armor and Helmets
Belt Parts
Metal--Brass, bronze, steel, etc.
Split Oak Strips
Reproduction Jewelry and Household Items
Tools (modern)
Coins and Antiquities
Miscellaneous--Home furnishings, Action Figures, etc.


La Wren's Nest --Lawrence and Julie Brooks, 233 Route 197, Woodstock, CT  06281, 860-928-6908, http://www.lawrensnest.com.  Tunics, Togas, and Cloaks, 100 percent wool.  Deepeeka helmets, weapons, and accessories (see below).  BELT PARTS and LORICA BOSSES! 

Soul of the Warrior--Rusty Myers, 104 Hunters Wood Drive, Summerville, SC 29485.  843-437-5587,   http://www.SouloftheWarrior.com .  Deepeeka equipment (including more detailed photos), other items on the way, plus reviews of gear from various sources.  Good shields! 

Fabrica Romanorum--Matt Lukes, Canada.  http://fabricaromanorum.shawwebspace.ca/  Excellent custom work, including helmets, armor, weapons, etc.

Imperium Ancient Armory--Arik Greenberg and Dave Michaels, California.  http://www.imperiumancientarmory.com/.  Deepeeka gear plus other exclusive Indian-made and custom-made products.  Good Kalkriese lorica and excellent Newstead lorica, and excellent caligae! 

Find-It Armory --http://www.finditarmory.com.   Offers a very inexpensive Pompeii gladius, #SDK1171, with heavy blade but otherwise compares well to Deepeeka's.  Scabbard is somewhat better, in fact.  See bottom of Gladius page for details.  (Avoid SDK1172!)  Good lorica hamata with 8mm inner diameter rings only $425!  Even better one with 6mm ID rings, $800.  Also carries Deepeeka products.

Clang Armory--West Virginia.  http://clang.adkinssoftware.com/index.html    Excellent belt plates, lather canteens and flasks, and more.

Lonely Mountain Forge--Joe Piela, http://www.lonelymountain.hoplologia.org/ (new site, still growing!).   Custom armor, helmets, and weapons.  Hand-forged swords--Pompeii, Fulham, or Mainz, etc.  Also scabbard decorations and more.  Current backlog is about a year and a half, but he delivers when he says he will!

Albion Swords, Ltd. --421 Second Street, PO Box 66, New Glarus, WI 53574 (For UPS - leave off PO Box info). 1-888-806-HELM, http://albion-swords.com.   Excellent pilum head, dolabra, and belt parts.  Their new "Next Generation" swords are all very high-quality.

Armamentaria--UK.  https://www.armamentaria.com/store/ 

HReplikate-- Holger Ratsdorf, Germany.  http://www.hr-replikate.de/.  Fabulous museum-quality reproductions of belt parts, weapons, fibulae, and more.  His site takes a little digging to get through, but click "English" first, then head for the Katalog, go for Roman, then click "Military".  Or click on the Roma Aeterna link below for prices in dollars.  (Might not be shipping to US any more?)

By-the-Sword--http://www.by-the-sword.com.  Full line of Deepeeka gear (see below).  (Steer clear of the other brands!)

Purpleheart Armoury--http://www.woodenswords.com.  Wooden practice swords.

Maarten Dolmans, Netherlands.  artemisia AT planet DOT nl.  Makes wax tablets, jewelry, mirrors, cosmetic and surgical instruments, clothing, furniture, shoes, small statues, toys, board games, waterflasks, etc.

Replik--Ringstr. 2, 61130 Nidderau 5, Germany, http://www.replik.de/.  Beautiful reproduction jewelry, belt parts (including 2nd-3rd centuries), and more.

Fabrica--Len Morgan, 69, The Warren, Hardingstone, Northants, U.K. phone 01604 763136, http://www.romanarmy.net/ (Click on Fabrica)  Various helmets, armor, shields, belts, etc (but Imperial Gallic eyebrows are soldered on).  Inquire for prices and details.

Esford--Colin & Jenny Tribe, Australia, 61 7 38921169 (from outside Australia), 07 38921169 (from Australia),  http://www.esford.com.  Deepeeka gear and other stuff.

Armae--General supplier in FRANCE.  Deepeeka gear and custom items.  http://www.armae.com .

**See the page of Things to Avoid.

***Deepeeka Steelcrafts, India--This is the supplier for many vendors.   All of their *improved* items (catalog number ending with "N") are excellent and fully approved.  Other Deepeeka items are far more accurate than any previous "off the shelf" gear, but may still have flaws of various degrees.  Their blades are well-shaped, for example, with good hilts, but some are poorly balanced.  BEWARE: Deepeeka also makes a large number of items which are NOT accurate, and many vendors offer them without any distinction between the good stuff and the bad!   Prices and availability will vary from vendor to vendor.

***Daniyal Steelcrafts, India
--A newer manufacturer in India, with a number of good items.

       Check the individual Handbook pages for a brief list of what's good or bad.  For a complete critique of Deepeeka's Roman products, email the Commander (matthew_amt AT yahooo DOT com).  (Also see the page of Things to Avoid.)  Deepeeka has a website at http://www.deepeeka.com, just remember that not all of their products are "Approved".


Fabrica Romanorum--Matt Lukes, Canada.  http://fabricaromanorum.shawwebspace.ca/  Excellent custom work, including helmets, armor, weapons, etc.

Dean Cunningham, Metalsmith--Portland, OR.  satans_lackey AT ya hoo DOT com.  EXCELLENT helmets.  Contact his assistant Geoffrey Withcliff for 2 styles of helmet/armor boss and ring motif beltplates, geoffreyw AT verizon DOT net.

Historical Armor and Museum Grade Reproductions--Andrew Young, Maryland.  http://www.partsandtechnical.com/historicalarmour.html 

Christian Fletcher, 2825 Bright St, Nampa, ID 83687.  Orders 1-888-390-7778, For Inquiries Call (208) 467-7778, http://www.christianfletcher.com/   Helmets, excellent sword scabbards, etc.

Manning Imperial--Craig Sitch, P.O. Box 27 Redan, Vic Australia 3350, http://www.manningimperial.com/.  A couple of the Roman helmets shown look a little odd, but these are old photos and his recent ones are outstanding.  Also swords, daggers (specify steel for the hilt and scabbard, rather than brass), shield bosses, etc.

Scott Jenquin--jenq0001 AT yah oo DOT com.  Stamped lobed lorica segmentata hinge blanks (Corbridge A or B), set of 16 halves (for the 8 hinges on a lorica) c. $20.  Various thicknesses (c. .020" to .025" is good)

Hetman Militaria--Reproductions by Toni Feldon, Germany.  http://www.hetmanmilitaria.com/.  His US distributor is Tony Swatton of Sword & Stone, Burbank, CA, 818-562-6548, http://www.swordandstone.com   (Apparently some patience is required!)  "High end" products, and not every item is "approved".

Historic Enterprises--Jeff Hedgecock, 17228 Voorhes Lane, Ramona, CA 92065-7109.  760-789-2299.  www.historicenterprises.com    At the moment their mail is flat-ringed with wedge rivets.

Geoffrey Withcliff --geoffreyw AT verizon DOT net.  Two styles of stamped helmet/armor boss, and ring motif beltplates.

Medieval Reproductions--Peter Fuller, 24 Country Hills Gate N.W., Calgary, Alberta. T3K 5C8, CANADA.  403-262-6220, http://www.medievalrepro.com/.  Not cheap, but does very nice custom work.

The Ring Lord--Jon Daniels, Box 290C RR6, Saskatoon, Sk, Canada S7K 3J9.  306-374-1335 (9am-11pm CST), http://www.theringlord.com.   Mail and rings for making it, in a wide variety of sizes and materials, plus custom work.  (The finished riveted shirts look like Indian imports.)

Hot Black Creations--Glenn Stokes, Australia, hot_black_creations AT bigpond DOT com  (Products and quality unknown)

Sheet metal shops can cut strips for you, or maybe all parts given accurate patterns; some also sell metal by the pound.

A Metal Spinning Directory--http://www.metal-spinners.net/.  For spun helmet bowls, etc.


Morrow's Blade and Blacksmith Shop--Mark Morrow, swordsmith2001 AT verizon DOT net, http://www.swordsmith.net/ .  Excellent and inexpensive hand-forged sword blades (c. $10 to $12 per blade inch), pugio blades, pilum and spear heads, bosses, etc.

Dave Akers--pnzrfaust44april AT aol DOT com.  Custom gladius and pugio blades, pilum heads, bosses, etc.

David Hare--UK, pompeiiswords AT btinternet DOT com.  Wonderful Pompeii gladii, several different styles of scabbard fittings, c. 250-300.  Click image for a larger view of 3 samples.  ***Unfortunately, as of April 2009, Customs prevents him from shipping swords to the US!

Pedro Bedard, 375 Boyd Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2W 1P4, 204-586-8642, lilgeekboy AT yahoo DOT com.  Hand-forged tanged pilum head with ferrule, c. $40 plus shipping.  Can also do other ironwork.

Find-It Armory --http://www.finditarmory.com.   Offers a very inexpensive Pompeii gladius, #SDK1171, with heavy blade but otherwise compares decently to Deepeeka's.  Scabbard is somewhat better, in fact.  See bottom of Gladius page for details.   Their Fulham Gladius, #SDK1173, also looks respectable, but has not been inspected.  Also has Deepeeka products.

Grozer Traditional Recurve Bows--Hungary.  http://www.grozerarchery.com/.  Various types of recurve bows, using various materials.  Impressive!

Bronze Age Craft--Neil Burridge, UK.  http://www.bronze-age-swords.com/aegean_swords.htm (bottom of page)  Trilobate arrowheads in cast bronze! 

Kassai: Traditional Horseback Archery -- http://www.horsebackarchery.com/
--with US supplier, http://www.horsebows.com/

Rudderbows.com--Jim Boswell, 8120 Parke Creek Rd., Ellensburg Wa, 98926, 509-968-3051.  http://www.rudderbows.com.  Possible source for compound recurve bows?

Peavey Manufacturing Co.--PO Box 129, Eddington, ME 04428.  Toll free: 1-888-244-0955, 207-843-7861.  http://www.peaveymfg.com/dowels.htm-- "Dowels and Squares are available in different sizes of hardwood.  Doweling capabilities from 6" to 16' long and 3/4" to 2 1/2" diameter.  We can supply all your dowel needs, to meet your specifications."  Ask about pilum shafts!


              The best commercially made shields are being developed by Daniyal Steelcrafts in India. 

       Deepeeka's Linen and Hide-covered shields are now much improved and are acceptable for use.  But at the moment they only come pre-painted, so if you want your own emblem you need to repaint.  Since it must be assumed that casein or milk paints will not adhere to the existing paint, this is still a problem for Legio XX members.  Deepeeka claims to offer any of their shields as unpainted "blanks", but it is not known if this includes boss and rim.  Check price and availability with the vendors above.

Soul of the Warrior--South Carolina, 843-437-5587,  http://www.SouloftheWarrior.com.  Offers their own shield which looks quite good, plus EXCELLENT Scutum Blanks by Robert Wear, $150 http://legvi.tripod.com/armamentarium/id266.html 

Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company--436 Main St., PO Box 222, Groton, MA 01450, 978-448-6336, http://www.milkpaint.com.  Casein or milk paints in powdered form for painting shields.  Recommended colors are Salem Red, Marigold Yellow, Snow White, and Black.  One-half pint should be sufficient for a single coat on both sides of a shield.

Artist & Craftsman Supply--540 Deering Ave, Portland, ME 04103, 207-772-7272, http://artistcraftsman.com/.  Carries Old-Fashioned Milk Paints (though only the smaller size bags) and Shiva brand casein paints in tubes.

Real Milk Paint Company, http://www.realmilkpaint.com 

       See also the page on the Scutum.


La Wren's Nest, see General section, above.  Belt parts by Deepeeka: smaller buckle is great, reasonable pugio frog (remember to get 2!), cheap!  The "RGZM" plates are not necessarily bad, but cast and heavy, and other parts are better avoided.

Albion Swords, see General section, above.  The rest of their belt parts are in their "Moat Sale".  It is not known if they will carry any belt parts after these are sold off.

Raymond's Quiet Press--Ray Moseley, PO Box 27672, Albuquerque, NM 87125, http://www.quietpress.com/ (see the "Roman Jewelry" section).  First century cast buckles, pugio frogs, and plates, plus hamata hooks and studded satchel ring.  Also fabulous 4th century belt fittings.

Clang Armory--West Virginia.  http://clang.adkinssoftware.com/index.html    Excellent belt plates, apron studs, etc.

David Hare, UK, pompeiiswords AT btinternet DOT com

Geoffrey Withcliff --Portland, OR, geoffreywi AT comcast DOT net .  Stamped ring motif beltplates.

Mercia Sveiter, UK,  http://mercias.co.uk/.  A variety of belt parts and other items from several centuries.

Nodge Nolan, UK: nodge.nolan AT breathemail DOT net.  Highly recommended!

HReplikate--see General section, above.  Wide selection of beautiful parts, decent prices.

Deepeeka now makes two acceptable belts, AH6760 "Roman Belt" and AH6725 "Roman disc legionnary belt, 1cent AD".  All others should be avoided.  They also have some decent buckles and decent frogs, and some usable plates and terminals, available as loose parts from several vendors.  See the pages on Military Belt and Things to Avoid.

METAL--Brass, Bronze, Steel, etc.
OnlineMetals.com --"The Small Quantities Specialist" --PO Box 19271, Seattle, WA 98109.  800-704-2157, or 206-285-8603.  http://www.onlinemetals.com/.  Brass sheet and tube, shim brass (.010", .015", etc.) in rolls 6"x100", etc.  Specializing in small orders.

Alaskan Copper and Brass --PO Box 3546 Seattle, WA 98124. 206-623-5800, http://www.alaskancopper.com.  Shim brass and lots more, $100 minimum order (unless you visit in person).

Anchor Bronze & Metals, Inc. - 11470 Euclid Avenue #509, Cleveland, Ohio 44106, http://www.anchorbronze.com/.  A wide variety of tin bronzes available, including real tin bronzes such as copper alloy no. C90700.

Atlas Bronze--445 Bunting Ave., Trenton, NJ 08611.  Toll-free: 877-554-0443.  http://www.atlasbronze.com/.  Real tin bronzes in cast bar form!  Other alloys similar to Roman brasses and bronzes in bar or sheet.

McMaster-Carr -- http://www.mcmaster.com/ .  The biggest selection of the best tools, plus brass, tin, bronze, rivets, and more.

Ney Metals--http://www.neymetals.com/.  Tin, solder, and other "white metals".

Enco--http://www.use-enco.com/.  Tools and metal

MonsterSlayer-- http://www.monsterslayer.com/.  Red brass sheet and wire (also silver, yellow brass, and copper), plus jewelry-making tools and supplies

ThyssenKrupp Copper and Brass Sales-- http://www.tkmna.com/tkmna/index.html 

The Real Wrought Iron Company, UK--http://www.realwroughtiron.com/.  Genuine wrough iron.

Sheet metal shops can cut strips for you, or maybe all parts given accurate patterns; some also sell metal by the pound.

Industrial Quick Search: Industrial Manufacturers Directory
--http://www.industrialquicksearch.com.  Practically any industry you could want.

See also the page on Armoring Hints


R. J. Leahy Company, 486 Eighth Street, San Francisco, CA  94103.   800-514-4106 or 415-861-7161. http://www.rjleahy.com/.  Rivets, brass sheet, bronze nails, brass escutcheon pins, etc., all online.

Hanson Rivet and Supply Co., 2727 San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90065.  323-227-4000, 800 - RRRIVET (800-777-4838), http://www.hansonrivet.com/.  Wide selection, will even make rivets to order.

C-S Metals, 7325 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD.  800-284-5551.  $50 minimum purchase.  Also brass sheet and rod, etc.

JAY-CEE Sales & Rivet Inc., 32861 Chesley Dr., Farmington, MI 48336. 810-478-2150, or 1-800-521-6777.

Clendenin Brothers, 4309 Erdman Ave., Baltimore, MD, 410-327-4500.  $50 min. purchase.

Bee Industries, Inc., PO Box 347 Watertown, WI 53094, 800-558-0142.


Leather Unlimited--7155 Highway B, Belgium, WI 53004.  920-994-9464, toll-free order line 800-993-2889, http://www.leatherunltd.com.  2-ounce vegetable-tanned calfskin (catalog says hides, 14 square feet, but they are really sides, c. 7 square feet), and much more.  Good prices and good service.

Siegel of California --1-800-862-8956, 805-686-2700, http://www.siegelofca.com/.  Texano or "commercial" vegetable-tanned tooling leather is about the cheapest available. 

Leather Factory--1818 N. Cameron St. PO Box 50429 Harrisburg, PA 17110. 800-233-7155.  Visit their warehouse to find items not shown in their catalog.

Zack White Leather--http://www.zackwhite.com/ 

Moscow Hide and Fur--PO Box 8918, Moscow, Idaho 83843.  208-882-0601,  http://www.hideandfur.com/  Leather, hides (including bear and wolf), horn and antler, etc.

Springfield Leather Co.--1463 S. Glenstone Ave., P.O. Box 3301, Springfield, MO  65808.  1-800-668-8518, 417-881-0223, http://www.springfieldleather.com/

Corral Leathers--One Peatfield St., Ipswich, MA 01938. 617-356-5701, or 1-800-343-8120.

Kentucky Leather & Hides--Michael and Penny Wayne.   PO Box 160, Glendale, KY 42740.  270-369-8474, http://www.kyleatherandhide.com.  Wide selection, very helpful.

Tails and Tack--Stephanie Acuna, 513-265-2462, tailsandtack AT yahoo DOT com.  Horsehair in 1-pound bundles, 30-45 inches long, can custom-dye to any color.

M&M Turf Supply-- P.O. Box 604,Washington C.H., Ohio 43160. 1-800-348-8873, http://mmhorsehair.com/.  Horsehair in pound or half-pound bundles.

Van Dyke's Taxidermy--http://www.vandykestaxidermy.com/.  Glass eyes, fake fur, etc.


(See also the page on Leather Working Hints)


Imperium Ancient Armory--Arik Greenberg and Dave Michaels, California.  http://www.imperiumancientarmory.com/.   Great-looking caligae and boots by Daniyal Steelcrafts.

Soul of the Warrior, http://legvi.tripod.com/armamentarium/id116.html.  The Keltica caligae, KAR002, have good hobnails, but the uppers need to be modified by widening all the slits into open slots (same problem as the Deepeeka versions).  Decent civilian shoes as well.

Saddlers Den--Chris Taylor, 60 Norwood Ave., Southport PR9 7EQ United Kingdom.  Telephone (01704) 228370, http://www.saddlersden.co.uk/ .  Caligae, leather satchels and kit bags, scutum covers, and more.

William Stephenson Leather Crafts -- 2881 Molly St., Riverside, CA 92506-4316, 951-784-5202, Uilliam AT aol DOT com.  Caligae or calceus custom made from 8/9 oz vegetable tanned leather w/ Tremont "Decorative Wrought Head" nails,  $150.00 (US) plus shipping, handling, and tax (where applicable).  Conical steel conical hobnails as shown at right, $40 extra (Click on the thumbnail).

       Left, Stephenson's reconstruction of the "Fell Boot", made from 4-5 oz. vegetable tanned cowhide with conical steel hobnails.  Right, prototype of his "Allendale" boot (production models will be better leather).  Both from Vindolanda, c. 80-120 AD.
       Also other 2nd-3rd century shoes (Click on each thumbnail).

Sara Juniper Handsewn Boots and Shoes
--109 Woodmancote, Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 4AH, UK, +44 (0)1453 545675, http://www.sarahjuniper.co.uk/.  Several styles of Roman shoes.


Soul of the Warrior, http://legvi.tripod.com/armamentarium/id118.html, near the bottom of the page. 


M.J. Cahn Co., Inc., 510 West 27th St., New York, NY 10001, 212-563-7292, http://www.wovenfabrics.com/ .  Excellent linens, very inexpensive, including white and heavy natural Belgian.  Also wools.  Ten or 20 yard minimum.  Ask for samples of what you are interested in.

Hamilton Dry Goods, 2510 Randolph Rd., Cookeville, TN 38506.  931-836-8199, www.hamiltondrygoods.com

Burnley & Trowbridge Co. -- Williamsburg VA 23185.  http://www.burnleyandtrowbridge.com/ .  Fabric and more.


Denver Fabrics--http://www.denverfabrics.com 

Dharma Trading Company--http://www.dharmatrading.com/,  Linen and Hemp.

Fashion Fabrics Club--http://www.fashionfabricsclub.com/  Even has linen/wool blend!

B. Black and Sons--Wool fabrics, http://www.bblackandsons.com/ 

Family Heirloom Weavers --125 O'San Lane, Red Lion, Pa 17356, 717-246-5797, http://www.familyheirloomweavers.com/

Other Linen sources available through http://www.linenweb.com  

Carolina Calicoes-- 820 Aull Street, Sumter, SC 29153, 803-481-4652, http://www.carolinacalicoes.com.  Wool and linen, c. $10 per yard.  Ask about things not shown on site.

Militaryheritage.com, Home of the Discriminating General--http://www.militaryheritage.com/m_access.htm.  Madder red wool, $13.50/yard, 5 yard minimum.

http://www.fabrics-store.com--Linen and wool, good prices.


http://www.stonemountainfabric.com/.  Lots of wools--swatches for $5.

http://www.cloth4less.net/--not a huge selection, but inexpensive linen.


Day Basket Co., 110 W. High St., North East, MD 21901. 410-287-6100, or 800-382-3105.  For shields or baskets.

Royalwood, Ltd., Basketweaving & Caning Supplies--517 Woodville Rd., Mansfield, Ohio 44907.  419-526-1630, 1-800-526-1630.  http://www.royalwoodltd.com/.  Waxed linen thread in several sizes.

Arnie's Arts 'n Crafts --3741 W. Houghton Lake Drive, Houghton Lake, MI 48629.  800-563-2356.  Split wood strips


Plain bone doggie chews (not flavored or filled) from pet supply stores make perfect sword grips, or can be cut up for combs, etc.  About $3.


Venetian Cat Pottery Studio--Julia Passamonti-Coamartino, 292 Concord Lane, East Wakefield, NH 03830.  603-522-6518 Mon-Fri 8 AM-5 PM, Sat 8 AM-1 PM Eastern time,  http://venetiancat.com/.  Samian Ware!

Jason Klein--Wonderful hand-made Roman glassware, bowls, and plates. http://www.historicalglassworks.com,  904-476-8680.

Crafty Celts --http://www.craftycelts.com.  Some very nice brooches, etc.

Roman Mosaics Workshop-- Lawrence Payne, UK.  http://www.romanmosaicworkshops.com/.  Excellent frescoes and mosaics, mosaic supplies, and workshops.

Mark Taylor and David Hill--Fabulous reproduction Roman glassware!  Unit 11, Project Workshop, Lains Farm, Quarley, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 8PX, United Kingdom.  Phone and Fax: +44 (0) 1264 889688, http://www.romanglassmakers.co.uk, http://www.project-workshop.co.uk.

Moonstone Pottery--(Barbara Flynn) 1439  6th St., Los Osos, CA.   805-528-6890.   http://www.moonstonepottery.com   Perfect oil lamps, $23.

Gaukler Medieval Wares--1052 Amphion St., Victoria, B.C., Canada V8S 4G3.  250-595-1104.  www.medievalwares.com    Excellent 2nd Century ceramic lamps with hanging lugs, $10.

Ancient Oil Lamps--http://www.ancientlamps.com/index.html.  Only $8 each, but if not glazed they may leak oil.

The Magic of Fire from Steel--Mike Ameling, 1201 360th Street, Dorchester, Iowa 52140, 1-563-546-7902,  http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/firefromsteel/  Flint strikers (for making fire) and other items.

HReplikate, Holger Ratsdorf, Germany.  http://www.hr-replikate.de/.  Fabulous museum-quality reproductions of fibulae, weapons, and more.  

Aurificina Treverica--Germany.  http://www.replik-online.de/.  High-quality jewelry, weapons, etc.

Vindolanda Online shop, http://www.vindolanda.com.  Repro jewelry usually with modern pins; also books, etc.

Museum Reproductions, 52 Stonehills Lane, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 5UL, United Kingdom, phone 01928 566689,  http://www.museumreproductions.co.uk/.  A couple hundred repro Roman and Celtic coins, plus a few repro artifacts.  All are shown "aged", but can be delivered "as new" upon request.  Prices are very low.

FORVM TRAIANI --Germany.   http://www.forumtraiani.de/.  Wax tablets, pottery, glass, mosaics, and more, all very good with good prices.

Talbot's Fine Accessories-- Douglas W. Strong, 1 Wooded Lane, Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047-8541.  847-719-2767, http://talbotsfineaccessories.com Offers a beautiful Roman bronze brooch for $30, cast from an original. Also many antiquities.

CCAA, Glasgalerie Koln--Cologne, Germany, http://www.ccaa.de/.  Reproduction Roman glassware, "high-end" prices but fabulous.

Dorchesters--UK.  http://www.dorchesters.com/.  Reproduction coins, etc.


McMaster-Carr -- http://www.mcmaster.com/ .  The biggest selection of the best tools, plus metal, rivets, and more.

Harbor Freight Tools--3491 Mission Oaks Blvd., Camarillo, CA 93011-6010.  1-800-423-2567. http://harborfreight.com.  Inexpensive tools of all sorts, though not necessarily the best quality.

Lee Valley Tools--NY and Canada.  http://www.leevalley.com/home/main.asp.  Tools as well as square-cut iron nails, bronze nails, various fittings.

Hale & Co.--Fine tools for all sorts of crafts

(See also the page on Armoring Hints)


Sands of Time --Sue McGovern,  3003 P St., Washington, DC.  202-342-0518, http://www.sandsoftimedc.com/index.htm.   Open Monday through Friday 10-4, Saturday 10-7.

Freeman & Sear--Coins and Antiquities, http://www.freemanandsear.com

Edgar L. Owen, Ltd.--http://www.edgarlowen.com/.  Antiquities, Ancient Coins, etc.

Royal Athena Galleries--http://www.royalathena.com/.  High-end merchandise but nice to look at!

The Online Collection of Roman Artifacts--http://www.roman-artifacts.com/ 

--Neo-Classical Home Furnishings, Action Figures, Models, and More

Design Toscano--http://www.designtoscano.com/.  Statuary, furniture, etc.

Recuperando--Italy.  http://www.recuperando.it/  Classical statuary, furniture, architectural fittings and objects, etc.

CAVEAT EMPTOR--Don't let your enthusiasm and excitement let you get ripped off.  There are dozens of places from which you can buy "authentic" "Roman" items, only to find out later that they are not authentic at all.  Please check with the Commander before buying any finished items from any source not on this list.  If you are having something custom-made, always inform your armorer that the item will be used for historical displays, not SCA combat.  We have given up on Museum Replicas/Windlass Steelcraft, since they now have nothing that is not surpassed by other sources.  See the page of Things to Avoid.

      We have no regular source for some items, and many things we make ourselves.  Also note that this list and all advice was written in accordance with Legio XX's authenticity standards--there are many places to get equipment that may be good enough for you even if it is not good enough for us.

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