Arrival and Setup

Players should generally arrive on the Atlas site at 6 pm on Friday or later. Before 6 pm, players are welcome to arrive on the site to join the Atlas staff in setting up the site for the event. Unless we have made specific arrangements with you, please do not arrive on the site to help set up earlier than noon.

You may drive your car onto the site to unload your belongings at your cabin. After you unload, please promptly park your car in a marked lot.

Please see the section entitled Housing in the Campsite & Beyond section for information on selecting sleeping accommodations.

Players are encouraged to set up their cabins in an in-period style. This contributes greatly to the game's atmosphere. You are welcome to set up your cabin in as elaborate a manner as you choose, but please do not staple, staple-gun, nail, or otherwise affix things in a manner that damages the facilities. Do not use duct tape on any cabin surface. You may only use push-pins to affix items to the walls.

Players are welcome to join the staff on Friday afternoon for site setup. Please do not arrive earlier than noon to help with setup. Unlike cleanup, players are not usually awarded CP for helping with setup, unless we make specific arrangements with you. However, we always appreciate the help! See the section entitled Cleanup in this section for more information on earning CP by helping clean the site after events.

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