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Decree on the Escheat

As Duke of Cotton, I enforce the Escheat in my Duchy, as do my vassals.

The Courts of Light reign, but even when the Courts danced between, the Escheat was holy to both. And so I hold it for my lands, to hold to all Kithain, Kinain, chimera, Gallain and Enchanted. Beltaine approaches, a time of celebration, and so I remind all of the Law of the Land.

  • The Right of Demesne
    "A lord is the king of his domain. He is the judge and jury over all crimes, large and small. His word is law. A noble expects obedience from his vassals and respect from all others. In return, a noble respects those lords superior to him."

I am sworn to King Meilge. In turn, my Counts and a few others are sworn to me. This has been our way for ages uncounted, and remains so - though with constant refinement, for indeed we use the trappings of feudalism created during our Sojourn Elsewhen.

So be it: I am still Duke of Cotton, and will not have my Word countermanded in my land, by those sworn to me, or those not. Not all must swear to me - I have Knights Errants, guest Nobles, and strange Gallain in my lands - but I shall not brook impudence.

  • The Right to Dream
    "Mortals have a right to dream unhindered by our needs. The Dreaming will die if we steal directly from the font. No one is allowed to use Glamour to manipulate the creative process. Although you may inspire creativity in the mortal mind, it is forbidden to give direct instruction or to infuse a human with raw Glamour. "

Rhapsody is forbidden, and this forbiddance is the custom of both Courts, Light and Dark. Reckless Ravaging is discouraged; though I have seen both Light and Dark Courts sometimes partake, I forbid the repeated Ravaging of the same Dreamer, lest we hinder the source of our Glamour.

The Tuatha De Danaan themselves withdrew, and now we hide ourselves and do not meddle greatly in Dreamers' ways.

  • The Right of Ignorance
    "Do not betray the Dreaming to Banality. Never reveal yourself to humanity. Not only will humankind hunt us down for our wisdom and our power, it will overwhelm us with Banality and destroy our places of power. The more humanity knows, the more ardently it will seek us, draining the world of Glamour and petrifying our essence with its basilisk's gaze."

Use the Mists, but know that they are not Complete. For those customs and festivals that use the Enchanted, such as a Retinue, or the King of Fools at Festival, choose from those who will not remember. Do not reveal us, lest we all, Kith and Kinain, perish.

  • The Right of Rescue
    "All Kithain have the right to expect rescue from the foul grip of Banality. We are in danger together and must strive together to survive. Never leave anyone behind. Kithain are required to rescue other faeries or any creature of the Dreaming trapped by those who serve Banality."

I charge my Counties to enforce this.

  • The Right of Safe Haven
    "All places of the Dreaming are sacred. Kithain cannot allow faerie places to be endangered. All those who seek refuge in such places must be admitted. Freeholds must be kept free of both Banality and worldly violence. "

Spill no blood in a Freehold; duels must be fought outside. I forbid Reaving of Freeholds, as is the custom of both Courts, Light and Dark.

  • The Right of Life
    "No Kithain shall spill the lifeblood of another Kithain. No Kithain shall bring salt tears unto the earth. No Kithain shall take from the Dreaming one of its own. Death is anathema."

The use of Iron to slay another's faerie soul, as was done during the profane terror that was the Beltaine Massacre, is strictly forbidden. As is done, so is risked - We are likely to call upon the Dreaming to forever imprison and torment those who use this cold and heartless path.

To slay another's mortal mien is forbidden; any who do so must appear before the Uasal Court for High Justice. To slay the faerie mien of another is likewise not permitted, and any who do so must appear before Commoner Court if both parties were Common, and the Uasal Court for Justice if either party were Noble by Kith or Title of Knight or higher.

Fiors and duels are a fact of fae society. To avoid the breaking of the Escheat, fiors and duels should be fought so that fae blood does not stain the Mother Earth or the waters of Mother Dana. Duels are encouraged to be no more severe than the duel of the Scarlet Trip, which is a duel to First Blood, and other, less violent means of duel encouraged for all.

Self-defense is permitted; the destruction of Dauntain is sometimes the only means of self-defense. Woe to us all that such must be. And for those in the Third Stage of Bedlam, who are contagious, the story is the same; know that a trial before Court is likely for the one who must, unavoidably, hasten that Kith on to the next incarnation.

It is a sadness of the Autumn World that this is so, and it is a sacred charge of ours to otherwise prevent the flow of salt tears upon the Earth.

I so charge -
Aodhan Nought of House Fiona,
Duke of Cotton in HRM Meilge's Kingdom of Willows.
April 21st, 31st year since Resurgence, mundanely 2001

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