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Decree on the Blight of Mobile

April 26th of the
31st year of the Resurgence,
being mundanely 2001 in the Common Era.

Quest: The Blight of Mobile in Cotton.

As Duke of Cotton, I have asked of some, charged others, and Geased at least one to resolve the Blight of Mobile. And so I now charge those Kithain who live in my Duchy.

A year ago I broke the Winter of it when Sir Rugby the Redcap and I faced some enormous presence there. This presence is somehow connected with the death of Durask of Aisling Castle. Strange chimera still roam there, and all of the free- holds lie in waste, no balefires to be found, despite the efforts of mine and Sir Kieran to find out why.

Now I charge my Counties of the Serpent Valley, Iron- heart, Northkeep, and the Scarlet Phoenix to resolve this issue. To array the Quest, I hereby charge Count Phoenix [OOC: David Williams [[email protected]]] to arrange the march. And I charge Countess Genevieve [OOC: Kenndra Durboraw [[email protected]]] to lead the march.

I expect the Quest to leave not long after the ascendant Light of Beltaine, May 1st.

I so charge -
Aodhan Nought of House Fiona,
Duke of Cotton in HRM Meilge's Kingdom of Willows.
April 26th, 31st year since Resurgence, mundanely 2001

[Glas, #178]

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